Cardinal-Hickory Creek webcast!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Sat, 06/15/2019 - 12:04pm
Routes through part of Iowa County

NEXT WEEK, LIVE AT PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION, starts 9:30 a.m., they’ll update link just before then:

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Dodge Center 345 kV transmission?

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Sat, 06/15/2019 - 10:52am
345kV transmission through Dodge Center?

I’ve been trying to figure out where the notion of these two routes through Dodge Center originated, and went back to the Public Utilities Commission meeting video of the March 5, 2019 meeting. We have Commissioner Tuma to thank for this hare-brained idea:

Check this video (how long do they leave them up) between 7:09 and 24:50:

Commissioner Tuma suggested this right out the gate. He said “I went and google mapped… walked through these cities and unless you put it on the same pole, you’re not going to do it.” EERA’s Steinhauer’s befuddlement is apparent, and to include these route proposals in the Scoping Decision is an absolute waste of time — if Tuma had indeed gone over the routes on google earth, if he had any notion of the width of a 345kV transmission line… Earth to Mars, even if you put it on a pole, you’re not going to do it. This is what it looks like on Google Earth:

Here’s the letter we sent to Commerce yesterday — the green and red routes through Dodge Center are not workable in any sense. Look at the impact on the folks who live there — people who would be uprooted from their homes:

Applegate_Dodge County Xmsn Comments_Commerce_FINALDownload

This is the letter sent by the City of Dodge Center.

20196-153593-01_City LetterDownload

It’s something, it’s a start, but there are basic factual errors, i.e., “200 feet” mentioned twice?

Where did they get that “200” number from? 345kV easements are 150 feet, yet this 200′ is repeated over and over, and no where is there a mention of 200 feet. It also makes light of the reality of what these routes would mean, i.e., “passing within 200 feet,” rather than saying that at least ______ homes would be within the easement, residents/landowners would be displaced, and properties would be razed and clear cut. “Passing within” is just too passive…

The good news is that the City has committed to attending and speaking up at future hearings if these routes should go forward. In light of the reality of these proposals, I don’t see how Commerce could recommend they go further.

Back to the video, between 7:09 and 24:50:

In the video above, Commissioner Tuma kept referring to Freeborn, and I don’t see a similar issue here. ??? He spoke of landowners objecting, and of course landowners object, but what is the connection or similarity with the routes he’s proposing? And it was good to hear Commissioner Schuerger raising the oversized 345kV line. That’s utterly absurd, and I sure hope they get into the reasoning behind that. I’ll bet it’s all about financing and that the developer wouldn’t be held responsible for costs if it’s part of a regional system build-out like MVP.

Onward… it’s obscene to think that a transmission line of this size can be run through Dodge Center, run through people’s yards, over their homes, to waste people’s time, and subject them to this bogus “alternative” with the specter of ejecting them and bulldozing their homes.


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The Joy of Heritage Peonies

My Northern Garden - Mary Schier - Tue, 06/11/2019 - 12:34pm

No other non-native perennial has as strong a connection to Minnesota and northern gardens as the peony. Heritage peonies are abundant and still available, thanks to the peony breeders and growers of long ago and today. Minnesota’s connection to peonies goes back more than 150 years, when O.F. Brand started a peony farm in Faribault, ... Read More about The Joy of Heritage Peonies

The post The Joy of Heritage Peonies appeared first on My Northern Garden.

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Xmsn through Dodge Center?

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Tue, 06/04/2019 - 11:36am

The Dept. of Commerce was instructed by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to include routes for the Dodge County Wind project to include existing transmission corridors. Commerce didn’t haul out a transmission map at the time to say “WHAT WOULD YOU SUGGEST” and instead chose “routes” that run right through the heart of Dodge Center, and which would, with a 150′ easement, not only tower over residential neighborhood but would displace rows of homes because the easement edge would run right through the houses!

CLICK HERE for Dept. of Commerce Dodge County transmission site.


Here’s what it looks like from the sky:


CLICK HERE for City of Dodge Center page on this transmission proposal.

City of Dodge Center is missing the boat in suggesting people wait to let Commerce know how bizarre, unconstructable, and most importantly, how many people would be displaced, how many homes would be bulldozed, to build a 345kV transmission line with 150 foot rights of way through town. The time to send WRITTEN comments to Commerce is NOW, because when the DEIS is released at the end of June (probably, though maybe later), it should say that those routes through town should not be further considered as they just won’t work.

Send comments, with photos showing existing transmission in relation to your home, your neighbors’ homes, to:

The sooner you weigh in the easier it is to alter the outcome. In the case of administrative proceedings, you snooze, you lose.

The City of Dodge Center needs to get on this too, NOW. Why? It’s in the City’s interest to have routes through town and through these neighborhoods stopped, to assure that they don’t go forward in the environmental review. If you’re in Dodge Center and are concerned, contact your City Council representative:


Comments must be in writing, phone calls don’t count (though you can get more information that way, by calling Suzanne Steinhauer: (651) 201-2251).


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Carol Overland - Legalectric - Mon, 06/03/2019 - 2:17pm

Inadequate — and REMANDED! Here’s the Appellate Court decision, just out:


Bottom line:
However, the commission acted in a manner unsupported by substantial evidence and arbitrary and capricious when it determined the FEIS adequate despite its failure to address the issue—raised during scoping and in public comments on the DEIS—of how an oil spill from Enbridge’s Line 3 project would impact Lake Superior and its watershed. Accordingly, we reverse the commission’s adequacy decision and remand for further proceedings consistent with this decision.

Love it when that happens…

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Supplement EIS! Just do it!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Sat, 06/01/2019 - 10:36am
Platteville to Dodgeville along U.S. Hwy 151

On Tuesday, Jewell Jinkins Intervenors had filed a Motion to Supplement the EIS in the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line project.


Neither the applicants nor the PSC were enamored with the idea. Here are their responses, filed yesterday:

Applicants’ Response to JJI’s Motion to Supplement the FEISDownload PSCW Response to JJI Motion to Supplement EISDownload

In short, they say ALJ has no authority to order a Supplement to the EIS, and that anyway, this route idea is not new, is not substantial. Oh, really? And to suggest that we wait, WAIT, until briefing! Wait until the hearing is OVER, to argue that the EIS is inadequate? Oh, right, that’ll go real far. And of course, then it’s not “new,” is it!

We have a status conferenc on June 13, 2019 at the PSC to deal with whatever is left hanging before the following week’s hearing. We’ll see how that goes.

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Reminder – Scoping meeting tomorrow – PUC Public Participation

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Thu, 05/30/2019 - 12:04pm

Hot off the press, errrrr, just received email:

Reminder, the Office of the Legislative Auditor (OLA) is holding a public meeting tomorrow to gather input about the Public Utilities Commission’s public engagement processes. 

Other Ways to Comment

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may send us written comments through our website.  Or, you may e-mail or Laura Schwartz, the project manager, at


We do not have a deadline for comments.  However, we will use the input we receive tomorrow to help us shape the evaluation, so the sooner the better.  Most of our evaluation activities will occur throughout the summer, and the final evaluation report is planned for release in early 2020.  You may send written comments about your experiences with the Public Utilities Commission’s public engagement processes throughout the evaluation, but we encourage you to send them early. 

Meeting Details

Date:  Friday, May 31, 2019

Time:  10:00-11:00 AM

Location:  State Office Building, Room 10, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155


Please let us know if you would like to share comments confidentially.  OLA has the authority to protect your identity through Minnesota Statutes 2018, 3.979, subd. 3(c).

Laura Schwartz | Program Evaluation Manager | Office of the Legislative Auditor | Program Evaluation Division

140 Centennial Building, 658 Cedar Street, St. Paul, MN 55155 | 651-296-1232 | Fax: 651-296-4712

  Office of the Legislative Auditor

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Love letter from WI’s PSC

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Wed, 05/29/2019 - 4:18pm

April 11, 2019 was one of those days at the PSC of Wisconsin (Massive Agenda at PSC tomorrow, and we’re at the tail end – April 10, 2019). As expected it went poorly, and the Commission stamped all the dockets, the two Badger Hollow (9697-CE-100) and Two Creeks (9696-CE-100) solar siting dockets (CPCN granted despite no solar siting rules); the two Badger Hollow (9697-CE-101) and Two Creeks (9696-CE-101) transmission dockets, and the joint Two Creeks and Badger Hollow acquisition docket (5-BS-228), allowing MGE and WPSC to buy the approved project’s CPCN and to build them, the new “site and acquire” model. You can review these dockets at DOCKET SEARCH HERE and plug in any and all of the docket numbers above.

Today written orders came out on the Badger Hollow solar siting CPCN and the acquisition docket. The acquisition docket is a must read, methinks they doth protesteth too much!

FINAL FINAL ORDERDownload Petition for Rehearing-JJI-05-bs-228Download FINAL ORDERDownload

And don’t forget this intense Order where the ALJ gave Quarles, Commission Chair Valcq’s former firm, what for about their unreasonable acts:


Quarles deserved every blistering word of that Order.

Methinks they doth protesteth too much!

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Busy day at WI’s PSC!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Tue, 05/28/2019 - 5:22pm

Today Rebuttal Testimony was due, and Alan Jewell, of Jewell Jinkins Intervenors was spending the day on the tractor in the mud, outstanding in his field. What a day…

Filed was the testimony and a Motion for Supplement to EIS:

Rebuttal-JJI-JewellDownload Motion-JJI-SupplementEISDownload

How is it that PSC staff proposes a reasonable route that offers significant benefit, that of running on U.S. Hwy. 151 corridor rather than cross-country through farm fields, and the PSC (yes, same PSC!) doesn’t do more than talk about in the FEIS, doesn’t analyze the route so it could be considered in the mix?!?! Time to Supplement the EIS and get it in the record, DOH!

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PSC denies Badger Hollow Rehearing

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 4:02pm

Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission works in strange ways… Today they denied the Petitions for Rehearing in the three Badger Hollow dockets. Our Petitions:

Rehearing-Jewell Jinkins Intervenors-9697-CE-100_FINALDownload Rehearing-Jewell Jinkins Intervenors-9697-CE-101_FINALDownload Rehearing-Jewell Jinkins Intervenors-05-BS-228_FINALDownload

And though they were dated a week ago, they did not publish the Staff Memorandum for each until TODAY! That’s where the staff lays out the docket record (supposedly, but, well, read them) for the Commission:

Staff Memorandum_5-16-2019_9697-CE-100Download Staff Memorandum_5-17-2019_9697-CE-10Download Staff Memorandum_5-16-2019_5-BS-228Download

Suffice it to say, this is SO depressing. This case, siting 300 MW of solar on “exclusive agricultural” land, without siting rules, and tossing out our request for rulemaking so they’d have something to go by, is absurd. This is a HUGE project covering 3,000 acres, tying up and restricting use of that land for 30-50 years, coming into a long-established agricultural community and forever changing land-use, viewshed, property values, with no consideration for the people living there, farming there, taking away their use and enjoyment of their property.

Can you spell N-U-I-S-A-N-C-E???

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Another Xcel deal…

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Thu, 05/23/2019 - 3:16pm
Monticello looms above the Metro…

Over the many years, there have been many “agreements,” and over the many years, time after time, people affected by these “agreements” have come to me for advice, to represent them, as they’re faced with consequences of these agreements. What agreements? The 1994 (Chapter 641) and 2003 (Chapter 11) Prairie Island bills, the
Merger Stipulation Dec 15 1999, the 2005 Transmission Omnibus Bill from Hell (Chapter 97), the e21 Xcel Business Plan pieces dribbling into Omnibus bills 2015 (Chapter 1) and since. Now this:

20195-153019-01_MEC&IRP DealDownload

The two page agreement made public is in that filing. Note the requirements related to this docket and the IRP, to support, to facilitate, to not object to Xcel’s plan. They agree to “supporting the Company’s request to recover the undepreciated balance of the King plant as a regulatory asset through 2037… of the Sherco 3 plant through 2035” [which was just rehabbed and we’re paying for that now]. They agree to Sherco 2 use “on a seasonal basis until its retirement in 2023;” 706.4 GWh of energy efficiency savings annually (not cumulative, methinks?); support of decoupling, support of acquisition of at least 3,00 MW of solar before end of 3020; and support acquisition by bidding process and proposals of build and own.

They’re using this to gain approval of Xcel’s acquisition of the Mankato Energy Center doing an end run around the Integrated Resource Plan, due to be filed any second now.

This first came to my attention when I saw Sierra Club request withdrawal of its comments in the 18-702 docket, regarding Xcel acquisition of the Mankato Energy Center (MEC) gas plant.

20195-153016-01_Sierra Withdrawal RequestDownload

What? Withdraw Comments? That’s not possible. Once something is filed, it cannot be deleted. Hmmmmmm, what on earth is it that they want to withdraw? Here ya go, note these are the “public” comments, so some redactions:

20193-150876-02_Sierra Initial Comments_PublicDownload

Very well done Comments, eh? And note, they’re right in line with the Comments of the Office of the Attorney General – RUD, which concludes:


And in a shorter version, ILSR hits the highlights:


Looking at all of this, I had to weigh in. I’m so tired of these deals that are against the public interest, deals that inflict infrastructure and other harms on unsuspecting people. Unintended consequences? Intended consequences? Reckless actions not caring? It’s not that hard to envision the resulting problems.


Really, I am so tired of these deals that are not in the public interest, and are all about rolling over for Xcel, giving them what they want, and getting a significant kicker for all that “support.” That’s how it’s happened in the past (remember all that funding for pushing transmission and coal gasification?), and odds are it’s no different today.

Remember the signs in so many windows, on so many lawns? How things change…

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Spreadsheets: my not-so-secret love affair

Pegasus Librarian - Iris Jastram - Wed, 05/22/2019 - 10:34am

I’ve gotta admit. I love a good spreadsheet now and again. Maybe it’s because they aren’t the only thing I work with day in and day out, but I’m very much a fan of computers doing my grunt work for me, and spreadsheets are very much a part of that picture for me (right along with most of the other light-weight coding I’ve dabbled in).

I’m NOT a fan of using a spreadsheet just because it has columns and rows. Call me a software snob, but if all you need is a table in a document to keep a bunch of text in order, that’s not a spreadsheet. No sense using an extra tool. But if it can automate processes or do your error-checking for you — that my friends is workplace GOLD.

I’ve used spreadsheets to take conference session information as submitted by presenters and wrap each bit up in html, string the html together, and then paste the resulting html into a web page (hundreds of sessions processed in minimal time with minimal human error). I’ve used it to reconfigure 14 years of reference, instruction, and consultation statistics to make the data from various systems from our past match the needs of our new system, flipping people’s names, combining, splitting, reshuffling, and reformatting. The list goes on. If you can teach a computer a pattern, you can probably teach it to do your fiddly work for you.

Case in point: Libguides asset management.

Most of us librarians at this point use Libguides. One of its great strengths is that you can reuse “assets” (links, books, etc) from one guide to another. But over time, duplicate assets multiply like rabbits, and old unused assets clutter up your search results for that one asset you really want to reuse. So over time it becomes easier to make new assets rather than see if that asset already exists in the system. And then you end up in a vicious cycle the spirals your assets out of control and makes one of the great features of Libguides functionally useless.

So every summer I do a big ol’ asset clean-up project. I ask Springshare to delete our unused assets for me (we mere mortals can’t do bulk deletions), and then I work to knit back together all the unnecessarily duplicated assets that have spawned in the system when the librarians either make a new one that already exists or copy boxes or guides to new guides (which duplicates all the assets in the box or guide — asset management hell).

This is where the massive spreadsheet comes in. I need to find all the assets that are actually the same thing, and then map them back together so that they ARE the same thing. And the first part of this is to sort them by name. So I download a spreadsheet of all assets, plunk it into Google Sheets (easier to work on from multiple computers or share with others in the department), and alphabetize by title. But as you may know, neither Libguides nor any spreadsheet software I’m aware of is smart enough to alphabetize by the first “real” word, or to know that “US,” “USA,” “U.S.,” U. S.,” and “United States” are all the same thing. And anything with a quotation mark in front of it will go up into the non-alphabet part of the sort. And the list goes on. Alphabetizing just doesn’t cut it.

So in my google sheet, I add a column for Sort Title, and in the first cell of that column I use a formal to teach it all of the patterns that I know will be a problem with the titles in my asset list. Then I drag that formula down through all 7-9,000 asset records, and Ta-Da! Alphabetizable titles!

I’m a little nervous about sharing my formula for this because I’m a rank amateur and probably used a million IF statements where a simpler solution is possible. But hey, I’m also a rank amateur, so if you’ve never done this you can join me and then improve on what I’ve found! So… if you want to try this out, the basic pattern is “If at the left of the string in the title column you see x string, substitute x string with y string.” The other basic pattern is “If at the left of the string in the title column you see x string, delete it.” If your Title column is in column E, and you’re starting on row 2 (because row 2 is your header row). My current formula, which accounts for the patterns I’m currently seeing in my title list, looks like this:

=IF(LEFT(E2,2)="A ",RIGHT(E2,len(E2)-2),IF(LEFT(E2,3)="An ",RIGHT(E2,len(E2)-3),IF(LEFT(E2,4)="The ",RIGHT(E2,len(E2)-4),IF(LEFT(E2,6)=""",SUBSTITUTE(E2,""",""),IF(LEFT(E2,5)="U.S. ",SUBSTITUTE(E2,"U.S. ","US "),IF(LEFT(E2,14)="United States ",SUBSTITUTE(E2,"United States ","US "),IF(LEFT(E2,4)="USA ",SUBSTITUTE(E2,"USA ","US "),IF(LEFT(E2,6)="U. S. ",SUBSTITUTE(E2,"U. S. ","US "),IF(LEFT(E2,11)="University ", SUBSTITUTE(E2,"University ","U "),IF(LEFT(E2, 5)="U.K. ",SUBSTITUTE(E2,"U.K. ","UK "),IF(LEFT(E2, 5)="U.N. ",SUBSTITUTE(E2,"U.N. ","UN "),IF(LEFT(E2,15)="United Nations ",SUBSTITUTE(E2,"United Nations ","UN "),IF(LEFT(E2, 15)="United Kingdom ",SUBSTITUTE(E2,"United Kingdom ","UK "),E2)))))))))))))))))))))))

So, it’s IF(logical statement, result if true, result if false), and in the “result if false” section, that’s where I put the next IF statement. The very last “result if false” is just “show me the full title from the title column” because by that time the title is probably just fine without alteration. Each logical statement here tests the characters at the left of the title column, since that’s what I’ll be alphabetizing on. Then each “result if true” section tells it how to transform those left-hand characters so that they’ll alphabetize properly.

So that’s my spreadsheet love story of the week! I can’t believe that last year I sat there and used successive “find/replace” searches and thought I was being efficient. Live and learn!

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ADUs: Reframing the discussion

Betsey Buckheit - Tue, 04/09/2019 - 10:11am
After what seemed like unanimity and a strong sense of purpose at the Planning Commission, the Council discussion about Accessory Dwelling Units has been dispiriting to watch thus far and the public comments even more so. Since the Council will have another go at ADUs today, Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at their worksession, I’d like …
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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 5:25am

Teams — like the markets — tend to fluctuate from year to year, which is also why [Edmonton Oilers forward Milan] Lucic had a pretty sensible take on the season that lies ahead. Optimism abounds, but wariness is never a bad thing either, he believes.

“At the end of the day, you have to be cautious a little in case of overconfidence and over expectations,” he said. “I went through that in Boston. Sometimes, you just expect to be there and that doesn’t get it done.

“Getting it done gets it done.”

-Eric Duhatschek, “Milan Lucic Holds Court on Oilers’ Chances, Leon Draisaitl, and Cam Talbot’s Workload,” The Athletic, 9-19-2017


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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 4:22am

I’m fading out of sight
My wheels are the only sound
Runnin’ at the speed of light
I can’t slow down

Out on the open road
Racing to beat the night
No matter where I go
Guess I’ll get there all right

So why don’t I understand
What’s trippin’ me up
It used to be a simple thing

I can’t hold on, I can’t return
Time to let go, start to live and learn

I took the one way flight
Too high to see the ground
Now I know how long it takes
A heart to come down

Why don’t I understand
What’s trippin’ me up
Oh, it ought to be a simple thing

I can’t hold on, I can’t return
Rivers will run, bridges will burn
I’m not sure just how
But there’s no lookin’ back now

I can’t hold on, I can’t return
Rivers will run, bridges will burn
I’m not sure just how
But there’s no lookin’ back now

I can’t hold on, I can’t return
Rivers will run, bridges will burn
I’m not sure just how
But there’s no lookin’ back now

No lookin’ back now
No lookin’ back now
No lookin’ back now

-Michael McDonald, “No Lookin’ Back,” No Lookin’ Back (1985)

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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Tue, 09/19/2017 - 8:44pm

Wisdom is Revealed
Through Action, Not Talk

Don’t declare yourself to be a wise person or discuss your spiritual aspirations with people who won’t appreciate them. Show your character and your commitment to personal nobility through your actions.

-Epictetus, Manual for Living (1994, Sharon Lebell translation)

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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Tue, 09/19/2017 - 4:00pm

Once the necessities for survival are satisfied, the struggle against sin and for virtue is the central drama of life. No external conflict is as consequential or as dramatic as the inner campaign against our own deficiencies. The struggle against, say, selfishness or prejudice or insecurity gives meaning and shape to life. It is more important than the external journey up the ladder of success. This struggle against sin is the great challenge, so that life is not futile or absurd. It is possible to fight this battle well or badly, humorously or with cheerful spirit. Contending with weakness often means choosing what parts of yourself to develop and what what parts not to develop. The purpose of the struggle against sin and weakness is not to “win,” because that is not possible; it is get better at waging it. It doesn’t matter if you work at a hedge fund or a charity serving the poor. There are heroes and schmucks in both worlds. The most important thing is whether you willing to engage in this struggle.

-David Brooks, The Road to Character (2015)

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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Tue, 09/19/2017 - 9:57am

Hang on through the tense parts of the day in the knowledge that they will pass soon enough. These little conflicts, inconveniences, and expectation adjustments are really unavoidable.

-Holiday Mathis, “Horoscope,” StarTribune, 9-17-2017

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September 2017

Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Tue, 09/19/2017 - 9:04am

19 Tuesday
– When the words come easy.
– Expanded consciousness.
– The snake in the toilet bowl.
– Being firm yet not hard.

18 Monday
Knowing you are good at helping people — and realizing you get as much from it as they do.

15 Friday
– Squirrels.
– Not having to be right.
– Not having to be good.
– Moving forward, flaws and all.

14 Thursday
Playing games at work.

12 Tuesday
– Rabbits on the path ahead.
– Your dog’s eyes.
– The pigeon who appears next to you on your morning walk, right there in the parking lot, reminding you of another pigeon at another time and place that had appeared next to you during one of those moments for which there are no words.

11 Monday
– Sunshine at lunchtime.
– Unexpected ice cream.
– Sadness.
– Strength.
– A blemish on your arm that reminds you this is your skin.

10 Sunday
That a certain friend was born.

9 Saturday
– The feeling of throwing a solid punch.
– The right song at the right time (redux).
– Doing more than you need to — but not more than is useful.
– The ding on your windshield as you drive down the highway. It leaves a mark but that mark is minute. The hurled item doesn’t penetrate. And it doesn’t slow you down in any noticeable way.

6 Wednesday
– Crisp air.
– Holding both: the part of you that is strong, capable, kind, caring with the part that is weak, erratic, angry, fucked up. They are you, both.

5 Tuesday
– Work. Demanding-commanding-immersing-distracting work.
– Feeling valued.
– Listening to weakness, honoring it, accepting it, allowing it to be.

3 Sunday
– A free ticket.
– Neighbors who don’t mind if you poop a little on their lawn (dog involved).

2 Saturday
– Helping out. Spur of the moment. And, hey, look, free doughnut!
– Getting some needed OT in.
– Texting. Really. You love it and hate it. Love it with friends who light you up.

1 Friday
Working at a place that recognizes your skills and then values them enough to put them to direct and meaningful use.

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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Mon, 09/18/2017 - 9:44am

Lost and lonely lives
Floating like waves at sea
We make it day by day
Watching the world go by

In a moment when time stands still
From here we look out on forever

Darling, our love
One love that never fades away
Our love
This love will light the world on its way

Shattered, broken dreams
Sifting like grains of sand
We claim it and here we stay
Watching the world go by

And with the strength that we spend in this life
In hope that it goes on forever
We believe as we promise to try that

Darling, our love
One love that never fades away
Our love
This love will light the world on its way

In a moment when time stands still
From here we look out on forever
And we can see all that time will tell

Darling, our love
One love that never fades away
Our love
This love will light the world on its way

-Michael McDonald, “Our Love,” No Lookin’ Back (1985)

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