Northfield Area Schools Art Exhibition at the NAG

K-12 students from Northfield area schools have their work displayed at the Northfield Arts Guild through Wednesday, April 20.

I've posted a dozen+ photos of the exhibition that I took on Monday in the Schools Art Exhibition photo album. More details on the NAG's exhibition page.

Interior construction at the Northfield Historical Society

Bart DeMalignon and Jim Bohnhoff, in one of the exhibit rooms at the Northfield Historical Society. (Click photo for a larger view.) What's being done?

nhsconstruction140w.jpgSee Rob Shanilec's March 16 blog post on interior construction, his post on the discovery of the original ceiling, and their Capital Campaign. Northfield Construction Company and SMSQ Architects are involved in the restoration/construction. Exterior work of the Scriver building starts soon.

Full disclosure:

Earth week pledge

I took this photo of Northfield City Councillor Kris Vohs circulating a pledge sheet at the Northfield Home and Garden Show (photo album) on Saturday.

He's asking people to pledge to not drive a fossil-fueled vehicle for one day during Earth Week, April 17-23. (Earth Day is April 22.) Click either photo for a larger version. You'll likely recognize some of the signatures.

What's going on here?

I spotted this on the paved trail through Carleton's Upper Arb, on the bridge over the creek at the bottom of the hill near Oak and 2nd. (Click the photo for a larger view.)

If you know what's going on, please attach a comment.

FYI, most but not all of the paved path is clear of ice and snow, though mud and debris are plentiful.

Photo Album - Northfield Home and Garden Show

(L to R) Merl Dahl, Noel Stratmoen, Ernie Milbrant and Dave "Sewer Man" Legvold serenaded the crowd with some barbershop quartet singing earlier today at the Northfield Home and Garden Show.

Mark Mueller-Dahl, Mueller-Dahl Interiors, makes a hard sales pitch to Bill and Molly Woehrlin who actually just wanted some candy from his handout dish.

Just Food Co-op's Alex Beeby gets hosed down with some 409 by a woman from Procter and Gamble.

Click the photos for larger versions and see three dozen more in the Home and Garden Show photo album.

3/27 update: thanks to Dennis (comment attached) for the help in identifying Dave Legvold. Merl identified Ernie.

City of Northfield's "The City Commons" newsletter

CityCommonsthumb.gifHere's the City of Northfield's Mar. 05 edition (large PDF) of The City Commons, their monthly newsletter that gets mailed out to residents with the utility bills.

Among the items in the newsletter:

- Agreement spurs on Riverfront Redevelopment Project
- Village within our village has great potential
- Looking for a good book?
- Over the river we go
- Libray offers spring break fun

Thanks to Marin Amundson-Graham at A+Communications and Brent Kivell at Kivell Design for their help in getting it to me. They produce/publish the newsletter for the City.

Photo Album - Mill Towns Trail Open House

Meg Otten (L), the new Chair of the Friends of Mill Towns Trail board, with Kate Larson, Trail Planner for the MN DNR's Trails and Waterways division at yesterday's open house at City Hall.

See ten more photos in the album.

Northfield People for Peace holds extended vigil

march19_5.jpgOn Saturday, March 19, the Northfield People for Peace and Goodwill (PPG), along with members from the Red Wing Alliance for Peace, held a two hour vigil on Bridge Square. According to Sharon Gates-Hull, "The second anniversary of the US war in Iraq was the reason for Northfield's People for Peace and Goodwill to extend their weekly vigil from 15 minutes to two hours."

Some organizers held up a 70-foot paper banner with the names of fallen US soldiers listed. Participants also led others in songs, readings, and the sharing of personal thoughts and experiences.

Open House: Mill Towns State Trail Master Plan review draft

publicinputdnr.jpgThe DNR is holding an open house for the Mill Towns State Trail today, 4-7 pm at Northfield City Hall, part of the public comment period now through April. "A draft master plan for the Mill Towns State Trail has been developed by the Department of Natural Resources, Trails and Waterways Division in cooperation with the Mill Towns Trail Friends Group and Mill Towns Trail Joint Powers Board."

See the DNR's site for the trail, with all the PDFs. The master plan is a huge, 100 page PDF so beware. I've snipped a zoomed-in image of the proposed route through Northfield from p. 31. Click for a larger view. The blue "M" on the map is the proposed site of the trail head. See HF0085 for the status of the $4 million dollars of bonding in House and SF0131 in the Senate.

"Hit the Streets" downtown

Howard Merriam, Director Resource & Park Planning for the City of Northfield, sent me a PDF of the City's "Hit the Streets" sign that will appear "on Bridge Square in the next couple of weeks." Click the image for a larger view. Coming soon: drinking fountains, benches, planters and painted trash cans downtown. And in April, a task force begins meeting re: a streetscape and wayfinding plan. So take this mini-poll and we'll let Howard know the results. (A blogger hats-off to Lewisham City Councillor (UK) Andrew Brown for the tip on using this mini-poll tool.)

What's your reaction to the "Hit the Streets" plan thus far?
A ten! It's a great plan for downtown.Not half bad. A 7.5.Hmmm. Not sure.It's more than half bad. A 2.5.It sucks. A big zero.

Free polls from

Ole Store to reopen in June

Reporter Michelle Kubitz has a story on the reopening of The Ole Store in today's Northfield News titled Return of the famous Ole Roll. "Local businessman Kevin Green closed a deal last week with his brother-in-law Bob Stangler to buy the Northfield landmark."

Sustainable Spring Break Journal

A group of Carleton College students are publishing a blog-like Sustainable Spring Break Journal as they visit the White Earth and Pine Ridge Indian reservations over spring break. See the reports and dozens of photos by Elizabeth Gray '08, Ryan Imhoff '08, Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas '07, Peggy Moyer '07, Dave Holman '06, Chris Petit '05, and Dana Kraus '06.

Artspace meets with the NDDC & NAG

IMG_1301.JPGArtspace representatives Kelley Lindquist and Andrew Commers met with the joint NDDC/NAG Arts, Recreation & Culture Committee today to discuss the Artspace's position on the re-use of the old Northfield Middle School since Carleton's announcement last week.

See NDDC Executive Director Ross Currier's blog post on the meeting. "... Lindquist was clear that Artspace has not walked away from the project. Artspace was under the impression that their development agreement was going to be cancelled ..."

How to join the Northfield Civic Blogosphere

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