NCO Monthly Meeting tonight

Northfield Citizens Online (parent organization to NORTHFIELD.ORG) will meet Tuesday, 12 July 2005 in an open meeting. Agenda follows:

Cowsmeade on Friday: video interview

Last week I blogged about the downtown Northfield festivities surrounding the Harry Potter book release this Friday.

Here's my interview with The Art Store's Ann Marie Boyle about the event.

Veterans Memorial construction

Construction of the Northfield Area Veterans Memorial in Riverside Park is continuing.

See the May 15 blog post for more details.

Wi-fi at the Northfield Public Library, Ole Store

The Ole Store (site not yet up) and the Northfield Public Library are now public wi-fi hotspots -- places offering free, high-speed, wireless internet access that's accessible to the public.

Northfield area hotspots:

wirelessaccesspointsign.gifArcheoPaleo (outside the Kjerland Building, serving the West bank/Riverwalk
Contented Cow
Goodbye Blue Monday Coffeehouse
James Gang Coffeehouse & Eatery
Just Food Natural Food Market
The Kitchen - A Coffee Cafe
Northfield Public Library
The Ole Store (site not yet up)

Know of others? Let me know or attach a comment here.

Does an Art Town need an Art Town Coordinator?

The July 9th edition of the Northfield News has an article by Adam Johnson titled "Taking Northfield arts to the next level." He reported on last Thursday's meeting at the library where a group of community leaders and arts representatives met to discuss the need for an Arts Town coordinator who "would manage the efforts of the town's various organizations in the hopes of developing and maintaining a high-profile, well-organized 'arts town.'"

rossvbloginterview100w.gifNDDC's Ross Currier posted to his blog earlier today about the Thursday meeting (Community Resources and the Pursuit of the Art Town), disagreeing with this approach and inviting people to discuss its pros and cons on the ISSUES List: Does an Art Town need an Art Town Coordinator?

For more background on the issue...

Chairman's Corner

brucemorlan240.jpg Welcome to the NCO Chairman's Corner, where I use the bully pulpit to present the workings of Northfield Citizen's Online. Today I will be previewing one of the issues that will be on the NCO open meeting agenda next week.

Today's topic:
If I had a million dollars ... what would I do ...?

Favorite young adult photos - 4th of July weekend


Left: These are some of my favorite young adult photos that we took last weekend.

Right: Pepe Kryzda sent 6 more photos (2 kids, 2 fireworks, 2 bike race) and I've added them to the bottom of P. 12 of the 4th of July weekend photo album.

See previous blog posts for favorite parent and favorite kid photos.

Harry Potter book release event


This group of Northfielders (click photo, above left) was scheming at The Contented Cow Wednesday for a variety of activities planned for next Friday's (July 15) midnight release of the new Harry Potter book at River City Books. See all the info on the ArtOrg weblog: Northfield Becomes Cowsmeade! Harry Potter Book Release

Gasoline contamination delays Hwy 3 construction

Hwy 3 construction activity is nearly non-existent this week. But it's not due to the state government shutdown.

I talked with MN DOT employee Anthony Stakston this morning. He said that gasoline-contaminated water was discovered at the site last week (to the north and west of the fire hydrant in the photo - click for a larger view).

Community Band Concert tonight on Bridge Square

The Northfield Community Band is performing tonight on Bridge Square, 7 pm. The photo is from a July 2004 performance.

NAPA's motorcycle show

Northfield's NAPA Auto & Truck Parts store hosted a motorcycle show/competition yesterday on 7th St.

Downtown building improvements

Left: The Central Block building is having its roof redone. Right: Bierman's Home Furnishings & Floor Covering is upgrading the awning over its downtown store and extending it to include the building next door which houses Ragstock.

$1.5 million for the Northfield Community Investment Fund

necwebsitethumb.gifCommunity National Bank, First National Bank of Northfield, St. Olaf College and Carleton College have contributed capital to establish the Northfield Community Investment Fund. The fund, currently $1.5 million, will be administered by the Northfield Enterprise Center.

"The Northfield Community Investment Fund will be used to facilitate economic development and redevelopment in Northfield and fund projects that further the city's economic development plan."

See the Carleton press release: Local Organizations Create Northfield Community Investment Fund.

Carleton's Japanese Garden

Carleton's Japanese Garden (Jo Ryo En or "The Garden of Quiet Listening") was recently ranked the ninth best public Japanese garden in the country in a recent issue of Journal of Japanese Gardening (issue not yet online). See the Carleton press release.

fullcirclevideocover.jpgCarleton has released a new DVD on the garden, titled: In Full Circle: The Japanese-Style Garden as a Work of Art in Progress. It was filmed and edited by Northfielder Paul Krause, written by David Slawson and Paul Krause, and produced by Bardwell Smith.
"Eric and Margit Johnson are the garden's most dedicated volunteers." The DVD is available through the Carleton Bookstore.

The July/August 2005 issue of the Journal of Japanese Gardening has a review of the video. It's not yet online but Krause has it posted on his website.

July 9 update: Mary Bigelow, Head Gardener of the Garden of Quiet Listening, on Thursday morning at the Goodbye Blue Monday.

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