Carleton's Japanese Garden

Carleton's Japanese Garden (Jo Ryo En or "The Garden of Quiet Listening") was recently ranked the ninth best public Japanese garden in the country in a recent issue of Journal of Japanese Gardening (issue not yet online). See the Carleton press release.

fullcirclevideocover.jpgCarleton has released a new DVD on the garden, titled: In Full Circle: The Japanese-Style Garden as a Work of Art in Progress. It was filmed and edited by Northfielder Paul Krause, written by David Slawson and Paul Krause, and produced by Bardwell Smith.
"Eric and Margit Johnson are the garden's most dedicated volunteers." The DVD is available through the Carleton Bookstore.

The July/August 2005 issue of the Journal of Japanese Gardening has a review of the video. It's not yet online but Krause has it posted on his website.

July 9 update: Mary Bigelow, Head Gardener of the Garden of Quiet Listening, on Thursday morning at the Goodbye Blue Monday.

New And Improved: The Ole Store

Under new ownership and operation, after significant updating, with a new focus and chef, a new and improved Ole Store opened for business this morning. Todd and Linsay Byhre, proprietors of the establishment on St. Olaf Avenue near Lincoln, are focusing the business on simple and healthy foods with organic and additive free ingredients. With initial offerings of a wine bar and coffee house, they expect to open the restaurant half in a couple weeks starting with breakfast and lunch and eventually adding a dinner menu. Brian Stansberry, the head chef, is in charge of their simple menus and creating the dishes the Byhres expect will delight their customers' taste buds with a simple and healthy place to enjoy food's potential achieved.

The Ole Store's hours are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

ArtOrg joins the blogosphere


ArtOrg's website now has a weblog on their home page with an RSS feed. Dave Machecek, ArtOrg's new Executive Director (on the left in the above photo taken on Bridge Square this weekend, with Kari Albert and Brett Reese), is the chief blogger thus far. His most recent post is titled ArtOrg's Equipment-Intensive-Studio Strategy for Northfield and contains details on the arts building to be built on the Lubbers property by Mendota Homes.

So we've added ArtOrg to our Civic Blogosphere project. And like other local civic-oriented weblogs (citizens, civic leaders, non-profit organizations), we aggregate the headlines of their four most recent blog posts into the right sidebar of the homepage under the Blogosphere section.

Favorite parent photos

4thfavoriteparents.gifOf all the photos of parents with kids we took this weekend, these are my favorites.

Favorite little kid photos

4thfavoritekids.gifOf all the photos of young kids we took this weekend, these are my favorites.

4th photos

4thalbumtn2.gif My wife Robbie and I took a couple hundred more photos today of the 4th of July/Sesquicentenial festivities.

Photos include the kiddie parade, bike race, flea market, kids carnival, music acts, color guard, patriotic speeches, and faces in the crowds.

See all 300+ photos in the 4th of July 2005 photo album.

Bike race, flea market

The Criterium bike race downtown and the flea market in Ames Park are going on this morning. Right photo: Nathan Kuhlman lays down a whithering sales pitch on Dan Freeman.

Revised schedule for the 4th

See this revised schedule of events for today's festivities.

Click the image for a larger view, this PDF for a printable poster, or "continue reading" for a text schedule.

And see the weekend's photo album for 100 photos posted thus far.

More submitted photos

John Severson submitted seven photos from today's festivities including these two of Human Cannonball Dave Smith from today's performance.

Click either photo for a medium size view. Or see P.4 of the July 4th photo album and click the medium size photos there to view the 2 meg, full size photos. John Thomas also submitted five photos of activities on Bridge Square today.

If you have photos you'd like to submit, use the file upload form. Or Contact Me about getting a photo gallery account so you can upload them yourself.

Fireworks photos

Tonight's fireworks were held near the new Middle School.

Click the photo for a medium size view.

And see ten other photos (thumb, medium, and full size views of each) of tonight's fireworks in the 4th of July weekend photo album, starting at the bottom of page 3.

Townhouse construction fire

From Police Chief Gary Smith: "Northfield Fire and Police were called to a new residential construction site adjacent to Maple Street, south of Jefferson Parkway, south of the soccer fields at approximately 4:45 p.m. today on a report of a fire in a townhome that was under construction. The center townhome was fully involved as firefighters arrived..."

John Severson submitted the photos. Click for a larger view.

See additional information on Police Chief Gary Smith's weblog: Press release: Structure Fire.

Community/all-NHS reunion photos

I took these community/all-NHS reunion photos from the roof of the Community National Bank building about a half hour ago.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge to medium, 800 pixel-wide photos.

Or view full-size, 2 meg version of the photos:

Full-size left photo; - - - Full size right photo

The Human Cannonball - video clip

See this 90 second video clip of the Human Cannonball's (Dave Smith) performance in downtown Northfield last night at 8:30 pm. His performance today is at 5 pm.

11 am update: More photos have been added the weekend's photo album. Cindy & Dick Jenson submitted several close-ups of Cannonball Dave Smith. And D. Barvir submitted two photos of the Scott Barvir Band playing on Bridge Square.

The fireworks are tonight near the new Middle School.

4th/150th/Reunion photo album

4thalbumtn.gif The photo album for the 4th/150th/Reunion weekend is up, with four dozen photos from last night.

I hope to have a video clip of Human Cannonball Dave Smith's performance posted early in the morning.

4th/150th/Reunion photos wanted

gjwcamera96w.jpgI'll be taking photos of some of this weekend's festivities (4th of July, High School Reunion, Sesquicentennial) and putting them up in an album.

If you have photos you'd like to have included, or if you have dozens of them and you'd like to put up in your own album, or if you know of an album on some other website that you'd like us to link to, attach a comment here or contact me.

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