News' parent company reduces workforce as state orders shelter in place

Northfield News - Fri, 03/27/2020 - 11:14am
As state and federal officials desperately work to “flatten the curve” and the impact of COVID-19 cases on our health care system, many local businesses have experienced the devastating results of an economy that has ground to a halt.
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Ellsworth School District – willful disregard

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Fri, 03/27/2020 - 11:07am

This is so disturbing to me, I wrote about it before I became speechless — in the Red Wing Republican Eagle:

Letter: Willful disregard and willful ignorance in Pierce County

I’m fuming. I just read with shock and disbelief that there’s a second case of COVID-19 in Pierce County. The cause of my shock and disbelief stems from the article which said that, “band and choir students were in New Orleans March 9-14, which also was spring break. The person attended the senior high school choir trip, according to the message.”

A school trip March 9-14? COVID was in the news in January and February. There were very public self-isolation and social distancing recommendations, including warnings not to travel, the first week of March. Yet the Ellsworth trip went forward the second week of March?

This display of willful ignorance and willful disregard for people’s health, perhaps their lives, is hard to accept. School administrators, trip organizers and the school board are responsible for the health and safety of those in their care. Parents are responsible for their children. The “children” are senior high students, some maybe “adults,” but in any case, old enough to be thinking for themselves. The responsibility for this ill-advised trip is a shared responsibility.

Thinking “it can’t happen here” or “it won’t happen to me”? There is no rational basis for such ideas, and science says otherwise, it can and will happen. Look around. It is happening, it is happening to people you ostensibly care about, and it is happening to the community around you.To go forward on a school trip when there’s a burgeoning pandemic with isolation, distancing, and no-travel recommendations, it is just so irresponsible. It goes beyond poor judgment – it is willful disregard and willful ignorance – selfish “me first” disregard and ignorance that puts people in harm’s way.

Get to work to fix this mess. What are you doing to help your friends and neighbors who are now or who will become sick, for those who are quarantined and unable to care for themselves? It’s time for continuing education in science, situational ethics, critical thinking, and public health for the district officials, staff, and students alike, with a healthy dose of public service.

Carol A. Overland

Red Wing

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Local schools gear up for distance learning

Northfield News - Fri, 03/27/2020 - 10:55am
Local students are gearing up for remote instruction through at least May 4 as the U.S. continues to try to slow the spread of COVID-19.
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Chief Monte Nelson

KYMN Radio - Fri, 03/27/2020 - 10:09am

Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson discusses the Governor’s StayAtHome Executive Order, how it affects citizens and businesses, the City’s coronavirus/Covid-19 page,  downtown parking and more!

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Rep. Todd Lippert 3-27-20

KYMN Radio - Fri, 03/27/2020 - 9:05am

Rep. Todd Lippert discussed Walz’s executive order and what legislators are doing to pass legislation related to Covid-19

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My Great-Grandfather the Hottie and Other Treasures

My Musical Family - Joy Riggs - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 8:30pm
I spent a few hours this afternoon cleaning out the bedroom that has served as my office since September, so Sebastian can reclaim it for the rest of the school year. I got sidetracked (no surprise) when I came across a fragile, musty photo album that a second cousin sent me many months ago. It appears to have belonged to my paternal great-grandmother, Islea.

I hadn't spent much time with the album when it arrived at my house because I was deep in revisions to my book at that time. I do remember noticing that few, if any, of the photos in it were labeled, some were in rough shape, and most of the people didn't look familiar to me.
But today, I took my time, and my patience was rewarded. My favorite find — the attention-grabbing hottie photo of G. Oliver and his friend, shown below — was tucked behind another photo and is in excellent shape.
A young G. Oliver Riggs, on the left, with an unnamed friendWhy had it been tucked behind another photo? Who's the friend? The photo is small – not much bigger than a postage stamp – and undated. Could it be from his student years at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music? Another mystery for me to ponder.
I also took the time to look more closely at three of the oldest-looking photos in the book, printed on metal instead of paper. What do you suppose – yes, G. Oliver turns up again in two of them, with his younger sister, Daisy. The third appears to be their father, Jasper. It's likely they were taken in Nebraska, where the family lived for several years when G. Oliver was a schoolboy.
G. Oliver and his sister DaisyDaisy and G. Oliver (who went by Oliver as a boy)
The last photo I'm including here is of Islea. It's the first one that appears in the photo book. On the back of the photo, which was taken at a studio in Galesburg, Illinois, she wrote: "Myself at 14 years of age." The photo isn't in great shape, but I'd recognize her sweet young face anywhere.

Gotta love the back of this portrait! So fancy.
I eventually had to put the album aside so I could get more work done. But I'll go back to it soon and see if I can make any sense out the remaining photos. Minnesota goes under a stay-at-home order beginning at midnight tomorrow, so I should have plenty of time to go on a hunt for more treasures.
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The Weekly List – The Times Like These Show

KYMN Radio - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 7:00pm

This week Rich offers a list of music for life in the time of Covid-19.

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PROTECT & SERVE: Law enforcement works around COVID-19 obstacles

Northfield News - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 5:45pm
As the novel coronavirus continues to sweep across the globe, every profession is being impacted differently. Many people have set up home offices, some companies have had to furlough or lay off their staff, and businesses have had to completely…
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Smith: 'Help is on the way,' as U.S. Senate passes huge stimulus bill

Northfield News - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 5:00pm
Late Wednesday night, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a historic aid package, sending it to the House after days of tense negotiations between Republican and Democratic leaders.
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Emergency grants aimed at helping ailing child care centers

Northfield News - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 4:15pm
At Faribault Child Care Center, owner Dahir Sadik has reached a crisis point, having been forced to lay off more than half of his staff as the number of children it cares for has plummeted from around 70 to approximately…
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spring clean up fun

The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping, and the rains have started. It must be spring! Some of the bulbs are even poking their little heads out to say hello. These welcome signs of spring have many of us itching to get into our yards for some spring clean-up. 


If you left leaves and organic materials in your beds last fall, wait to clean them up until daytime temps are consistently in the 50s. Leaving this material for just a little longer gives beneficial insects like butterflies, bees, and lady bugs plenty of time to wake up and start their lives anew. Likewise, wait to cut back perennials, shrubs, and grasses to protect any beneficials that may have slept in the stalks or attached to the stems.


Use a clean pruner to cut perennials down to where new growth is emerging, but leave spring blooming perennials alone so that you can enjoy their flowers. Remove dead leaves and spent flower stalks from hostas and coral bells. Uncover bulbs in early spring when new growth starts to emerge.


Assess trees and shrubs and prune out any dead, damaged, or unruly branches. Many shrubs do great with a good spring haircut but be sure to avoid pruning early bloomers like lilac, azalea, chokeberries, and forsythia until after they have finished blooming. If you have Hydrangea macrophylla like Endless Summer, or weigela that blooms on old wood (last year’s growth), put the shears down and wait until new growth starts so you can see what is actually dead before you prune lightly. 


  • Remove and compost any annuals that you left last fall. 
  • Divide crowded perennials like hostas, irises, and daylilies. 
  • Assess flower and shrub plantings for overcrowded or bare spots.
  • Add mulch or compost as needed to flower beds in late spring. 
  • Prepare and plan vegetable beds and amend with compost or aged manure.

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U.S. Rep. Craig, Dakota County officials share concerns with disparities from pandemic

Northfield News - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 2:12pm
Gaps in the medical industry supply chain, emergency preparedness and access to broadband internet have all surfaced as the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the U.S.
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Rice SWCD looks for public input

KYMN Radio - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 2:01pm

Public Input Desired during Local Work Group Meeting The Rice County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will be hosting a virtual Local Work Group (LWG) Meeting on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, at 11:00 AM. This meeting will be held online and is a great opportunity

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Hillmann explains distant learning; City of Nfld encourages businesses, offers library options and liquor store hrs; KYMN supporting local businesses in a free call-in; Continued local, state Covid-19 coverage

KYMN Radio - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 1:23pm

By Teri Knight, News Director With Governor Walz’s executive order yesterday, Schools will not be in session until May 4th. Superintendent Matt Hillmann said this morning that distance learning will begin on March 31st through April 30th. He said, “Parents can expect this evening late this afternoon or this evening, to get a copy of

The post Hillmann explains distant learning; City of Nfld encourages businesses, offers library options and liquor store hrs; KYMN supporting local businesses in a free call-in; Continued local, state Covid-19 coverage appeared first on KYMN Radio · Northfield, MN · AM 1080 & FM 95.1.

Health Care Directive – STAT!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 1:15pm



Here in SE Minnesota, it’s Mayo Clinic. Here is their “Living wills and advance directive” page.

Here, as an example, is link to Mayo’s advance directive form , complete with directions, things to think about. Here’s the pdf:

Mayo Health Care Directive – Minnesota, Wisconsin, and IowaDownload

And anyone alive right now is thinking about COVID. It’s the right time to make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row, and that means, for example, aforementioned Health Care Directive.

I’ve been sick now for nearly 3 weeks. I’ve had serious long-term sinus issues before, most notably during the Goodhue Wind hearing, March 15-17, 2011. It was so bad that I couldn’t talk, could only squawk, and it was excruciating for everyone there. I wasn’t in pain, just a bit lethargic and a fuzzy brain, but utterly neutralized with no ability to speak! Not a good place to be for an attorney in a hearing! At that time I had no access to health care, only the Red Wing Care Clinic on Tuesdays. That sucked so bad, particularly having to get to the Care Clinic on that one specific day (I left the hearing early to get there, and of course nobody bothered to tell me they decided to start early the following day, GRRRRR). Getting access to regular health care was life changing, no doubt about it.

Flash forward to this year. We were on vacation mid-February to the end of February. Sunday, March 8th, I developed the symptoms of sinus, NO fever, but productive cough, flowing sinuses and nose, and general malaise. Same thing Alan had developed March 3, and he got over before I got sick. By the following Friday, I figured I’d need Z-pak again, so went in, knowing CORVID was around. I got checked out, and was treated for my sinus crap, but was told that because we were coughing and had traveled to Portland and lower Washington, we should be checked out for COVID. OK, whatever, we got checked out, and cleared, not justifying COVID testing (which Mayo had just ramped up that Monday, 3/16).

FOR THE RECORD: If I have CORVID, can’t breathe, and arrest, I’m DNR, DNI, DNT, it’s over, let me go. NO VENTILATOR!!!

NOW is an important time to do your Health Care Directive, f/k/a Living Will, to talk it over with family and friends, and figure out what you want. Most health care providers have their own forms, process, but whatever it is, be sure to do it. Then make sure a copy is on file with provider, with your point people, and a copy on the fridge so emergency responders can find it, one in your bag/glove compartment too. Make sure your point people can handle making the decisions YOU want made, and can advocate fiercely for you (i.e., my mother’s health care provider did not want to follow her wishes to stay out of the hospital, and even Dr. Order of “do not hospitalize” as she was on hospice, it was a fight that shouldn’t have happened).

Just do it! Contact your health care provider today and make sure you have a current Health Care Directive. Your state may also have a Durable Health Care Power of Attorney that gives power of decisions to your point person and beefs up your Health Care Directive. As attorney, I’ve done hundreds of Wills, DHCPoAs and directed folks to their health care providers, this is so important to do, and yes, especially now. JUST DO IT!

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Northfield, Faribault transit suspends routes through April 13

Northfield News - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 12:45pm
In response to COVID-19 Hiawathaland Transit is making temporary service adjustments.
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Northfield area businesses ON THE AIR and Open for Business

KYMN Radio - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 11:46am

KYMN supports our area small businesses!! We opened up our airwaves to area businesses, free of charge, to let them inform the community of how they’re operating in light of the coronavirus/COVID19. They shared what they’re offering, how they’re doing business while we all maintain healthcare guidelines.  We encourage the community to do as much

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Carleton names Eric Runestad as its new vice president and treasurer

Northfield News - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 11:39am
Following a national search, Carleton College has named Eric J. Runestad as its new vice president and treasurer. Runestad is currently vice president for finance and administration and dean of admission and student financial services at Luther College.
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Latest on COVID-19 in Minnesota: Stay-at-home order aims to buy time for response

Northfield News - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 11:30am
State officials said Thursday that a second Minnesotan had died from COVID-19 and that the number of residents testing positive for the disease had jumped to 346 residents, from 287 on Wednesday.
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Grocery stores remain open, many add protective shields at checkout

Northfield News - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 9:30am
Grocery store chains across southern Minnesota have been announcing a number of new hygienic measures in light of COVID-19, with one of the most recent additions being plexiglass protective barriers set up at checkouts and service counters.
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