Update on city website redesign

Mike Bollinger (left in photo with Paul Larson), CEO of Livefront, posted last week to the redesign weblog that they've presented their website redesign recommendations to the City of Northfield on July 8.

This week he blogged that an email from Deanna Kuennen, saying the draft is being reviewed by the website redesign committee and will be made available to the public when it's presented to the City Council.

Rice County Fair

SqaplogoThe Rice County Fair begins today and continues through the weekend at the fairgrounds in Faribault.

Water damage at the Northfield Historical Society

Yesterday morning, workers began removing the peaked roof at the Northfield Historical Society. This morning's 6 am rainfall found its way into many areas of the Scriver building, despite the tarp placed on the roof overnight.

Rob Schanilec, NHS board president (pictured above), gave me a tour of the building at about 7:00 am. Water damaged at least one of the new ceilings in the recently restored museum area. The museum store and basement collections areas were spared, despite falling ceiling tiles. Amid the many buckets and baskets collecting the dripping water, Servicemaster was doing the immediate cleanup. Click the photos for larger views.

Around the local civic blogosphere

David Bly, Betsey Buckheit, Chip Cuccio, Kathleen Doran-Norton, Citizen Wig.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the non-Northfield media recently: Ray Cox, Tom Neuville, Gary Smith.

Sesquicentennial Story Gathering; Books & Stars

Books & stars poster 2005 8 x 11w200.jpg

Margit Johnson, Director of Off-Campus Studies at Carleton College, sent me 9 photos of the Sesquicentennial Story Gathering project that is underway every Wednesday evening prior to the Books and Stars events. See the photo album for all the pictures.

Click the Books and Stars image for a PDF schedule. The project meets tomorrow (Wed, July 20) at the Northfield Outdoor Pool (deck). See the Upcoming.org Northfield calendar for more.

Carleton stables/barn burns - arson investigation begins

The old Carleton stables/barn in the Arb burned Friday night (located at the start of Wall St. Road near 4th and Prairie). According to the Carleton security personnel I spoke with at noon today when I took these photos, there was nothing of value inside.

A tip of the blogger hat to Greg Carlson, CEO of Carlson Capital Management who alerted me to the fact that there was a fire, as he saw huge flames from his house two miles south of Northfield; and to Brent Nystrom, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs at Carleton College, who alerted me on the details via email.

7/20 update: Police Chief Gary Smith's press release on his weblog: "Upon further investigation in conjunction with the Minnesota State Fire Marshal

Not a tornado

Jasnoch Construction continues to clear the section of land between south Highway 3 and Jefferson Road, south of the Allina Clinic.

Late last week, the two remaining houses on the land were moved.

Pottermania photo album

pottermaniaalbumtn.gifSee 100+ photos in the Pottermania album, the festivities leading up to Friday's midnight release of the new Harry Potter book.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the non-Northfield media recently: Gary Smith, Carleton College, Ray Cox.

Pottermania photo album... coming soon

My wife Robbie and I took hundreds of photos at last night's Potter festivities. But alas, I may not get them posted till Sunday morning. In the meantime, enjoy these (click for a larger view) taken at (L to R above) the Art Store and ArtOrg; and (L to R below) the Contented Cow and in front of River City Books.

If you have photos you'd like to submit, use the file upload form. Or Contact Me about getting a photo gallery account so you can upload them yourself.

Pergola gets benches, vines

The Northfield Garden Club's Memorial Pergola in Riverside Park now has benches.

And flowering vines have been planted at the base of each beam.

Pottermania Continues

About a hundred or so people have gathered outside of River City Books in downtown Northfield awaiting the sale of the newest Harry Potter novel. Many are in costume and more are expected to arrive to get in line.

Retraction: Ranch House not sold

1:15 update: I got a call from Mike Hoover, owner of the Ranch House, who said that it has not been sold to Perkins. My apologies for the false alarm.

River City Books and Pottermania

Carleton College's River City Books is at the center of things tonight (Friday, July 15), starting at 10 PM... despite what their website says. ;-) (I've alerted them to the error.) But other festivities start at 7 PM.

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