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Mill Towns Trail video

Glenn Switzer dropped us a note the other day and it said:

This is a link to a newly produced video for the Mill Towns Trail. The video was produced by a recent St Olaf grad named Russell Anway, who does business as Anway Productions. He started his business as a Finstad Entrepreneurship Grant recipient on campus. He produced the informational video at the request of the Friends of the MTT, for use in informational presentations - to legislators and other officials, especially.

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International Day of Peace Celebration

International Day of Peace 03Frequent contributor Jane McWilliams was on the scene yesterday at the Northfield celebration of the International Day of Peace and took a bunch of great pictures from the event.

We've uploaded them into a photo gallery for you to see - click here to visit the gallery.

Remember, is Citizen Journalism. If you've got pictures, video, audio, or other, let us know and we'll publish it!

Local fighter wins first bout of "Downtown Throwdown"

Editor's note: We received this great story and photos from Northfield photographer Robb Long. Citizen Journalism rings up another KO!

Chaylan Rader Northfield's Chaylan Rader (28-9, 169 lbs) fought Brooklyn Park's Rich Sherer (2-1, 167 lbs) to kick off the World Fighting Championship's Downtown Throwdown at the Target Center last Saturday night. Sherer led the first part of the fight, landing a few jabs until Rader took him to the ground, putting Sherer in a triangle. Holding Sherer in the triangle for over a minute, Sherer was able to maneuver out, eventually falling victim to Rader's arm bar and tapping out.

Rader started competing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events after learning martial arts techniques that he believed would help defend himself in prison. Rader never went to prison and started competing in MMA after a chance meeting with an old buddy.

David Perez has DJJD photos also

The story is off the front page now, but this was too good to let go unmentioned.  David Perez sent in some photos of the DJJD rodeo and a link to his image gallery.  

We've featured his galleries of local events before and we're happy to do it again - click here to visit his DJJD rodeo gallery

Don't forget, is citizen journalism.  If you record a local event, be it photos, video, audio or stone tablet, we'll be happy to publish it.   And kudos to you for being able to chisel that fast.

Northfield Skateboard Coalition hosts omelet breakfast on Sunday

The Northfield Skateboard Coalition is hosting a second "All-You-Can-Eat Omelet Breakfast" at the American Legion this Sunday (September 16) from 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. The price is $8 for adults, $4 for children under the age of 12, and free for children under the age of 3. Tickets are available at the door. The Legion is located at 1055 N. Highway 3.

The young people in the Northfield Skateboard Coalition have worked extremely hard over the past 15 months to turn the idea of a youth-designed skateboard plaza into a reality. They remain committed to breaking ground on a plaza in 2008.

Please visit the Northfield Skateboard Coalition's website to learn more about the Coalition and their fund-raising and community-building efforts:

John Pitsavas, Bob Jacobsen pass on yesterday

Reports are coming in that the individual killed yesterday in a rollover on I35 was John Pitsavas of Basil's Pizza.

Also Bob Jacobsen of Jacobsen's Department Store also died after a short illness.

More information as we get it.

Update: The Northfield News states that victim has been identified as Pitsavas.

Ray Cox goes to the Joseph Heywood dinner

Click here to see the post Ray Cox has a fine weblog entry recounting his visit to the Joseph Lee Heywood dinner last night...

The Joseph Lee Heywood dinner on Wednesday evening gets the celebration going. It was well attended this year and Ellen and I had a fine time catching up with people after a long, busy summer.

A word from the accidental chair

David Gonnerman, the "accidental chair" of Northfield Citizens Online My becoming chair of Northfield Citizens Online was a bit of a ... mistake. Well, maybe not a mistake as much as an unexpected turn of events.

Last year longtime board member Doug Bratland signed me up to join the board and I was prepared to do what people typically do during their first year on a board: not much. So I raised my hand to be vice chair -- a safe slot where I couldn't do much damage, right? But then our chair stepped down, leaving me next in line.

From ashes to walking on stars

phoenix smoke Out of the ashes of the Village School, a phoenix is rising. That phoenix is called Starwalkers. Starwalkers offers programs in Shamanic Earth Healing, Reiki Hands-on healing and the Power of Being Single as well as K-12 'unschooling' for families fed up with standardized testing and one-size-fits-all curriculum.

Two founding teachers and a graduate practicum student who worked together at the former school came up with the idea of Starwalkers. Rose Ann Steenhoek, Olivia Frey, and Scott Schumacher have been hard at work this past year developing the program. Starwalkers is an educational program for people of all ages, focusing on individual transformation, and ultimately societal transformation. Participants can choose to become involved in a community living program or attend workshops and retreats held in both rural and town settings in Northfield.

Northfielder Gordon Marino sheds tears in Newsweek

marino "As though I were going though a kind of 'maleopause,' I sometimes find myself choking up at peculiar moments," writes St. Olaf faculty member and Kierkegaard Library Curator Gordon Marino on the My Turn page of the Aug. 27 edition of Newsweek. "Though men don't talk about it much, I don't think I'm alone in my middle-age crying jags." Marino and his wife, Susan, are returning to Northfield this fall after a year in Florida.

This week's Newsweek calls Marino's piece the fifth most popular item at

St. Olaf Opening Convocation to feature Santurri on war

Sep 6 2007 11:10 am
Sep 6 2007 12:00 pm

St. Olaf faculty member Ed SanturriOpening Convocation for St. Olaf College will take place Thursday, Sept. 6, beginning at 11:10 a.m. in Boe Memorial Chapel. Edmund Santurri, professor of religion and philosophy, and director of the Great Conversation program, will give the address. The event, which initiates the new academic year, will include a formal procession by faculty. The St. Olaf Band, conducted by Timothy Mahr '78, and organist John Ferguson will provide music. The event is open to the public.

Congressman Kline checks on St. Olaf TRiO students

Rep. Kline visits St. Olaf TRiO students. Minnesota Rep. John Kline, a member of the Education Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, visited St. Olaf College Aug. 23 to see first-hand the work of the federally funded TRiO programs that help students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education. The programs, which help students make a seamless transition from high school to college, include GEAR UP, Upward Bound and Education Talent Search. And at the college level, the Student Support Services program helps students adjust to their new academic experience. "There's no doubt that this program is fundamentally changing the lives of kids," said Kline during his visit.

Read the full story at

Bill Nelson selected for MN Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame

Bill Nelson (current manager of the Dundas Dukes) has been selected for the Minnesota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame.  The induction ceremony will be on Saturday September 15 at the St. Cloud Civic Center.  Social hour is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. with dinner at 5:30 and the induction of Nelson, Mike Gagnon, Al Mueller, and Bob Van Hee to immediately follow. 

A history of the first area inductee inside...

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Football, Nobel-winning scientist politicians, shape-shifting books(?)

The Missota conference, which is the football conference that Northfield plays in, is experiencing a bit of trouble due to the growth of outlying 'burbs, like Farmington, Shakopee, and Hutch. (via the Strib)

The powerful football conference has been in almost a perpetual state of flux since it included schools such as Apple Valley and Burnsville in the 1970s. But what's coming in the next few years might be a major shakeup, even for those used to watching the conference's ranks change.

"Nobody's talking about leaving or anything," Northfield coach Bubba Sullivan said. "Could it happen in a few years? Possibly."

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Northfielders in the news

Paul Day steps down as FFA Show Superintendent

The Pioneer Press has a nice article detailing the resignation of 78 year old Paul Day from the FFA Show Superintendent.  They touch on his travels to Kenya, Russia, and Japan, and the work he has done to improve the FFA exhibit at the State Fair.

To his detractors, he was "the S.O.B. from the state department." To his fans, Paul Day is a heck of an agriculturalist, even though his career as an educator, administrator and mentor to young farmers left him precious little time to do any farming of his own.

Sitting in his Northfield home last week, the fourth-generation farmer mused on a career that has taken him as far as Kenya, Russia and Japan to work with young people. His teaching philosophy - "Action, not promises. Results, not excuses" - has garnered him his share of critics.

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