It’s Bulb Time

It’s getting cooler outside, and that means it’s time to get your bulbs in the ground! What’s not to love about a bulb garden? Cheerful green shoots beckon spring and handsome flowers awaken our senses after a frigid winter. 

Early delights include Siberian squill, crocus, snowdrops, and daffodils. Hyacinths smell better than even the sweetest perfume. The unique Drumstick Allium makes a statement. Tulips look amazing planted in masses- just ask the Dutch!

Bulb pro tips: Dig your planting hole to accommodate the size of the bulb. Big bulbs like tulips and alliums want to be deeper in the ground while smaller bulbs like crocus and snowdrops can be closer to the soil surface- follow the recommendations on the box. Amending the planting hole with bone meal gives bulbs the best chance to root in and ensures a fabulously floriferous display in spring. Choose a sunny site with good drainage to discourage bulb rot and water them in well after planting.

With just a little bit of work this fall, you can rely on these fantastic spring and summer flowers for years.  Finally, our most important tip- enjoy!

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Fall is for Planting

Apollo Sugar Maple

Autumn is a favorite time of year for many people who enjoy the milder cooler temperatures, pleasant days and fabulous fall colors.  The Fall season has also become a favorite time for many people to place trees, shrubs and perennials into their landscapes.  Success rates for fall plantings are very high, the working conditions for planting projects are good, and perhaps best of all, many plant materials can be found at a very nicely discounted price.

Almost all nurseries have fall sales, and at Knecht’s Nurseries & Landscaping, there are already many varieties available at discounts of 20% off to 50% off.  Every week more trees, shrubs and perennials get deep discounted.  Stop in and search for a few treasures for your landscape.  These sales will run all the way to November 9th, 2019.

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Creating Diverse Urban Forests

Princeton American Elm

Most of us don’t think of the trees in the cities as a forest, but for many creatures that live within our municpalities, they experience the urban tree canopy much like a forest.  City trees provide birds, mammals and insects with shelter, food, nesting, food storage and safety, even though the enviroment is an extremely varied and complex mix of buildings, streets, powerlines, parks, gardens and trees rather than an unbroken tree line.

We humans are also part of the envirmonment and fotunately we have an opportunity to make it a better place for all the critters including ourselves, by making it as geologically diverse as possible.  By plantung trees of many different varieties, we can increase the diversity of our urban forests.  We all seem to love maple trees, but by mixing in disease resistant elms, oaks, lindens, honeylocust, hackberry, aspen, birch, willow, ornamemntal trees and others, we will create a richer and healthier plant community.  It will also be visually varied and beautiful and less vulnerable to future disease and pest outbreaks.

For many decades, most people have avoided planting elm trees, due to the devastation that occured when Dutch Elm Disease spread throughout North America.  Thankfully, good reserach and extensive testing has brought many elm varieties to the market that are extremely resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.  These disease resistant elms are fast growers and tolerant of a very wide range of soil types, making them a versatile and wise choice for almost any landscape.  We often see elms thriving where urban tree varieties have struggled or failed.  Including a disease resistnat elm tree in your landscape is likely to provide you with a sizeable and good looking tree in just a few years time.

Excellent elm varieties that are available now include Princeton, New Harmony, Colonial Spirit, Prairie Expedition, Triumph, Accolade, New Horizon and Patriot.  With slightly different sizes and shapes, one of these disease resistant elms will be a good choice to provide welcome shade and a tough, long lived place for birds to hang out as they move to and from your bird feeders.

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A White Pine for the Ages

Paton’s Silver Splendor White Pine

For many Minnesotans who love “going up north” to enjoy the extensive forests and lakes, the White Pine is a much loved tree variety.  Mature white pines tower over the northern forests with their signature look that is at one and the same time soft and feathery and tough and cragy.

White Pines can live in excess of 200 years and were an extremely important part of the timber harvests that were an economic mainstay of Minnesota’s growth years that took us from a territoy to statehood.

One problem with white pines has been a disease called White Pine Blister Rust, which gradually kills the bark of some trees.  Not all white pines get this disease, but enough do that finding a resistant strain has been a goal  of the timber and nursery industries for the last 100 years.

Recently, the nursery industry introduced Paton’s Silver Splendor White Pine, which has significantly enhanced resistance to White Pine Blister Rust.  Paton’s Silver Splendor White Pine is a lovely sightly smaller white pine with a bit more irregular growth habit.  Like its’ wild white pine cousins, Paton’s Silver Splendor has a soft, feathery appearance and is also soft to the touch.

Paton’s Silver Splendor White Pine

If you love the white pines of our northern forests, you may want to try some Paton’s Silver Splendor White Pines.  I suspect you will really enjoy them and not have to worry about the blister rust.

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Project Update: Heritage Bank

Northfield Construction Company - Thu, 09/05/2019 - 3:00am
It is time for another update on the Heritage Bank – Northfield location. The exterior portion of the building is almost complete. Brickwork is done and final glass and door installations are underway.  The attention will now turn to the interior of the building as we’ll begin finishing walls, floors, rooms, offices, and the coffee....
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2019 Art Partnership Design Contest

Just Food Co-op - Wed, 09/04/2019 - 2:56pm
Attention Artists – Just Food Co-op is hosting a t-shirt design contest.


Please help us design our 15th Birthday/Anniversary t-shirt which will be unveiled on December 15th, 2019 at our big birthday celebration! 

Just Food Co-op is partnering with local artists of all ages and levels to design a commemorative 15th birthday/anniversary t-shirt. It is always our goal to center ourselves in the community that we serve, and what better way to do that than to partner directly with local artists and designers? 

This Art Partnership is your chance to show the community what the Co-op means to you. Outside of a few specifications, the sky’s the limit on your design and we look forward to seeing the passion of this community featured on our 15th birthday/anniversary commemorative t-shirts (and possibly other merchandise as well!). By partnering with you we hope to get a diverse array of designs that represent the unique culture of the Cannon River Valley community.

For this design contest anyone who has a connection to Northfield, MN or Just Food Co-op may enter.


One submission per person.

No current Employees of Just Food Co-op or members of an Employee’s household may submit a design. 

The design must be submitted digitally. 

All rights to the design are transferred to Just Food Co-op for replication and distribution. 

The Artist will be credited on the piece (please sign your art)

Contest Dates: 

The submission window is September 3, 2019- October 12th, 2019

The winner(s) will be announced by October 26th 2019

The final T-shirt will be unveiled on December 15th, 2019 for our birthday/anniversary celebration. 

Submission Criteria: 

Theme: 15 Years of Cooperation

  • Artist may not use the Just Food Co-op Logo
  • Must Feature the Theme
  • Must Feature Just Food Co-op in some way
  • Partners must have a connection to Northfield MN, or Just Food Co-op
  • One submission per person.
  • Design must be submitted in digital format.
  • 10GB File Size Limit

That’s right! Any age, any artistic background, any medium, everyone welcome! In order to truly represent this community we hope to attract a diverse set of design partners. As our way of thanking you, we are offering the creator of each selected design a $100 Just Food Co-op gift card plus a copy of each item that we generate from this call for submissions. 

All rights will be transferred to Just Food Co-op upon completion of contest application. 


$100 gift card to Just Food Co-op + a goody bag that will include the item designed by the artist and any items created using the art of other winners who entered the contest. 

How Many Winners? : Just Food Co-op reserves the right to choose as many winners as we would like. We will choose one winner of the t-shirt design, however, we may see other designs as useful for different items. (ex: mugs, postcards, bags.) However, the prize will be the same regardless of what the art is used for since the same number of prints will be made. Each winner will receive a copy of the item that their art appears on plus the prize listed above.

First right of refusal. If the artist designs their art submission in a physical medium, Just Food Co-op reserves the first right of refusal to negotiate the purchase of that item if we see fit. All submissions must be submitted digitally, so the art must translate well to a digital medium and be of high enough quality to be transferred to textiles. (examples of physical art: oil painting, cross stitch, chalk art.)

To Enter: Please Complete This Submission Form

Please read the submission materials carefully and then start creating art! 

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A Message from Otto: An Update on Life with the Alpacas

Northfield Construction Company - Thu, 08/29/2019 - 11:33am
Hi, Otto here. I thought it was probably time I updated you again on life with the Alpacas. To survive the brutal and cold winter months, both the Alpacas and I grew out our coats. It was at that moment that they realized I was not much different than they are, and they accepted me....
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What’s Happening Today in my Garden

The calendar says it is still summer, but the low humidity, cooler temps and a north breeze makes us all think of Fall.  My favorite time of the year.

Sedum ‘Karl’

Walking around the yard today the fall perennials are coming into their own.  I was going to dig up my sedum because it has always flopped by this time.  With losing so many trees in the tornado last fall, I have more sun on this bed and my sedum is looking great!  Sedums are a great perennial because it is really low maintenance, and during the spring and summer, adds texture to the perennial bed.  Then, late summer it starts to blossom and will provide  beautiful fall color until frost.

The turtlehead are just starting to bloom.  The foliage of the

Turtlehead ‘Hot Lips’

turtlehead is a deep green – much deeper in color than most other greens from the surrounding plants.  It is a taller perennial, so be sure to place in the back of the bed, or in the center of an island bed.  It will spread somewhat so be ready for that!  

Ligularia ‘Othello’ Ligularia ‘Britt Marie Crawford’

Ligularia!  My ‘Rocket’ ligularia have already bloomed, but my Britt Marie Crawford and Othello just started blooming a weekor so ago.  Britt Marie Crawford with the deep purple leaves is stunning with the yellow flowers.  Again, these are taller perennials so watch your placement.  They stay put so no worries about spreading.



Rudbeckia Goldsturm in shade garden

Then again – my Goldsturm Rudbeckia.  We have many groups throughout the yard, but the picture here is of the boulder garden on the north side of our house.  It is beautiful.  We have had Rudbeckia blossoming forweeks now and it looks just as if it started.  It will be looking incredible until October!

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

The hydrangeas continue to shine!  Shrub form or tree form – they are beacons in the garden.  The picture here is of our Vanilla Strawberry shrub form hydrangea.  We have some type of hydrangea on each side of the yard so no matter where we are – we are treated to the beauty of these plants.

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Protect Your Trees

Corrugated Tree Wraps

It’s time to start to protect your trees!  What you want to do is to protect the trunks of young trees against a variety of unfortunate things that could happen.

Here in the woods, we have put on tree protectors already because of the pressure from the deer.   Bucks will come and rub their antlers up against the bark of young trees.  Once you have seen a buck rub on your newly planted tree, you will be devastated.  A mark about 12″-18″ long up and down the side of the tree.  Depending on the tree and how deep the wound is – a tree may be able to recover and heal over from being “attacked” by the deer – but it will have a scar forever.

Spiral Tree Wraps

The other calamaties that can happen to these young trees include being dinner for the rabbits and mice in the winter when food is scarce and sun scald.   Mice will be under the snow and can nibble the bark down close to the ground.  Rabbits will do the same, only on their level.  Be aware though during the winter that when drifts start to form, rabbits can nibble on trees – 2′-3′ up by sitting on top of the snow!  

The damage caused by sun scald can severely damage a tree.  The warm late winter sun can warm the trunk causing the sap to start to run prematurely.  Then when the temperature dips to below freezing, the sap freezes, causing the bark to crack.  We refer to this as frost cracking.  Just like an antler rub from the deer, this causes a scar that will be with the tree for years.

To protect your trees, you need to wrap them.  We use a variety of white tree wraps.  Why white?  White will repel the rays of the sun.  You do not want to use anything black, or clear because it will warm the trunk up even more.  Make sure you get the wrap as close to the ground as you can and start wrapping up for 3′-4′. 

Flat corrugated plastic tree wrap

Wrap your trees now if you have deer pressure, or late Sept/Oct.  Remove the wraps in the spring.  We store ours in garbage bags – put them on the shelf in the garage and they are ready for installation again in the fall.  Most of our wraps last about 4-5 years, making it an affordable option for protecting your trees.

We have spiral wraps, 2′, 3′ & 4′ corrugated protectors and 4′ flat corrugated protectors.  Which one do you use?   The size of your tree will determine the most appropriate protector.  We are open 7 days a week!  Stop in and select the ones that will protect your trees.

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Hardy Mums are Blooming!

Hardy chrysanthemums are in the house at Knecht’s and they’re starting to pop! We dare to you to resist their bushy foliage and carpet of colorful blooms. Swing on by to see our wide selection of upright and cushion varieties that are guaranteed to make your late summer and fall garden absolutely stunning.

If you want maximum mum power, don’t wait until fall to get these beauties in the ground – giving them plenty of time to establish before cold weather hits is essential for winter survival. Choose a sunny site with good drainage and enough room to give these flowering powerhouses the air circulation they need to avoid disease. Don’t forget to work in some compost or peat and a good fertilizer aimed at boosting blooming power!

Mum pro tips: There’s no need to cut mums back for winter; in fact, they have better survival rates when foliage is left to protect the crown. Clean up dead foliage in spring (and be patient, mums can be slow to wake up after our hard winters) and pinch them back a few times before mid-summer for bushy, beautiful plants.

For your fall decorating, we also have kale, some decorator mums, and red rubrum grass.  The fall perennials would include asters and rudbeckia.

This blog post was submitted by Simone Schneegans from our retail team! Thank you Simone for such a great post!

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Ask the Contractor: Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build

Northfield Construction Company - Wed, 08/14/2019 - 3:00am
We know that construction lingo can get confusing. There are acronyms, slang terms, and more. A question that we often get asked is the difference between design-build and design-bid-build. And what are the pros and cons of choosing one over the other? Design-Build:   The owner of the build hires a company to complete all tasks....
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Wed, 12/31/1969 - 7:00pm
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