ArtZany! Vintage Band Festival 7-23-21

KYMN Radio - Fri, 07/23/2021 - 10:12am
Today in the ArtZany Radio studio Paula Granquist welcomes Paul Niemisto and Randy Ferguson from the Vintage Band Festival. Vintage Band Festival 2021 Live IN-PERSON event in Bridge Square, downtown Northfield, MN Saturday, 31 July 2021 from 9:30AM – 10PM Find the performance schedule here: Preview YouTube video Back to Black Preview YouTube video William Tell Overture, Finale Preview YouTube video

Fantastic Foliage

Under colorful blankets of blooms and tall inflorescenses, our plants’ foliage can remain overlooked. This isn’t entirely fair. Afterall, foliage faithfully absorbs light, makes food, breathes, and releases excess water for our plants. It is, in a word, essential.

Lucky for gardeners, foliage isn’t only utilitarian, but also often beautiful. Why not celebrate leaves, these heroes of photosynthesis and landscape interest, with a feature on some fantastic foliage? 

Leaves We Love

Heuchera, commonly called coral bells, are known for their colorful leaves. Varieties come in pinks, purples, reds, bronze, chartreuse, and greens- and that is just the short list of color choices. Want more? How about spots, splotches, streaks, and squiggles? Branch out and try Tiarella (aka foam flower) for even more exciting patterns and colors. And don’t forget Heucherella, a cross between coral bells and foam flowers. Great for shade with certain varieties tolerating more sun.

Timeless Night Heuchera

Tiger Eyes Sumac is nothing but striking. Deeply cut, chartreuse leaflets almost drip from the upright branches. The feathery foliage and architectural form create an elegant look in the garden and make a superb focal point. The fuzzy reddish stems add even more interest, and the vivid orange and red fall color is stunning. Less aggressive than its parent, staghorn sumac, Tiger Eyes is a beautiful addition to gardens in need of some fantastic foliage.

Tiger Eyes Sumac

Ninebark has nice flowers, but it also has incredible leaves. In fact, the foliage and exfoliating bark of this shrub are the real showstoppers. Leaf colors vary from bright green to burnt orange to nearly black. The naturally open form is best left to its own devices, with minimal pruning needed only every few years to remove dead or damaged stems and improve air circulation. For best vigor, leaf color, and flowering, plant ninebark in full sun.

Amber Jubilee Ninebark




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Northfield library adds content streaming service called hoopla digital

Northfield News - Thu, 07/22/2021 - 7:15pm
The popular on-demand streaming service hoopla digital is now available for free at Northfield Public Library. Library card holders can access more than 950,000 titles of audiobooks, eBooks, comics, music, movies and television for all ages and every taste. Content…
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The Weekly List – The Eagles Show

KYMN Radio - Thu, 07/22/2021 - 6:00pm
This week Daniel and Rich have a good discussion about separating the artist from the art as they talk about how much they love the Eagles’ music, and aren’t so thrilled with a couple of the band members.

City looks to align strategic plan, budget; Public use of community alerts encouraged; Register now for Tour de Save

KYMN Radio - Thu, 07/22/2021 - 12:02pm
by Rich Larson As city budgeting discussions approach in the next month, the city council and city staff are now evaluating their own departments and priorities in order to facilitate the best use of the city funds. With a brand-new strategic plan in place, the city leadership is taking steps to ensure that the coming

Brad Ness on NAFRS Budget and Operational Review

KYMN Radio - Thu, 07/22/2021 - 8:34am
Northfield Area Fire & Rescue Services (NAFRS) Board Chair Brad Ness discusses the budget and plans for an operational review.

City closes out insurance claim for wastewater treatment plant fire

Northfield News - Wed, 07/21/2021 - 7:31pm
Northfield City Council has OK'd the final insurance claim on its wastewater treatment plant, ending a particularly unpleasant chapter for the city.
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GALLERY: Local ag leaders recognized for involvement at annual program

Northfield News - Wed, 07/21/2021 - 6:30pm
Leaders in the agriculture community were pleased to be together again for what program host Jerry Groskruetz, of KDHL Radio, calls a day to celebrate agriculture and recognize those involved for the work they do.
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Murder/suicide in Faribault; Council closes book on wastewater plant fire; Night to Unite set for August 3

KYMN Radio - Wed, 07/21/2021 - 12:02pm
by Rich Larson The Faribault Police Department announced yesterday that they have opened an investigation into an apparent murder/suicide that took place in Faribault on Monday night.  In a statement, the department said a 911 dispatcher advised officers shortly after 8pm on Monday that a female caller was reporting that her boyfriend had been drinking

Cost of Transmission

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Wed, 07/21/2021 - 11:48am

Transmission costs money, and utilities know that when they spend on transmission, their return on investment is higher than the return they can get for anything else!!

Using this as a repository for all sorts of useless information, here are the MISO cost numbers and methodology used to figure out costs of transmission (this is a DRAFT):


And FYI:

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National Security This Week with Michael Osterholm, 7-21-21 (Infectious Diseases

KYMN Radio - Wed, 07/21/2021 - 9:38am
Host Jon Olson talks with Dr. Michael Osterholm about the national security implications of infectious diseases.

Rhonda Pownell and Ben Martig recap July 20 Northfield City Council Meeting

KYMN Radio - Wed, 07/21/2021 - 8:47am
Northfield Mayor Rhonda and City Administrator Ben Martig discuss the July 20 City Council meeting.  Topics include a charter amendment relating to hospital board membership, remodeling projects at City Hall, wastewater treatment plant insurance reimbursement, and more.

New law enforcement education program aims for women, students of color; Rice County Fair starts tomorrow; City Council meets tonight

KYMN Radio - Tue, 07/20/2021 - 12:02pm
by Rich Larson The Northfield Community College Collaboration will offer a new program this fall designed to help Northfield students become law enforcement professionals.  Having identified a need to help interested students, particularly female students and students of color receive an Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement, the NCCC has partnered with Riverland College and the Northfield Police

Chamber Chat with Lisa Peterson and special guest Pete Mergens of Professional Pride Realty

KYMN Radio - Tue, 07/20/2021 - 10:00am
This month on Chamber Chat, Lisa talks with Pete Mergens about how he got into the real estate business, starting his company, his personal sales philosophy and why he so enjoys living and working in Northfield, Minnesota.

Lutheran Center hosts interfaith seminar series led by Eboo Patel

St. Olaf College - Tue, 07/20/2021 - 8:44am
The Lutheran Center for Faith, Values, and Community hosted a virtual seminar series this spring led by Eboo Patel. The four-part seminar allowed students, faculty, staff, and alumni to learn about interfaith issues in the workplace and have discussions with one another. 
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Northfield Urgent Care closes following decline in patients

Northfield News - Mon, 07/19/2021 - 7:21pm
Northfield Urgent Care closed its doors permanently July 1 after serving the community for 12 years citing a prolonged business decline.
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Help Wanted: Account Executive at KYMN

KYMN Radio - Mon, 07/19/2021 - 12:31pm
KYMN Radio, 95.1 The One, is seeking to fill the position of Account Executive. This position requires dealing directly with clients to establish a tailored marketing campaign and requires advanced inter-personal, organizational, and writing skills.  The successful candidate must be self motivated with the ability to work independently.  An established account list will be provided,

MetroNet broadband construction to begin shortly; Hillmann discusses state education budget

KYMN Radio - Mon, 07/19/2021 - 12:02pm
by Rich Larson Last week the city council gave the final approval to award a cable franchise to MetroNet, which will now allow them to build a full, broadband high speed internet network in the residential areas of Northfield.   MetroNet’s Government Affairs Manager, Dan Casciato, gave a presentation to the council to go over how

Author Patrick Mader on Minnesotans in the Olympics

KYMN Radio - Mon, 07/19/2021 - 9:02am
Author Patrick Mader talks about Minnesotans in the Olympics and his books  “Minnesota Gold” and “More Minnesota Gold.” For more information, visit
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