Northfield Entertainment Guide: Feb, 06 issue

NEGthumbdfeb06.gifThe new issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG) is available free throughout the Northfield area and here via PDF.

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The NEG is published by Rob Schanilec and Lora Steil at By All Means Graphics.

We allow them to use photos from in each issue of the NEG; and we place a linked thumbnail to the current month's PDF of the document in our sidebar.

In exchange, they give us an ad in the publication.

Feb. 8 deadline: Very Short Invitation to Playwrights

veryshortplaythumb.gif BrendonEtter120w.jpg

Karaoke performer extraordinaire Brendon Etter sent the above flyer on a Feb. 8 submission deadline for a "festival of very short plays to coincide with Downtown Northfield's Third Thursday in March." See the NAG's description of the event titled Very Short Invitation to Playwrights and Brendon's calendar entry.

Where, in Northfield, is this?

What's the name of that new store next to the Forget-Me-Not Florist and Le Nails Northfield? Click to enlarge. Attach a comment here or use the Contact Us form.

Mallards in Winter

These last few weeks of unusually warm weather, a good-sized community of mallards has been enjoying the open water in downtown Northfield. Most years, you're not likely to see mallards on the Cannon River in January. Click photo to enlarge.

According to the DNR, mallards typically migrate to southern states when frigid weather sets in, following open water as rivers and ponds freeze over to the north.

Where, in Northfield, is this? Oaklawn Cemetery

Where, in Northfield, is it? Originally posted 1/21/06

Answer: Oaklawn Cemetery, 1415 Wall Street Road, 645-4502

Several of you knew it was a cemetery, but Lois Stratmoen was the first to know exactly where it is. The picture was taken in Oaklawn Cemetery, just east of town. Caretaker Dave Huberg answers the number listed for Oaklawn.

Drama in Dundas

Last weekend I observed a bit of drama in a field in Dundas. Apparently there is a nesting pair of bald eagles near the Cannon River in Dundas (where a section of the river is designated "wild and scenic", and we plan on keeping it that way).

"Locally Grown" podcast for Jan. 27

locallygrown-logo.gif Issues covered in show #5 of "Locally Grown," recorded in the KRLX 88.1 FM studio at Carleton last Friday afternoon: 1. Northfield public library expansion with guest Lynne Young, director: 0:00 to 21:00 2. The need for a nightclub: 21:00 to 29:15 3. Outdoor swimming pool: 29:15 to 36:00 4. Traffic light and MNDOT: 36:00 to 38:00 5. School district's handling of problematic employees: 38:00 to 40:45 6. Wrap-up, issues being followed: 40:45 to 42:45

Sesquicentennial appreciation photo album

The Northfield Historical Society held an appreciation party for Sesquicentennial volunteers last night at the Northfield Golf Club. Left: NHS president Rob Schanilec addresses the crowd. Center: Sesquicentennial co-chairs Jennifer Sawyer and Dan Freeman; Right: The Prairie Creek Group. Click the photos to enlarge and see two dozen more in the Sesquicentennial appreciation album.

Olympic gymnastic trials

These guys were doing front flips on the boulevard on the west side of downtown last night. Zane Anway, on the right in the group photo, nailed his flip for my camera on his first try. Click the photos to enlarge. *Update* Thanks to several readers who used the contact us form to give us the names of the other guys in the photo. They are, left to right: Schuyler Huber, Joe McGowan, Drew Wilson and Zane Anway.

Bird flu advisory to school superintendents


Goodbye Blue Monday regular Charlie Kyte, former Northfield schools superintendent and now Executive Director of the MN Association of School Administrators, sent me this document (PDF) that he wrote recently for Minnesota superintendents regarding the bird flu. He also wrote, "I provided Superintendents a further private briefing paper outlining what to expect and actions to take in the event a serious outbreak actually happens."

Waves on the hockey rink

It was 44 degrees downtown at 6 am, after a high yesterday of 48, according to the Carleton College Weather Database.

The hockey rink at Woodley and Hwy 3 had small waves on it at 9 am when I took this photo. Click to enlarge.

United Way volunteer/donor Julia Braulick

Julia Braulick was volunteering today at the Northfield Area United Way office, running the letter sealing/postage meter (left). Two weeks ago, it was her $20 donation from her allowance (center photo) that put the current campaign over the 50% level. It now stands at 80%. Right photo, L to R: Executive Director Elizabeth Schott with Julia's mom, Leslie Schultz. Click the photos to enlarge. Elizabeth would like to remind everyone that you can also donate to the Northfield Area United Way via credit card.

Excessive tree trimming?

Dan Dimick phoned me earlier this afternoon, concerned about what he thought was excessively harsh tree trimming near his house on 2nd St. West near St. John's Lutheran Church. Asplundh is evidently the contractor that Xcel Energy uses here in Northfield for tree trimming around its powerlines. Click the photos to enlarge. Join the ISSUES list to follow/contribute to the conversation.

Friday, 01/27 6:15 am update: Dan Dimick posted an update on this to the ISSUES list.

Friday 10 am update: I added the photo on the right which I took this morning.

Snowmen, snow sculptures

Susan Crow sent me these photos she took recently of various snowmen she spotted around town. Click to enlarge. And tonight, the Union of Youth is hosting a Snow Sculptures for Art Project at The Key. See Joshua Jude's blog post for more info.

City Council Work Session AND Regular Meeting


The Northfield City Council meets Monday at Northfield City Hall, 801 Washington Street. The agenda and complete council packet are available on the City's Jan. 23 agenda web page.

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