Bead Days - Studio Nights: photo album

genericalbumthumb100w.gifFive of the artists at whose work is featured in the Bead Days - Studio Nights show at Art on Water were there last night for a "chARTonnay, wine, women, chocolates" reception. Left photo, L to R: Leanne Stremcha, Judy Saye-Willis, Lori Schmidt, Sue Hammes-Knopf, Elizabeth Schott. Right photo: Lori and Elizabeth, smokin' the chocolates.

Click the photos to enlarge and see three dozen more in the Bead Days - Studio Nights album.

Photo album of "Life from Sketches" show at the NAG

genericalbumthumb100w.gifA show titled Life from Sketches opened at the Northfield Arts Guild last night, featuring the work of Jennifer Otis and Chad Miller. It continues through January 5, 2006. Center photo L to R: NAG Executive Director Rebecca Bazan and Visual Arts Coordinator Jan Rohwer were on hand to introduce the artists and schmooze the guests. Right photo, far right: Jessica Peterson, District 2 Rice County Commissioner and owner of Cottage Industry, with colleagues.

Click the photos to enlarge and see over a dozen more in the Life with Sketches photo album.

Sleepout for homelessness

At 6 this morning, this crew was packing up their camping gear after sleeping out on Bridge Square for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

L to R: St. Olaf student Eric Cameron, Carleton student Amber Swiggum, St. Dominic pastor Denny Dempsey, and CAC Executive Director Jim Blaha. Click photo to enlarge.

Scrooge begins this weekend

Posters for the Northfield Arts Guild's play Scrooge are in the windows of businesses all over town.

Tickets can be purchased by phone, at the NAG office, or online.

Scrooge sponsor: Wells Fargo bank.

NAG 2005-06 theatre season sponsor: First National Bank Northfield.

Over and Back: end of an era

Over and Back's final show is this weekend. See their goodbye page and bios of the cast of regulars: Will Healy, Susan Lohmann, Craig Wasner, Michael Hildebrandt, Charlotte DeVries, Gordon Oschwald, Steve Jennings, Casey Wasner, LuAnn Aldrich, Roger Fette, Brian Bjorklund, and The Bleacher Girls. There are evidently still a few tickets remaining for the Saturday performance. Guest artist: Neal and Leandra.

Rotary lunch; CAC event/drive; Salvation Army request

I attended the Northfield Rotary Club's weekly lunch today at the...

Nfld Public Library Board Meeting Report - Nov 15th

The Northfield Public Library Board met on Tuesday, Nov 15th. Did Booker the Bookmobile catch on fire? Did Lynne Young threaten a lock-out if the librarians failed to raise December checkouts by 15%? How many times was the library stormed by protestors angry over controversial book holdings?

Find out, inside!

The return of winter

Winter returned to Northfield this week. Yes, those of us who live here probably don't need to be told. But our site visitors from other countries might like to know. Left: the Northfield Public Library yesterday morning, with an inch of blowing snow. Center: 6 degrees on the First National Bank Northfield thermometer this morning under a full moon. Right: Traffic to the site from other countries in October. Click to enlarge.

Wile E. Coyote and more at St. Olaf

Last week I asked for help in identifying some natural features of the area west of St. Olaf.

I got answers (comment attached to the blog post) from someone named Megan.

And she included links to photos taken last year on the campus prairie with a motion-sensing camera, including the one above. Click to enlarge.

A handwritten thank-you note

Do people appreciate I get a steady stream of thanks (sometimes several times a week) from people I happen to see or meet face-to-face. We get an occasional email thanks via our Contact Us form. But I think this might be the first handwritten thank-you note we've gotten... from Jessica Paxton who was one of the people in charge of the Northfield Historical Society's "Club Ed" auction. Click to enlarge.

The Legacy bites the dust

Demolition of the Legacy Motel started yesterday... and by 3 pm this afternoon, it was gone. It was the last structure on the site left standing. Construction of Northfield Crossing, a mixed-used development, should begin soon. (A tip of the blogger hat to Kurt Larson, Larson's Printing, for the alert.)

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Mark Setterstrom, Gary Smith (2), Carolyn Fure-Slocum, Ken Grisim, Bill Morson, Al Greenlee, David Koenig, B.T. McElrath.

South Hwy 3 development

Miscellaneous development along Hwy 3 south. Click photos to enlarge.
Left: Perkins is hosting a job fair today. Renovation appears to be nearing completion.
Center: Earth-moving equipment has appeared on the Jasnoch parcel just south of the Allina Clinic.
Right: Super America has reopened after extensive renovations.

Northfield City Council meeting tonight

agendatemplatethumb.gifThe Northfield City Council meets Monday at 7:00 PM at Northfield City Hall, 801 Washington Street. The agenda is available on the City's agenda web page.

See the City's Weekly Meetings web page for an updated list of other city-related meetings this week.

7:00 am update: The agenda and council packet are not current. I've notified staff, requesting a quick update.

10:30 update: Agenda is now updated.

"Bob's Sleep Out" on Bridge Square

The local Edina Realty office sponsored Bob's Sleep Out on Bridge Square last night to raise money for the homeless.

I took the photo of the wind-whipped, partially-collapsed tent this morning at about 7:30. I assume there were people inside, otherwise the tent would have blown away. But I didn't want to find out as they likely didn't get much sleep, given the nasty weather.

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