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St. Olaf Band Day to feature alumnus conductor

Nov 10 2007 4:00 pm
Nov 10 2007 6:00 pm

QianJun07 The St. Olaf Department of Music will host its annual Festival of Bands gathering Saturday, Nov. 10, featuring Ken Hakoda '96, music director/conductor of the Salina Symphony in Salina, Kan. Also known as Band Day, this year's event will pair some 160 top high school instrumentalists with the St. Olaf Band and Norseman Band for a day-long workshop. The festival will culminate with a free public concert in Skoglund Center Auditorium at 4 p.m.

The performance will be streamed live and archived online.

Tech: Herding 77,000 cats with one mouse

Membership drive; Statistics - up, way up; We get mail; Widgets; Volunteers; New ideas?

stats-screenshot Okay, so first things first: We're holding a membership fundraising drive.  You've seen that little banner at the top of the site?  The site runs on a shoestring, it really does, but we still have a few costs.  And we've got two ways to offset that cost: banner advertising and our annual membership drive.  Membership costs $20 (feel free to give more, of course) and is tax-deductible.  NCO is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so you can rest assured that we're not using the donations for monocle polish while we sit on our yacht - every dime goes right back into the site.  If you like the idea of citizen journalism and the work that we do, please consider becoming a member - we've got a goal of 100Why, you can even click right here to go right to the donation page.

Stats: 2007 has been a banner year for us.  You want numbers?  We've got all kinds, shapes, and sizes.  In the past year we've had...

  • 513,135 page views
  • 217,413 visits
  • 77,350 unique visitors
  • Roughly 1,000 views each work day.
  • 1,460 stories from...
  • 149 different authors...
  • And we won 1 international award.

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St. Olaf's Holtkamp organ breaks out

Boe OrganWhen the American Guild of Organists (AGO) national convention comes to the Twin Cities next summer, participants will be meeting in churches all over the metro area. And while none of the events will actually take place on the St. Olaf campus, all participants will enjoy the sounds of St. Olaf's new Holtkamp organ in the recently renovated Boe Memorial Chapel. During the convention each participant will receive a recording of a collection of newly commissioned pieces by six Minnesota composers that was recorded in the chapel using the college's new state-of-the-art recording equipment.

The project is a collaboration between the AGO, which commissioned the works, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, which will produce the project, and St. Olaf, which donated the use of the chapel, organ and recording equipment. While the guild routinely produces a collection of printed music for their conventions, the concept of an accompanying CD is new.

Read the rest of the story at www.stolaf.edu.

The more things change, the more they... change, I guess.

KYMN Daily News; Craigslist Housing; 5th Bridge;

watch-out-for-iceThings are moving at the speed of time nowadays and we here at Northfield.org are deep within the underground laboratories trying to stay client-focused on our paradigm changing quality synergisms.  Also: empowerment.  So what does this mean?  New stuff!  Also, we apparently need to stop listening to the speeches that Upper Management have been giving.

KYMN Daily News: We're working on a test partnership with KYMN radio to carry their daily news briefings.  We've created an automated system that allows us to carry the shows about 5-10 minutes after they've been broadcast.  Look for new news in the audio player on the right about 8:30 every morning.

We get lots and lots of requests for us to carry housing listings (in addition to the bi-weekly Real Estate Guide) and lots of searches for people looking to find housing, both for ownership and rental.  To that end, we've brought aboard the Minneapolis Craigslist real estate postings for Northfield.  You can find that purple-bordered box on the left hand side.

The list of free Northfield WiFi access points has grown by two - the Eagles club and Caribou Coffee. If you know of any more, please let us know.

And last but not least, our good friends at 5th Bridge have created a 300 Ways to Volunteer sidebar block that shows you a different idea every time you load the page.  We think it's a superlative solutioning best-practi-sorry, that just slipped out - we think it's dandy.  That's also on the left hand side. 

Northfield.org is a non-profit run by volunteers - this means we're open to any and all good ideas that you might have.  If you've got one (or two or three - but not four, sorry), by all means please let us know!

Carleton sustainability efforts showcased in new blog

shrinking footprints Avid watchers of our sidebar feeds may have noticed a new addition to the "Colleges" block in the right-hand column of this site. "Shrinking Footprints" is a new blog that's "intended to serve as a forum for information and communications regarding sustainability at Carleton College." It's a prolific blog, with original articles published nearly every day, and it's a great addition to our ever-expanding Northfield.org Blogosphere.

Sustainability is a big deal at both St. Olaf and Carleton, will numerous "green" efforts underway on both campuses. Carleton's efforts gained a bit more visibility last week with the publication of the College Sustainability Report Card 2008, showing the school at the very top of the rankings.

Northfield's Wackiest Home Videos

It's not often that we post content without a description, but we're going to make an exception for this one. Watch and be amazed...

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St. Olaf's Penz a semifinalist for Draddy Trophy

PenzSt. Olaf Senior quarterback Matt Penz was one of 24 Division III football student-athletes honored as semifinalists for the all-divisions Draddy Trophy and National Football Foundation 2007 National Scholar-Athlete Awards.

One of college football's most sought after and competitive awards, the Draddy Trophy recognizes an individual as the absolute best in the country for combined academic success, football performance and exemplary community leadership.

Read the rest of the story at www.stolaf.edu.

St. Olaf's "Hi, Mom!" webcam makes appearance on NBC

In a recent feature story about "helicopter" parents, NBC's Today show highlighted St. Olaf's new "Hi, Mom!" webcam as an innovative way for parents to keep in touch with their kids in college.

A story about the webcam also appeared recently in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Read the rest of the story at www.stolaf.edu.

Funds available for activities that benefit Northfield youth

HCI logoThe Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) is pleased to announce the availability of mini-grants of up to $400 to support new Intergenerational Events and Youth Civic Engagement Events in the Northfield community.

HCI will award money to projects and activities that:

  • provide the opportunity for young people to develop positive intergenerational relationships with caring adults and/or
  • connect Northfield youth with their community

The application for funds is designed to be short and easy-to-complete. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis while funds are available and are reviewed monthly by the HCI Board. Applications should be received by the second Monday of the month to be considered at that month's board meeting.

Renaissance ensemble Piffaro to perform at St. Olaf

PiffaroLargePhiladelphia-based instrumental ensemble Piffaro will present a recital of Renaissance-era music at 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 5, at St. Olaf College's Boe Memorial Chapel. The performance, which is free and open to the public (and streamed live at stolaf.edu), is a chronological tour of Flemish musical innovations from the 15th and 16th centuries, focusing on composers Josquin des Prez, Nicholas Gombert and others.

In addition, members of the ensemble will present lecture/demonstrations, also free and open to the public, on Thursday, Oct. 6, including: Bob Wiemken, "Renaissance Double Reeds" (8 p.m. in Christiansen Hall of Music, room 233), Joan Kimball, "The Recorder and its Music" (8 p.m. in CHM 138), and "The Sackbut and Renaissance Brass Music" (9 p.m. in CHM 233).

Read the rest of the story at stolaf.edu.

Buckthorn Menace project featured on KSTP news

buckthorn in the news The Buckthorn Menace project, a joint effort between Carleton, St. Olaf and the Northfield community, was featured yesterday on KSTP's 6 p.m. newscast. The project is a participatory environmental art installation designed to raise public awareness about the environmental damage caused by invasive plant species in Minnesota’s natural landscapes and wilderness areas. Volunteers are still needed to help clear buckthorn and work with artist Jim Proctor to create the installation pieces in the Carleton Arboretum and St. Olaf's Norway Valley.

The interview featured Proctor, along with Carleton's Mark McKone, professor of biology, and Nancy Braker, director of the Cowling Arboretum.

Floridians give Ole football sunny outlook

"St. Olaf's football resurgence has been aided by a bunch of guys who don't know Sven from Ole; who believe Paul Bunyan was fictional and suspect lefse might be real; who think sunshine is a birthright, not a reprieve." writes Jim Souhan in a Star Tribune story about a group of Floridians who've ventured north to play for the Oles.


Read the rest of the story at stolaf.edu.

Mill Towns Trail video

Glenn Switzer dropped us a note the other day and it said:

This is a link to a newly produced video for the Mill Towns Trail. The video was produced by a recent St Olaf grad named Russell Anway, who does business as Anway Productions. He started his business as a Finstad Entrepreneurship Grant recipient on campus. He produced the informational video at the request of the Friends of the MTT, for use in informational presentations - to legislators and other officials, especially.

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Blood drive at Just Food RESCHEDULED

Oct 4 2007 12:00 pm
Oct 4 2007 5:00 pm

justfood logoJust Food Co-op is hosting a blood drive WHICH HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR Thursday, Oct. 4, from 12-5 p.m. at the store at 516 Water Street South. This is a great opportunity to help a lot of people!

If you'd like to give blood, please call us at 507-581-6049 or stop in today to make an appointment so we can make sure you don't have to wait in line.

ARTech School Board Elections

(Submitted by Tim Goodwin)

Northfield School of Arts and Technology (ARTech Charter School) is seeking Northfield community members with an interest in serving on the board of directors for the school. ARTech is a publicly funded charter school in its fifth year of operation. The board of directors meets monthly to provide the organization with financial oversight, strategic planning and guidance adhering to its mission and vision.

If you are interested please contact Tim Goodwin, 507-663-8806 x 217.

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