WI PSC – Cardinal-Hickory Creek on agenda TODAY

Carol Overland - Legalectric - 12 hours 54 min ago

Today, starting at 10:30, the Wisconsin PSC meeting is on, and last on the agenda, #15, is the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line. They will be deciding whether they will interfere in judicial review of their C-HC order and make that moot by rescinding the order, and then, whether they will immediately RE-ORDER as the utilities want. Regulatory capture much?

Tune in early, because last time they ran through 40 items in 5-6 minutes!


To listen to meeting (whatever happened to the webcast?) go HERE:

To check out all the filings in this docket, go HERE! Some very interesting and highly recommended comments were filed over the last month.

If you’re curious or upset that there is no longer video livestreamed, contact PSC Helpdesk at (608) 267-9195 or email at

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Too Many Cucumbers? Try This Drink

My Northern Garden - Mary Schier - Mon, 07/26/2021 - 5:49pm

This summer, I’m one of the garden writers growing the new variety, Gherking cucumbers, for the folks at Burpee. They sent me two small plants in May, and they are terrific and prolific. No disease and lots of harvest. While I wouldn’t exactly say that I have too many cucumbers—it was getting close on Saturday. ... Read More about Too Many Cucumbers? Try This Drink

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Career Update

Pegasus Librarian - Iris Jastram - Sat, 07/24/2021 - 3:13pm

So… things have happened since last I wrote. I’m still a librarian (because I still have an MLIS), but I’m no longer employed by a library. I’ve decided to step sideways into technical support and information management at my institution’s IT department. Super exciting and super terrifying all at the same time!

I’m a few weeks into this new job now, and while new jobs are just basically always hard (I’d grown very very used to knowing everything about my job, and now I know a whole lot less about my job), I’ve been relishing all the times where the skills and habits of information literacy translate into this new context. That’s always been my favorite thing about taking on new liaison areas or even new topics and methodologies within established liaison areas, and now it’s my whole life. And spoiler alert, “all the times where the skills and habits of information literacy translate into this new context” are basically all of the times.

I’m still scrambling hard to learn all the things I need to know about campus IT infrastructure and about departmental workings — there are days when I wonder if I’ll ever know enough to be less dependent on patient and helpful colleagues. On the other hand, it seems like my experience with the underlying concepts of information seeking, information retrieval, and the reference interview are pretty useful in a variety of contexts. I also get to build a new knowledge base and help my new colleagues restructure parts of their ticketing system to help make it so techs can more easily see what they need to see when they need to see it.

The upshot is, I’ve decided not to shelve this blog. I’m still me, and I’m still interested in the same concepts. But if you’re mostly here for ideas about teaching primary source discovery to undergraduate researchers, that’ll be in pretty short supply. Granted, that’s been in short supply for a while now as personal and professional priorities edged out blogging most of the time in the last few years. But to the extent that I’m able to form coherent thoughts that I want to share down the road, it’s unlikely to be about traditional reference and instruction. It may be (and probably will be) applicable or analogous in some way, but it’d take some translation.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in guides and/or knowledge bases, that’s what’ll be on my mind for the next while at least. What do you put into them? What don’t you put into them? How do you manage discovery vs known item retrieval? Are we going to shoot for exhaustivity or a more limited collection? How are library research guides similar and different? Right now it feels like the week we subscribed to Libguides for the first time and had to decide how to structure things there: boundless possibilities and a ton of work in front of us.

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OD’s in Goodhue County

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Fri, 07/23/2021 - 2:13pm

Stopping the overdose on the front lines

Here’s an effort to supply NARCAN to libraries:

Company to Supply Free Narcan to Libraries – Emergent BioSolutions will provide two doses to every public library branch in the US

Recently on our local COVID page (to which I post the stats daily), I was challenged for posting on COVID and not the many ODs in our community, the party stating that “there were more ODs than COVID deaths.” Nope, NOT true! Although I’ve heard of several ODs here, we’ve had 74 COVID deaths since the start of tracking, and no way have we had more ODs than COVID deaths.

But given the challenge, and that I didn’t know how many ODs here since March 2020, I did some digging to see what the stats are on ODs.

A search of our local Republican Eagle for “overdose” had a lot of hits from here and surrounding area (rather wide circle):


Yesterday or the day before, I got this info from Goodhue County, though note it’s not 2021 info, only current through 2020, and it’s DRAFT info:

2020-Overdoses-Opioid-Deaths-in-Goodhue-County-one-pager-PRELIMINARY-LIKELY-TO-CHANGEDownload SMRMEO_Goodhue-County-2019-Annual-ReportDownload

For Goodhue County separately, but no 2021 info yet:

And this despite a sharp increase in ODs in Minnesota:

Comparisons aren’t particularly relevant, whether between numbers of COVID deaths v. numbers of OD deaths, or between numbers of OD deaths here and elsewhere. One is too many.

I had asked for OD statistics, and got the info above. I also asked about treatment options, and info on resources, because I know from days as an attorney taking on whatever issues for whoever walked in the door how difficult it is to get into treatment. Even with an intervention that pushes someone toward straightening up, getting IN to treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient, is so difficult, between location, openings, PAYING FOR IT in our wonderful capitalistic health “care” system, what a mess. Back then, I did have a list of options for clients, and so remember my successes and failures to help clients through to sobriety, one failure particularly tragic, three times with the same client, who died of his addiction to alcohol. We need to do more to help people get treatment, and to get to the state where they’re ready for treatment, and that takes commitment and MONEY.

Per the County: When it comes to treatment, there is a statewide online treatment resource called , and another statewide resource locator is .

Also, below, please note some of Goodhue County specific treatment resources:

Thank you for this list of resources. Nina Arneson, Director of Health and Human Services, Goodhue County, has been very helpful and responsive in finding health related info.

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Cost of Transmission

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Wed, 07/21/2021 - 11:48am

Transmission costs money, and utilities know that when they spend on transmission, their return on investment is higher than the return they can get for anything else!!

Using this as a repository for all sorts of useless information, here are the MISO cost numbers and methodology used to figure out costs of transmission (this is a DRAFT):


And FYI:

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“Dean Hove 2” Recall Petitions

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Sun, 07/18/2021 - 4:10pm

Seems some folks don’t like that the Recall City Hall petitions are being posted. FYI, READ THE PETITION (on the front page, under “Signer’s Oath”):

Per Gregory Joseph (his domain is parked, no website to link to!):

I also understand that the names and addresses of the signers of the petition have been posted on an internet site for everybody to see, for what legitimate purpose I have no idea…

Really! His statement is here, starting at 2:23:14:

No idea? It’s called transparency, and objections to posting the petitions demonstrates that people have not read the petition, the front page with the statement that it’s public information, not to mention the back with the “250 word statement” of justification for recall.

Here are the Hove 2 Petitions, the Petitions and then those with irregularities:

scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-10-36-46Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-10-39-00Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-10-46-32Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-10-49-11Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-10-50-56Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-10-55-21Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-10-57-26Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-10-59-20Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-11-00-22Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-11-06-12Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-11-08-32Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-11-09-20Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-11-09-20-1Download scan_mlaidlaw_2021-07-06-11-10-40Download

Here are the Petitions, from above files, with irregularities, such as someone not registered to vote but signing, or one person filling in form for someone else, etc., with irregularities identified on the yellow post-it. You can see that many of them were filled in with one person filling in more than their own, or someone else filling in for another, and many of those slid through and not eliminated:

Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-1Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-2Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-3Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-4Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-5Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularites-6Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-7Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-8Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularities-9Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-10Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-11Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-12Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularities-13Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-14Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-15Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-16Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-17Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-18Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-19Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-20Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-21Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-22Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-23Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-24Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-25Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-26Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-27Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-28Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-29Download Dean-Hove-petition-irregularity-30Download

Now, I’ll try to combine these files to make them easier to peruse.

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July 2021

Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Wed, 07/14/2021 - 7:37am

14 Wednesday Being lost. Extra time in the evening. Your dog’s fur. Caring. Blurred lines. Stress. Mistakes. The opportunity they offer. The promise of self-exploration. With help. A full weekend ahead. Epsom salt. 10 Saturday The end of a long-short week. Kettlebell presses. Your digestive system. Reminders of your values. Coleman Hughes. Easy engagement. A […]

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Court DENIES Xcel costs!!!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Tue, 07/13/2021 - 11:32am

A while ago, Xcel Energy had the audacity to demand $3,312.75 in costs from Association of Freeborn Landowners (AFCL):


I don’t think so! AFCL filed a “HOW DARE YOU!” objection:


Today, we received the Court’s decision — COSTS DENIED!

Order-Taxation-of-Costs-Disbursements-andor-Atty-FeesDownload Judgment-Non-costsDownload

Here it is! Whew!

This helps, but doesn’t make up for the loss of the appeals… sigh… turbines are up and running now, and already a problem.

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Carol Overland - Legalectric - Mon, 07/12/2021 - 8:29am

Just filed:


Long story, it’s all there in the Comment. PSC and utilities are trying to do end run around the Circuit Court and avoid additional ugly and embarrassing truths from coming out.

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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Sun, 07/11/2021 - 4:06pm

“[T]he way to get bolder and more daring in the future … is to continue quietly observing as faithfully as possible now.” -Vincent van Gogh, as quoted by Albert J. Lubin, Stranger on the Earth (1996)

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Democrate Principles!!!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Sat, 07/10/2021 - 6:24pm

Alan went to the Cannon Valley Fair last weekend to staff the DFL booth, and as always he went over to the Republican booth for a chat. They were handing out the above flyer. Who the hell put this together? Somebody needs to be fired!

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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Sat, 07/10/2021 - 2:57pm

“The world is filled with all kinds of people. You can’t know what’s happening in a man’s heart.” -Buck O’Neil, as told to Joe Posnanski, The Soul of Baseball (2007)

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AG’s Office tells gas utilities where to go!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Tue, 07/06/2021 - 11:07pm

The Office of Attorney General’s Residential Utility Division (OAG-RUD) has told the gas utilities in search of recovery for its EXTREME supply expenses during the natural gas price spike in February where to go… or more correctly, where NOT to go — that this should NOT come out of ratepayer pockets — that it’s the on the shareholders. YES! Love it when this happens.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has an “investigation” into the massive gas price spike in February, and how the huge price spike and increased costs should be handled (Many other states’ Commissions have opened an investigation too). Thus far, it’s appeared that the Commission’s intent is to pass it on to the ratepayers and spread it out so it’s not so painful. But not so fast folks! It’s so heartwarming to read a pleading, particularly one filed by Office of Attorney General – Residential Utilities Division, where they say “NO!”

Read it HERE:


There are three ongoing dockets at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission looking at the “gas crisis” from February.

Now pay attention, because this HUGE gas spike was only 2-3 days:

Some background Legalectric posts:

Texas — it’s a gas — natural gas… DOH! February 17th, 2021 It’s still a GAS! February 28th, 2021

The PUC is looking at a few questions, but what troubling is that the Commission seems to presume that the utilities will recoup from ratepayers! This presumption was evident in previous Commission meetings, and was disturbing, to put it mildly!

There are three dockets trudging along on the same path, and to look at all the filings go to eDockets and look up the dockets:

  • 21-135
  • 21-138
  • 21-235

In May, the Commission issued another Notice of Comment Period and noted these issues, followed by a laundry list of topics for comments:

The AG’s Office minced no words and told them “NO!” For example:

Once more with feeling — ENJOY!


I’m particularly interested in storage, because a client lives above Minnesota’s only gas storage dome, an at least 10 square mile just north of Waseca, with 7 billion c.f. of natural gas stored below. A gas intermediate (not peaking) plant was proposed there, first a very small one, then one 10 times that in MW, and thankfully neither was built.

Knowing about that storage (and too many Minnesotans do not), storage was the focus of my comment in this docket last February:


OAG-RUD did address the failure of the gas utilities to utilize storage:

Bottom line to the OAG-RUD?

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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Mon, 07/05/2021 - 9:02am

What advice do you wish you could pass on to your younger self? “Why did you ever get into this?” [Laughs.] To be serious about it, I’d probably say always look for the truth, even though truths can be elusive. I’m always inspired by the words of T.S. Eliot: “For us, there is only the […]

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Cardinal-Hickory Creek at WI PSC mtg

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Fri, 07/02/2021 - 11:56am

Jewell Jinkins Intervenors (JJI) well represented at Public Service Commission meeting Cardinal-Hickory Creek: PSC reopens power line proceedings in wake of secret communications


Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line Project: Joint statement

The applicants got at least steps toward what they wanted:

Oh yeah, it was a very weird meeting at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. The Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission was #41 (and #42 for closed session) on the agenda, but #1-40 were treated as a “consent agenda” and they rammed those through in maybe 5 minutes, maybe less (I couldn’t get online with laptop, phone, and fortunately, tablet worked)… I was late to the party! Just a couple of seconds late though…

Here’s the windup with the Applicants’ request and the comments filed on Tuesday:

Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission in trouble!

There’s a recording of the meeting, but WordPress won’t allow it!

Right after the meeting, the Public Service Commission filed a notice:


In our Reply, Reply_Rescind-and-Rehearing_JJI, we noted that there was a PSC staff memorandum filed on June 29, 2021, a memo that was not made public, and lo and behold, it was filed, and reveals important information that for sure should have been in the docket prior to the PSC meeting yesterday:


Let’s see, Applicants filed Motion 6/28 in Circuit Court, and Commission joined in that Motion… and the following day, Applicants file request to rescind at the Commission… hmmmm… related? WELL, DOH! Important information for the public and intervenors not part of the court case to know? WELL, DOH!

As we say in transmission, “IT’S ALL CONNECTED!”

How is this action before and by the Commission anything but an attempt to pull the jurisdictional rug out from under the Court? No CPCN, no jurisdiction, it’s moot. Please, prove me wrong!

And consider the Circuit Court judge’s Order of May 25, 2021 (underlining added, not in original):


The likely “tainted body” wants to undo its tainted decision before the court has a chance to rule on it? Doesn’t pass the smell test.

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tRump Organization indicted, is tRump next?

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Thu, 07/01/2021 - 10:47pm

Here it is! I love it when this happens:

Trump Organization-Weisselberg_IndictmentDownload

Here’s my favorite part, the “Unindicted Co-conspirator #1” appears:

Followed by another mention:

Isn’t it about time Co-conspirator #1 is indicted?

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June 2021

Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Mon, 06/28/2021 - 4:33am

28 Monday Farmer Carries. Buck O’Neil. Bosch. The bird that made sure you knew he was on your fence this morning. Filling the tank. The confidence that friendship fortifies. Your view. Your voice. Just doing, not thinking. 26 Saturday Band walks. Doing the best you can. Knowing it’s not always going to be enough. Learning […]

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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Sun, 06/27/2021 - 2:40pm

“You’re on an uphill climb, and this takes steady effort. Your contribution will feel like something you are doing for you and you alone, but when you elevate yourself, you elevate the collective spirit.” -Holiday Mathis, “Horoscope,” Star Tribune (June 27, 2021)

The post Process appeared first on Untethered Dog.

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