Newcomers to the NCO board

Four newcomers were elected to the Northfield Citizens Online (NCO) board of directors at last night's annual meeting. (NCO is the non-profit organization that operates

Left to right (click to enlarge): Rick Estenson, Ellen Iverson, Jonathan Jaranson, Jan Allister. NCO Board Chair Bruce Morlan will post more on the meeting later this week.

Veterans Memorial construction complete

Construction of the Northfield Area Veterans Memorial in Riverside Lions Park is complete. At right, Jeff Anderson, of Anderson Memorials in Austin, designed the entire site. He told me that there will be one more addition to the site before the Nov. 11 dedication: a bronze soldier, place just to the left of center.

See the dozen hi-res photos in the Northfield Area Veterans Memorial photo album. Photos are in three sizes: thumb, medium, and large. Click the medium photos to see the large.

10/27 update: I added two more night photos to the album

You Are Invited to the NCO Annual Meeting

This organization, Northfield Citizens Online, which maintains, will hold its annual meeting this Wednesday at the Northfield Public Library at 7pm. This is your opportunity to come see this organization at work and possibly become a part of it. is a growing and increasingly interesting Northfield organization. There may be one of you *out there* who would enjoy participating as an actor instead of as the audience. If that's the case let me tell you about what's going on and how you could participate.

A list:
The Northfield Blogosphere
Northfield Citizens Online
Special Features

NCO Annual meeting this Wednesday at the Northfield Public Library at 7pm.

Business changes

Left: The Archer House has converted the hallway leading to the Tavern Lounge into a gift shop. Center: the conversion of The Ranch House into a Perkins Restaurant and Bakery started this week. Right: Target has installed new shopping cart corrals in its parking lot. Click photos for larger views.

Sunshine on Public Bodies

About 30 community members showed up at a League of Women Voters function Monday night to listen to an attorney speak for two hours. Mark Anfinson, legal adviser to the Minnesota Newspaper Association, answered questions about Minnesota's open meeting and record laws -- known as sunshine laws.

Vigil for Soldier Casualties tonight at 7

I got this email from PPG member Judith Stoutland this afternoon:

Today the 2,000th American soldier was killed in Iraq. The Northfield People for Peace and Goodwill invites all members of the Northfield community to join in a vigil of remembrance and honor tonight on Bridge Square at 7 p.m. Bring a candle (with a shield for the wind, if possible).

PRESS RELEASE -- Online organization to hold real-world annual meeting

Northfield Citizens Online will hold its annual
meeting at the Northfield Public Library at 7 p.m. on
Oct. 26. The organization invites the public to attend
and participate in its discussion and board election.

Bittersweet Eatery and Gathering Place

The Kitchen has a new name: Bittersweet Eatery and Gathering Place. And this morning, I discovered that they carry Italian gelato. In the photo, The Archer House's Katherine Baty (right) gets a chocolate gelato fix from Kathy Akre. Their hours are the same, they still offer free wi-fi, but new decor is evident and couches/comfy seating is on the way for the middle room.

Stop light straw poll continues

strawpollpiechart.gif's straw poll on the issue of a stop light at Hwy 3 and 3rd St. continues through Thursday this week. See last week's blog post for more details. Sixty people have completed the poll thus far.

We'll compile the results and comments on Friday and get them to TPTB.

LWV 4th Monday forum: open meeting laws

lwvnfldlogo.gifThe League of Women Voters Northfield is hosting their 4th Monday forum tonight.

The topic: Behind closed doors. How much public business can be conducted in private?

See Marcia Walters' blog post for more details.

City of Northfield meetings this week

northfiled_logo.gifSee the City's Weekly Meetings web page for an updated list of city-related meetings this week.

Among the meetings: Planning Commission, Economic Development Authority (EDA), Hospital Board Meeting, Old Memorial Field Public Forum #3.

Ted Tuel's new look

I spotted Ted Tuel early this morning in the GBM.

No, he's not a really a skinhead; yes, he's still a drug user (see mug); and yes, he's now a Buddhist priest, ordained last week.

Ted and the Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center were profiled by reporter Michelle Kubitz in Saturday's Northfield News: Northfield Buddhists encourage peace of mind.

Circle of Service day photo album

fmsc_logo.JPG circleofservicethumb.gif

Last weekend, my wife Robbie and I travelled to the Feed My Starving Children facility in Eagan with a group Northfielders to help bag food.

We're part of a new volunteerism group organized by Jim Pokorney (center photo below) called a Circle of Service (see the invitation/explanation - PDF). Click photos to enlarge and see the photo album for ten more.

Back row, L to R: Denny Dempsey, Leota Goodney, Jim Pokorney, Robbie Wigley, Scott Nesbit, Doug Worson, Mark Werner.
Front row, L to R: Norman Butler, Griff Wigley, Heidi Hamilton, Clarice Grenier Grabau.

"Make a Difference Day" photos

Joseph Mbele (left) told traditional African folktales to a group of children at yesterday's Make a Difference Day book drive at the NCRC. According to AmeriCorps worker Gillian Wigley (right), over 300 children's books were donated for the READS Initiative.

Full disclosure: Gillian will occasionally admit to being a distant relative.

Chapati Fire -- Updated @ 20:15 10/22/2005

A shrill fire alarm evacuated the Archer House just before 4 p.m. today. A dryer in Chapati, the Indian restaurant, caught fire but caused minimal damage according to 2nd Assistant Fire Chief Tom Nelson.

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