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Paul Day steps down as FFA Show Superintendent

The Pioneer Press has a nice article detailing the resignation of 78 year old Paul Day from the FFA Show Superintendent.  They touch on his travels to Kenya, Russia, and Japan, and the work he has done to improve the FFA exhibit at the State Fair.

To his detractors, he was "the S.O.B. from the state department." To his fans, Paul Day is a heck of an agriculturalist, even though his career as an educator, administrator and mentor to young farmers left him precious little time to do any farming of his own.

Sitting in his Northfield home last week, the fourth-generation farmer mused on a career that has taken him as far as Kenya, Russia and Japan to work with young people. His teaching philosophy - "Action, not promises. Results, not excuses" - has garnered him his share of critics.

Flood Relief Fund Helps Farmers

Many Northfielders are currently taking The Eat Local Challenge, but the past week’s weather has brought farmers a challenge of their own. Recent flooding in Minnesota and Wisconsin has left many local farmers with their livelihood under water during the most crucial production time of the year. At least five farms that sell produce at Just Food Co-op (Harmony Valley of Viroqua WI, Featherstone Organic Farm of Rushford MN, Avalanche Organics of Viola WI, and Driftless Organics of Soldiers Grove WI) have been affected by the floods. Avalanche Organics is reporting 75% loss of the crops in their fields, and others are still assessing the damage.

Northfield Flickr Picture Group

NorthfieldThere are currently 50 members and nearly 400 pictures in the Northfield Flickr group, which is free and open to any photographer.  (Free Flickr account required.)

The Northfield Flickr group contains pictures of both scenic views of Our Beloved Town and daily life images of regular people like you and I.

Check it out.

The Next Step: Local Year-Round

Late summer is a great time of year to try to eat more locally in Minnesota, but what about preserving some of that local harvest to eat during the winter? On Monday, August 27, come to Just Food at 7 p.m. to learn the basics on canning, freezing and drying foods now to enjoy all winter long. The class, titled The Next Step: Local Year-Round will be taught by local farmer Laura Frerichs.

Everyone is welcome to attend. We have limited seating, so please preregister for this free class by speaking with a cashier or by calling 507-650-0106.

Hail Storm: One Year Ago Today

IMGP4961.jpgToday marks the one year anniversary of the August 24th Hail Storm, which brought baseball-plus sized hail down on Northfield, destroying roofs, cars, playgrounds, greenhouses, crops, and more.  Northfield rebuilt quickly and the scars from the hail have been almost completely replaced.

Feel free to post your memories of that day - what were you doing when it hit? How much did you get? What sort of damage did it do?

Dr. Colleen Moore to speak at St. Olaf

Sep 25 2007 7:00 pm
Sep 25 2007 9:00 pm

Come and hear Dr. Colleen Moore give a talk about how pollution affects children's development. Here is what her talk will be about:

Pollution matters because exposure to certain pollutants can affect children's intellectual functioning, their social interactions and behavior, and their stress responses. This presentation provides the basics of what the research shows about how exposure to pollution affects children's behavior and psychological development. Examples will be drawn from the "best science" on exposure to lead, mercury, PCBs, noise, and community pollution disasters.

Here is a bit of information about Dr. Colleen Moore:

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

James Gang learns to "stay" and "play dead".

The Pioneer Press ran a story on the various James Gang celebrations in the area.  While the story was mostly focused on Madelia, Northfield gets a big mention naturally:

But the raid quickly went wrong. A former Union sharpshooter and an expert hunter were standing near the bank, and they grabbed rifles. In a few minutes, outlaws Clell Miller and William Stiles were dead. Bob Younger, Cole Younger and Charlie Pitts were wounded, and they fled with Jim Younger and the James brothers. A massive manhunt was launched, and Frank and Jesse James left the others and eventually reached safety in Missouri.

Tom Dokken, dog trainer extraordinaire, gets a detailed story and history:

Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield is the largest hunting-dog training facility in the northern United States. Fifteen employees help train 350 to 400 dogs annually.

Dokken has trained hunting dogs for celebrities (Hank Williams Jr. recently stopped by to pick up his dog), but he also is famous for an invention, the DeadFowl Trainer, a rubber training dummy that comes in the shapes of ducks, pheasants, geese and grouse.

Northfield, Northfielders in the News

Carleton ranked high, drunken driving case makes waves

Carleton will be ranked 5th nationally among liberal arts colleges, according to US News & World Reports annual college rankings.

Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., tied for fifth-best of the nation's liberal arts schools in U.S. News & World Report's annual college rankings, expected to be on newsstands Monday. Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore and Wellesley were the top four. Carleton tied with Middlebury College.

A Northfield man's drunken driving court case has made waves throughout the tech (and legal) world as his challenge revolves around getting access to the source code of the breathalyzer that was used as evidence...

When Dale Lee Underdahl was arrested on February 18, 2006, on suspicion of drunk driving, he submitted to a breath test that was conducted using a product called the Intoxilyzer 5000EN.

During a subsequent court hearing on charges of third-degree DUI, Underdahl asked for a copy of the "complete computer source code for the (Intoxilyzer) currently in use in the state of Minnesota."

More followup on this story can be found here, where it looks like the state will not hand over the source code.

Atzinger scores on summer piano circuit

Christopher AtzingerSt. Olaf faculty member Christopher Atzinger recently took home the bronze medal from the New Orleans International Piano Competition that was held at the end of July. This year marks the 19th year for the annual contest, which is held in conjunction with the 26th Annual Summer Keyboard Festival -- both hosted by the Musical Arts Society of New Orleans. Along with the medal, Atzinger received a cash prize of $3,000 and will perform with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

To read the rest of this story please visit the St. Olaf website.

Written by John Andert '10

St. Olaf Alumni create sensation with Billiam the Snowman

Billiam the SnowmanJuly's CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate featured a new format for American political debate: questions posed by users of the popular video site. The questions, broadcast on a large screen during the debate, were pretty standard fare that ranged from healthcare to energy to taxes.

But one individual stood apart from the others. His name was Billiam, and he was a snowman. He asked the candidates about global warming and what they would do to ensure that his son (who also is made of snow) has a "full and happy life."

To read more about Billiam and his creators visit the St. Olaf website.

Written by David Gonnerman '90

Just Curious: Josh Hinnenkamp

Editor's note: "Just Curious" is a regular feature of the Northfield Entertainment Guide, created in partnership with Each month, one of our volunteer writers interviews a different Northfielder to find out what makes them tick.

 By Leila Keita, intern

joshI met Joshua Hinnenkamp, executive director of the Northfield Union of Youth at the Key. I found Josh there, sitting casually on a shabby, but comfortable and well-used sofa.With him were several youth, chatting and eating sandwiches. As I prepared for the interview, Josh asked if I wouldn't mind if the youth be included, suggesting that they knew just as much about the goings on of Union of Youth as he did and that he couldn't imagine an interview about the Union of Youth without them. Addy Payne , a 16-year-old junior at Northfield High School, helped Josh explain the Union of Youth.

LK: To start things off is it “the Key” or “the Northfield Union of Youth?”

JH: The Northfield Union of Youth is the organization, but the building we are in is called the Key.

2007 Carleton grad earns Fulbright award

jenny holmJenny Holm of Minnetonka, Minn., a recent magna cum laude graduate of Carleton College with a degree in Russian, has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Scholarship in Creative Writing.

This prestigious award allows Holm to spend a year in the city of Krasnodar, Russia, researching and writing a collection of creative non-fiction essays on the collision of and interaction between traditional and contemporary food culture in the country's agricultural heartland.

Pediatrician Joins FamilyHealth Northfield

kristine matson Kristine Matson, MD, a Cannon Valley Clinic–Mayo Health System physician, is now practicing pediatric medicine at FamilyHealth Medical Clinic–Northfield. She is available to see patients at the newly-opened clinic located on the Northfield Hospital campus. Dr. Matson will provide primary pediatric care to children and families in Northfield and surrounding communities.

Village School - something to remember 'me' by

Village school"Everyone, whether you have children in school or not, should care about education, and should look to the Village School story as a cautionary tale."

Olivia Frey submitted her response to the court ruling to media outlets. It is worth reading because it gives testimony to the good that came from the Village School. The students it helped - 'the young boy who no longer required anti-depressant medications, the girl with a severe learning disability who became an avid reader and is now enrolled at the University of Minnesota, the child without friends who made friends, the girl who could not speak who is now publishing books.' This editor argues - there are no absolutes. Regardless of the decision, there is still something to be learned from the Village School.

In her statement, Frey asks questions such as 'Are standardized tests the way to help children learn? Is a standardized curriculum the best way for children to learn?

A Month in Palestine

Editor's note: Northfield resident Bill McGrath will be spending a month in Palestine. He gave us permission to reprint this email and possible future ones as he reports on his experience abroad.

holy site Shalom, salaam, howdy,

From July 22 until August 19, I will be living with a Palestinian family south of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. Each morning I will be learning Arabic at the University of Bethlehem. Each afternoon I will be working as a volunteer journalist with the International Middle East Media Center. Evenings, I'll attend lectures and films, plus other more informal activities. I am taking my guitar and will teach Grateful Dead songs to the Palestinians in exchange for learning some of their tunes. On weekends, there will be tours of refugee camps, checkpoints, settlements, the Wall and historical sites.

This unusual mouse-in-the-corner opportunity has been set up by the Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies in partnership with Bethlehem University and the US-based Society for Biblical Studies.

--Bill McGrath, Northfield, MN

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