New sign, website for Veterans Memorial

The Northfield Area Veterans Memorial has a new sign up at their construction site in Riverside Park. A table of the Memorial model along with construction photos is on display at the 1st National Bank of Northfield.

And their new web site is up.

A cavity for Division St. Dentists to fill

Construction of new offices for Division St. Dentists (David Brust, David Buck, John Ehresmann, Michael Remes) has begun on Jefferson Road, across from Heritage Square. There's a Steven Schmidt Construction sign near the hole.

Northfield YMCA meeting on Wed.

The Northfield YMCA organzing group is hosting a community meeting this Wednesday, September 21, 7:00 PM in the Northfield High School Auditorium.

A YMCA consultant will "present his conclusions to a preliminary study and recommendations on next steps to establish a Northfield YMCA." See the calendar entry by Emily Monaghan for details.

Drag your butts over here

Carleton College has at least one designated area outdoors. Might similar containers be appropriate anywhere in downtown Northfield? Join the Downtown Streetscape discussion on the ISSUES list.

Holzer grizzly story update

I've twice updated Friday's blog post on Jerry Holzer.

"Pay it forward" Katrina relief campaign

I snapped the photo of Oolala co-owner Nancy Gregerson last week in the Blue Monday when a thunderstorm interrupted her morning run (store photo taken last June). She told me about her idea for Katrina relief and later emailed me this:

The intention behind 'Pay it forward' is to take a Northfield tradition and reverse the savings of 20% given to customers on each purchase and instead send the 20% to the Katrina Relief Aid. This would be a fairly easy way for the citizens of Northfield to generate $$ (the main need at this point) for the victims. It is important to remember that if, as a business, you already do Third Thursdays, this is the customer giving up their savings, not the business. Oolala is beginning on 9/16/05 but it would be great to get it going for October as well. November? Let's Go!

Contact Nancy via email or at her store if you're interested in participating.

Bike trails, bike lanes, bike discussion

Left photos: The Mill Towns State Trail has new official signs posted at various intersections on the trail between Northfield and Dundas. Dundas Mayor Glenn Switzer showed them at the trail's booth last weekend during the Defeat of Jesse James Days Annual Rotary Bike Tour. Right photos: Bike lanes are now evident along the new northbound section of Hwy 3 which reopened last week.

New "biking prohibited on sidewalks" signs are now posted all over downtown (see photo album) yet bicylists are seen frequently on downtown sidewalks.

Since the city's Downtown Steetscape Plan is now being considered (see blog posts here and here), and the Mill Towns Trail about to enter downtown, is this the time to consider what, if anything, needs to be done about bicycling on downtown streets and sidewalks? What are the pros and cons of bike lanes adjacent to parallel or diagonal parking?

Join the ISSUES list discussion on the topic, going on now.

HIgh school football: Hutchinson 40, Northfield 27

Hutchinson beat Northfield last night, 40-27. Click photos to enlarge.

It was KARE 11 TV's Prep Sports Extra Spotlight game. See the extended video coverage.

Grizzly Holzer's Yellowstone adventures

Late this afternoon I received a Google News alert about Northfielder Jerry Holzer's grizzly bear adventure in Yellowstone on Wednesday. About an hour later, I happened to biking past his house on Division St. and there he was, having just arrived 15 minutes earlier.

No, that's not a Holzer appendage that the grizzly is snacking on in the photo above. He was uninjured.

Many media outlets, including USA Today are carrying the AP story but this one from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle seems to be the most complete:

Grizzly attacks hikers near Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone

Two men were attacked by a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park Wednesday, but escaped serious injury. Pat McDonald, 52, of Bismarck, N.D., and Gerald Holzer, 51, of Northfield, Minn., were hiking on a trail near Shoshone Lake in the park's southern portion when...

09/17 update @ 10 PM: Tomorrow's Sunday Star Tribune has their own story by Tom Ford: Suddenly, a grizzly was upon them.

09.18 update 10 am: I swapped out the Friday photo with the one I sent to the Star Tribune last night, as they used it in the story today and on the front page of their web site with this caption: "From a dense patch of forest, Jerry Holzer saw the head, chest and front legs of a grizzly barrelling forward at full speed."


Katrina relief update

Left: Jutta Thompson loaded up the donations to the Katrian relief truck at Lansing's on Friday morning and drove it to the drop-off center at Cub Foods in Apple Valley.

Center: Northfield Communication Action Center Director Jim Blaha issued a Northfield Hurricane Support Network press release on Wed. A relief truck is parked at St. Peter's Lutheran Church through Sunday, September 18, open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. each day.

And the Northfield Area United Way is considering adopting a community in the devasted area. Executive Director Elizabeth Schott wrote via email that they are...

Live music - downtown, outdoors, on the river

Last Saturday night saw at least three bands playing outdoors, downtown, along the Cannon River.

An unidentified band played on The Key's outdoor patio last Saturday night during DJJD, while at the same time...

killerhayseeds.jpgThe Killer Hayseeds (left) performed at the DJJD entertainment center (photo from their website), while at the same time...

(below), Matt Arthur & the Bratlanders (which includes Doug Bratland, NCO board member and Don Bratland, Holmes Design) performed on the outdoor patio at The Contented Cow. Click photos for larger views.

Downtown Streetscape Plan - PDF summary

The City of Northfield has created a 2 page summary of the Downtown Streetscape Plan (PDF).

Discussion of the plan is hot and heavy on the Northfield ISSUES list. Join the list or preview the discussion by looking at the web archives.

The Crossing on the Riverfront - website

thecrossingthumb.gifThe new website for The Crossing on the Riverfront is up, the mixed-use development by Mendota Homes bordered by Hwy 3, St. Olaf Ave., 2nd Street and the river.

Construction is slated to begin this fall. The developer recently purchased the Community National Bank drive-up property on Highway 3 & 2nd where they plan to construct a temporary condo model. A sales office is scheduled to open in Community National Bank's downtown location within two weeks.

More scenes from the kiddie parade

Scenes from the DJJD kiddie parade last Saturday. Click to enlarge. Right: 3 generations of Richardson boys: Grandpa Scott, Dad Sam, Baby Soren.

See 9 dozen more photos in the DJJD Kiddie Parade photo album.

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