Community input wanted on improvements to the Riverwalk west side entry

NDDC's Downtown Northfield - Tue, 02/23/2021 - 2:52pm

The City of Northfield is looking to improve access to the Riverwalk on the west side of the river. The City is guided by the recently adopted Riverfront Enhancement Action Plan with goals of enhancing and activating the Riverfront along with promoting economic development and tourism.

Community input can be provided in many ways such as sketching a vision, commenting or choosing from a menu of options to improve the space included on the survey form.

Input closes on March 26. The community can participate at

Questions? Contact:

Dave Bennett
Public Works Director and City Engineer

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COVID-19 vaccine continues to 'trickle in' for southern Minnesotans

Northfield News - Tue, 02/23/2021 - 2:45pm
About one in 10 southern Minnesotans has received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
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03 Feb 2021 – The Climate (Change) In Rotary

KYMN Radio - Tue, 02/23/2021 - 12:18pm
  1st story – Scientists solve a major climate mystery, confirming Earth is hotter than it’s been in at least 120 centuries Our main story – your correspondents Alan (RCATs and ESRAG) and Bruce (BA, CCL – for the bipartisan viewpoint), we both are Rotarians – and Rotary is all about service. 110 yo service

Division Street 200 block to be closed Wednesday through Friday; Draheim discusses rent control; Zeman named to SWCD Board

KYMN Radio - Tue, 02/23/2021 - 12:02pm
by Rich Larson, news Director   Parts of Division Street will be blocked off later this week due to the continuing investigation into the Archer House fire. The city will close Division Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as heavy equipment is brought in to extract items from the interior of the

Jenelle Teppen discusses new Memorials & Commemorations Policy

KYMN Radio - Tue, 02/23/2021 - 9:28am
Dundas City Administrator Jenelle Teppen reviews the February 22 City Council meeting during which the Council adopted a Memorials & Commemorations Policy, and provides an update on Planning Commission recommendations.

Dr. Matt Hillmann on new name for Sibley School, staff Covid vaccinations, and more

KYMN Radio - Tue, 02/23/2021 - 9:20am
Northfield School Superintendent Dr. Matt Hillmann discusses the February 22 School Board meeting.  Topics include an update on the sale of a small piece of property near the Greenvale Park School campus, new name for Sibley Elementary School, vaccination of school staff, students returning to school, and more.

Spring Creek Elementary to replace controversial Sibley name

Northfield News - Mon, 02/22/2021 - 9:28pm
The Northfield School Board has chosen a new name for the former Sibley Elementary School, whose namesake has drawn accusations of racism and murder undertaken against Native Americans.
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Beavers and ditches don't mix, county considers bounty program

Northfield News - Mon, 02/22/2021 - 3:45pm
Beavers are reportedly causing backups in some Rice County ditches, leaving ditch owners with expensive repairs and county officials grappling with how to fix the problem.
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Senator's bill could help Minnesotans with Alzheimer's, dementia

Northfield News - Mon, 02/22/2021 - 3:00pm
A bill sponsored by Sen. Rich Draheim, R-Madison Lake, and strongly backed by a former are police chief could help local law enforcement and first responders better assist the needs of the growing number of Minnesotans with Alzheimer’s disease or…
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Formal input opportunities suggested to reduce contention during project planning

Northfield News - Mon, 02/22/2021 - 1:30pm
Recognizing concerns residents have expressed during the planning of recent major city projects, the Northfield Planning Commission is considering a formal process to ensure it gets feedback from all stakeholders.
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LIFE WELL-LIVED: Longtime Nfld. volunteer, first responder honored for passion, attitude

Northfield News - Mon, 02/22/2021 - 12:45pm
The character of an individual is often measured by the impact they had on those they interact with.
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Lippert says Minneapolis rhetoric must change; Elliott hopeful for bodycam program; ‘Ole Ave’ closes part of St. Olaf Avenue

KYMN Radio - Mon, 02/22/2021 - 12:02pm
By Rich Larson, News Director As the state prepares for the Derek Chauvin trial next month, Governor Tim Walz has found obstacles on both sides of the aisle as he tries to procure extra security funding for Minneapolis. Walz is working to ensure that the sort of violence that broke out last summer in the

All School Art Show depicts reality of teaching art remotely

Northfield News - Mon, 02/22/2021 - 10:56am
Each year, Northfield art teachers celebrate the artistically talented young people in the community with the All School Art Show.
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Senator Rich Draheim on eviction moratorium, vaccination programs, budget forecast, more

KYMN Radio - Mon, 02/22/2021 - 8:44am
State Senator Rich Draheim on his weekly appearance on the KYMN Morning Show, talks about the work he continues to do on Telemedicine, his concerns regarding the eviction moratorium and rent control, the good and bad news with the coming budget forecast, and what can be done to improve the state vaccination program.

Heat Island Effect is real!!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Mon, 02/22/2021 - 8:03am
Red Wing’s Impact Power Solutions’ 6 MW solar project

Early on in the Grant County solar project, we dug into “heat island effect” and learned it is real and very little study has been done, and what has been doe has been in the desert, not in midwestern climate, not with midwestern vegetation. Everything says “more study is needed.” Yet Wisconsin, and to a lesser degree Minnesota, are siting LARGE solar projects without that “more study.”

Today an article popped up, and the timing is interesting, as just the last two weeks this has been raised in solar dockets in Wisconsin, the Grant County Solar (PSC Docket 9804-CE-100) and Wisconsin Power & Light’s docket to acquire SIX solar projects, including Grant County Solar (PSC Docket 6680-CE-182).

The article referenced this study, released in December, 2020:


There are a few parts that are striking, this sentence in particular:

Solar farms tend to promote more favorable conditions for tropical cyclone development.

This is testimony from Wisconsin PSC’s Burtley regarding heat island effect in the PSC’s 6680-CE-182 docket:

Well, that’s pretty clear!!

We put some studies into the Grant County Solar docket, 9804-CE-100:


These are, individually 5 a, b, and c, above:

Ex.-5a_13_39th-IEEE-PVSC_-VMF_YY_Heat-Island-EffectDownload Ex.-5b_IEEE_Xplore_PVCon_2018_DemirezenOzdenAkinoglu_Impact_HeatIslandPVDownload Ex.-5c_Analysis-of-potential-heat-island-effect-in-large-solar-farmsDownload

More study, NOW! And yet, knowing there is not enough info, that more info is needed, Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission is siting thousands of acres of solar, ignoring the brownfield statute that would facilitate distributed generation, impacts be damned!

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Testimonio de contagio de covid y visita Michelle Ortiz, de salud mental en HealthFinders

KYMN Radio - Sun, 02/21/2021 - 5:17pm
Tratamos el tema de las vacunas y posibles fraudes pidiendo dinero para obtenerlas cuando son gratis y tuvimos el testimonio de una familia contagiada de covid y las secuelas que padecen. Michelle Ortiz, del servicio de salud mental de HealthFinders nos trajo su experiencia como teraupeuta, un trabajo muy importante. Final de la entrevista de

Raider Wrap with Jimmy LeRue 2-20-21

KYMN Radio - Sat, 02/20/2021 - 4:58pm
Mike Luckraft, Raider Head coach for the Boys Hockey team gets us up to date on the current state of Hockey and preview the matchup of todays contest between the Raiders and the Cougars of Mankato East in a showdown of Big 9 conference leaders. Aj will bring us Meet5 the Raider with Girls Basketball members,

Ethanol producers support federal legislation after difficult year

Northfield News - Sat, 02/20/2021 - 3:57pm
Ethanol producers are supportive of legislation sponsored by U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar that would boost the industry.
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NERC has disappeared

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Sat, 02/20/2021 - 1:54pm


Try and this is what you get today!

And if you want the 2020 Reliability Assessment, at, here’s what you get:

Here’s the downloaded NERC Long Term Reliability Assessment 2020:

OH NOOOOOO, I DIDN’T DOWNLOAD IT!! Here it is, thanks to Wayback:


NERC completely disappears. Is that weird or what? I’ve been posting the 2020 Reliability Assessment all over, because the extent of misinformation being pushed, folks trying to blame blackout on wind is absolutely a disinformation campaign, and the clear denial of ERCOT of any potential for reliability issues is stunning.

Here’s the ERCOT generation mix, p. 140 of the NERC Long Term Reliability Report:

And delusional paragraph on upper right of p. 140:

Got that first sentence? “ERCOT does not foresee any adverse reliability concerns for the Texas RE-ERCOT assessment area associated iwth fuel supply or fuel deliverability constraints.” Ummmmm… right…

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