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What's up with Wayne Eddy (left) and Bart de Malignon? Click photos to enlarge and...

Northfield High School All School Renunion

Many people have come to town this weekend for the Northfield High School All School Renunion, part of the Northfield Sesquicentennial.

I caught this group downtown last night in front of the Northfield History Museum Store. Locals Nola and Bob Mathison are on the right. Click photo to enlarge.

See the reunion's schedule of events for what's happening the rest of the weekend.

Music at the Farmer's Market

This group of musicians performed yesterday for shoppers and vendors at the Farmer's Market in Riverside Lions Park.

Click photo to enlarge.

Farmer's Market is open Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:45, and Saturdays at 9.

Arts building to be built on the Lubbers property

Developer John Mathern, Mendota Homes, has decided to build an arts building on the southeast corner of Hwy 3 and 2nd St. The announcement is significant in light of the recent decision of the school board to sell the old middle school to Carleton College.

It's known as the Lubbers property and is the site of the former Byzantine restaurant and El Buen Gusto grocery store. The SMSQ offices are visible in the left background of the photo. Quizno's is across the highway on the right. Click to enlarge.

Contact me if you have more information on this breaking story or attach a comment to this post.

Noon update: Ross Currier posted a brief blurb about this story on the NDDC weblog at 10:00 am.

Saturday 6 am update: Nothfield News headline: Group proposes a

State gov't shutdown

shutdown.jpg MPR: Legislators fail to reach deal

Star Tribune: Talks stumble; government shuts down

Pioneer Press: Sorry, we're closed

State Rep. Ray Cox: Shut down

State of MN: Shutdown website

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Green water in the closed swimming pool

Adam and Sara Gurno visited the wading pool with their kids Tuesday night and contacted me, wondering about the green water in the now-closed outdoor pool and whether it would soon be hatching mosquitoes.

I took the photos Wed. afternoon (wading pool closed because of rain) and contacted the City about the situation. Joel Walinski replied:

"Draining the pool is on our work list but a low priority. The old pool doesn't gravity drain, so we need to bring a portable pump out to finish pumping out the water that remains in the pool. Because of the storms and prepping for the 4th of July weekend celebrations this work item has been put to the back burner, although we should be able to get to it in the next several days."

Downtown business changes

Signs on downtown Northfield storefronts: Cocoa Bean is moving. Cottage Industry will no longer be selling yarn and knitting supplies. Northfield Home and Realty is moving into the old Digs space on Bridge Square. Green Lighthouse Photography has moved into a space above Champion Sports.

All-school renunion; military flyover

More Sesquicentennial events (click for the full-size pdfs).

Vintage military aircraft will do a flyover on Saturday at 4:30 pm.

The Northfield High School All School Renunion begins tomorrow.

Human Cannonball sets up in Ames Park

The Human Cannonball has set up in Ames Park. Click the photo and the Sesquicentennial poster image for a closer look. Is the net in the middle of the Cannon River his target or a safety net? Find out on Saturday, 8:30 pm or Sunday at 5 pm.

Quizno's closed; to be torn down

I got an email from Kurt Larson at Larson's Printing this morning. He said a customer asked him if Quizno's Subs was closed. After trying their phone several times and getting no answer, I stopped by to take some photos. (Click for a larger view.)

Shortly after the lunch hour, the parking lot was bare and a peek inside the windows revealed shelves were likewise.

I called Ross Currier at the NDDC and he confirmed that Quizno's will be torn down to make way for future commercial development on what's known as the "Q Block" (Quizno's and Quarterback). Mendota Homes is the developer.

"Visting Northfield" website launched by CVB

visiting_nfld.jpgThe Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce's Convention and Visitors Bureau has launched a new website called Visiting Northfield.

Site credits: A+ Communications; Kivell Design; Organic Arts; hosted by Northfield Internetworking.

Revised schedule of events - 4th of July weekend

There's a revised schedule of events for this weekend's festivities.

Click the image for a larger view, this PDF for a printable poster, or "continue reading" for a text schedule.

The 4th of July poster and all the other Northfield Sesquicentennial posters are done by Rob Schanilec, Northfield Historicial Society President and owner of By All Means Graphics on Bridge Square. Left photo: Rob and his kids at last year's 4th of July celebration. (See the 150 photos in the 2004 July 4th photo album.) Right photo: The Northfield Sesquicentennial office rents space from Rob. (Click to enlarge.)

Why were the train rides cancelled? See John Thomas' comments to Monday's post, chronicling his communications with the Union Pacific railroad to find out.

Braving the Storm for I35 Community Discussion

Griff Wigley, blogger, Braving the Elements

The League of Women Voters held a loosely moderated discussion about the I35 corridor development last night at the Northfield Public Library. The development is the result of a controversial rezoning of 1,046 acres along the West side of Interstate 35 that was carried out in a controversial manner under the lead of Rice County Commissioner Jim Brown. About 25 residents and public officials from throughout Rice County braved the weather to participate in the discussion (including one County Commissioner: Jessica Peterson), though no proponents of the development chose to attend.

Around the local civic blogosphere

kathleendorannorton.jpg Kathleen Doran-Norton: Health Care and the Uninsured in Northfield

"Fifty-eight out of 140 hospitals in Minnesota are offering lower prices for folks who are uninsured, according to the Star Tribune. The Northfield Hospital is not on this list, though Faribault and Owatonna's hospitals are."

garygsmith.jpgPolice Chief Gary Smith: Sex Offenders

"I noticed the Northfield News ran an article in this Saturday's paper about "Educating the Community About Sex Offenders." Unfortunately, the article didn't speak about the involvement of local law enforcement and the part they play in the community process... What the article did not mention... "

robbrown.jpgRob Brown: The Union of Youth

"The Key, or The Union of Youth, is held to higher standards for some reason. I guess it's easy to pick on kids. The Key is seen by many as a hive of delinquents. There are some bad kids everywhere, right? Some of those bad kids turn into good adults when they are supported and a sense of responsibility is fostered. The Key is this amazing youth-run organization. It's full of creative young adults."

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