Spring St. about to reopen

Spring Street is getting ready to reopen all the way through to Riverside Park for the first time in over a decade -- since Petricka's County Market was constructed in the area.

It's being reconstructed between the Village on the Cannon and Millstream Commons, the new 44-unit Assisted Living facility by Three Links Care Center. Millstream has a new logo:


WWWMD (What will Waste Management Do?

Will Waste Mangement pick up all these items for free?

Or will they insist on orange stickers for the extra items?

On a possibly related note, Carleton's annual garage sale is Thursday.

The fountain of foam

On Sunday morning, the fountain on Bridge Square appeared to be a large dessert.

Later in the day, the fountain was turned off, apparently by the City's public works department. Anyone know if this regular prank does damage to the fountain?

6/16 update: See the attached comments for answers.

School board decision on old middle school tonight

The Northfield School Board meets tonight and has on its agenda a decision on Carleton College's proposal for reuse of the old Middle School. The agenda has a time period at the beginning for public comment.

Photos (click to enlarge): The 1910 portion of the Middle School, the 1934 theater addition, the 1934 and 1954 classroom wings and cafeteria.

The Middle School Reuse Committee is expected to make its recommendation to the board.

School Board member Diane Cirksena (shown circled at left -- click to enlarge -- with her husband Ron at the May 5 Rally for Education on Bridge Square) has blogged her rationale for supporting Carleton's proposal.

"I am posting the most pressing questions (according to my mail and phones) and answers to those questions... "

At the Northfield Historical Society

Left photo: While doing my banking at the First National Bank of Northfield yesterday afternoon, I noticed that they're running a videotape of The Passing Zone which I blogged about earlier this week.

Center photo: I went across the street to pickup my tickets at the Northfield Historical Society (I could have gotten them at the bank but I'd put them on reserve at NHS) and noticed that they have a new sidewalk signboard pointing to the NHS Museum store.

Right photo: Selling me the tickets in the store were these new volunteers (L to R): Claire Patnaude, Katharyn Hood-Center, and Carolyn Wise.

Full disclosure:

Northfield Garden Club joins the blogosphere

The Northfield Garden Club's new website now has a weblog on their news page with an RSS feed.

So we've added them to our Civic Blogosphere project. And like other local civic-oriented weblogs (citizens, civic leaders, non-profit organizations), we aggregate the headlines of their four most recent blog posts into the right sidebar of the Northfield.org homepage under the Blogosphere section.

The construction of the Memorial Pergola at Riverside Park (click the photo to enlarge) is proceeding. I took this photo last night.

Pool remains closed

Joint News Release City of Northfield and Northfield Public Schools Community Education & Recreation

For Immediate Release

TO: Northfield News and KYMN Radio
FROM: Hannah Puczko, Northfield Public Schools Community Education Director
Joel Walinski, City of Northfield Operations Manager

The City of Northfield

Upcoming entertainment

This coming weekend:

Over and Back's upcoming show is called "Way Back" and will benefit the
Rice County Habitat for Humanity and The Northfield Sesquicentennial.

Next weekend:

Owen Morse and Jon Wee of The Passing Zone perform a Northfield Sesquicentennial show on June 24 and 26 at the Northfield Middle School. Dan Freeman will be juggled, I'm told. Tickets are available at First National Bank and the Northfield Historical Society.

Changes at downtown businesses

Left: Tiny's Dogs All Day has a new mural on its external wall. The Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse has overhauled its bathroom with stainless steel. (Thanks to Mike Thorsteinson, Three Rivers Community Action, for the GBM tip.) Click photos to enlarge.

Old Hospital site demolition completed

The site of the old hospital is now a field of dirt. Can the Friends of Way Park be far behind? Do they have a web site?

Thomforde's Last Year as Head of 'Olaf

At 2:00 this afternoon, Jerry Tostrud, Chair of the St. Olaf Board of Regents, sent out an announcement that the 2005-2006 acedemic year would be Chris Thomforde's last year as President of St. Olaf College.

"President Chris Thomforde has agreed that the 2005-06 academic year will be his last at St. Olaf College. This decision was finalized at the Board of Regents retreat June 2 and 3."

More information is available at "St. Olaf College announces change in leadership."

Northfield City Council meets tonight

northfiled_logo.gifThe Northfield City Council meets tonight, 7:00 PM at Northfield City Hall, 801 Washington Street.


See the Council Meeting Agenda page. It has PDF links within the page.

Early morning update: The agenda page has not yet been updated.

Ole Store: wine bar, coffeeshop, cafe

This sign is now up on the Ole Store. Click to enlarge.

ARTech graduation

The Northfield School of Arts & Technology (ARTech) held its graduation ceremony last night for seven seniors.

Click the photos to enlarge and see the ARTech graduation album for a dozen more photos.

ARTech is one of three Northfield-area public charter schools sponsored by the Northfield School Board. The others: Prairie Creek Community School and the Village School of Northfield.

Full disclosure:


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