Historic Northfield banners

The City, in collaboration with the NDDC, has put up new "Historic Northfield - since 1855" banners on light poles throughout downtown, part of this year's Sesquicentennial. I took these photos this morning in front of the Scriver Building, home to the Northfield Historical Society, the NHS Museum, and the Museum store.

Passing Zone - photo album

Owen Morse and Jon Wee of The Passing Zone performed a show tonight at the Middle School. See the photo album (44 photos) of their performance.

They perform again on Sunday at 3 pm. The show is a Northfield Sesquicentennial event and sponsored by the First National Bank of Northfield and Malt O Meal.

jugglingalbumthumb.gif jugglingpeople2w200.gif
Also, view this short video clip (right) of the grand finale, when Dave Shumway, Jennifer Sawyer, and Earl Weinmann were juggled.

David Wee and Karen Herseth, parents of Northfielder Jon Wee. (Click any photo for a larger view.)

Photo album - Scandinavian Midsummer Celebration at Way Park

Doug Bratland has put up a photo album of Tuesday's solstice event.

A Scandinavian Midsummer Celebration, sponsored by Sons of Norway, The Swedish Club and Friends of Way Park, was held in Way Park on June 21st. The evening began with a concert at St. John's Lutheran Church by Mannskoret Klang, a men's choir from Lillehammer, Norway. After the concert, musicians following the maypole led participants in a procession to Way Park. The evening continued with a bonfire, music by Nordic Jam, dancing, games and refreshments.

Sesquicentennial Summer Stroll is today

9:00 am update: City workers have the Showmobile in place on Bridge Square. Waste Management has dropped off extra garbage containers. And the new drinking fountain is installed. (Click image/photo to enlarge.) Weather forecast: Sunny, hot & humid.

Around the civic leader blogosphere

bbuckheit.gif Northfield Planning Commissioner Betsey Buckheit has a weblog post titled Comp plans, who cares?

She argues that "Having a comprehensive plan along with a capital improvement plan is a big step toward demonstrating the constitutionally required relationship of the fees to development costs."

brucemorlan.jpgDundas Planning Commissioner Bruce Morlan has a Mill Towns Trail-related post this week.

It's titled Trail head proposals - rough drafts and includes several maps/sketches.

garygsmith.jpgNorthfield Police Chief has a blog post this week titled No Easy Way To Say It.

He's making the case for additional expenditures for the police department in the 2006 budget.

Summer Solstice gathering at Way Park

Thanks to Jane McWilliams for sending these photos (click to enlarge) of the solstice festivities at Way Park on Tuesday evening.

PPG to host cyclist and HIV/AIDS activist Gary Mazzone

How long does it take a person to complete 25 bike rides and fundraise over $100,000 in the fight against HIV and AIDS? For more than ten years, Gary Mazzone has been bicycling all around the country, and he's still not stopping.

Long Time AIDS Activist, Gary Mazzone, along with a representative from the Minnesota AIDS Project, will speak this Thursday at 7pm at the Center for Sustainable Living (333 1/2 Division Street, Above Jenkins Jewelers).

This year, Gary was honored to be one of the "poster people" for the Minnesota AIDS Walk which took place May 15th in Minneapolis. He has been on a speaking tour across Minnesota, speaking to schools, churches, businesses, and community groups since 2005 began.

I still find it amazing to see an audience of sometimes 300 or more people crying tears of sadness and joy, then laughing with me about the crazy life experiences I share with them.

Grease spill

This grease spill is on the Riverwalk access ramp behind Jerry's Hair Shop on the west side of downtown.

Local westside resident and building owner Dean Kjerland says it has been there since the weekend.

Wading pool opens today

The City's wading pool opens today, free of charge. The large pool is now permanently closed due to leaks.


The Spring Creek ponds east of the Northfield Golf Club are filled with algae. The City-owned lot at the corner of Division and 2nd St. is filled with thistles and a variety of other weeds.

6/25 Update: The weeds on the City-owned lot were cleaned out less than a day after I posted this.

Downtown ordinance violators

I took the photo of motorcycle last night at about 8 pm last night. It has been parked in front of the First National Bank of Northfield since Monday morning. It's still there as of 6:30 am this morning.

8 am update: the cycle is gone.

I took the photo of the three boys skateboarding and biking on the sidewalk at the intersection of Division and 2nd St. last night at about the same time.

The City of Northfield's municipal code is searchable via a service called Municode. I found references to the above violations in the City's code.

Hvistendahl to sue City of Northfield, Union of Youth

davidh152w.jpgI spoke to Dave Hvistendahl on Saturday while I was taking photos of the new seating area for Froggy Bottoms on the Riverwalk. (photo of you)

He said he (his West Bank Properties business) will be filing a lawsuit against the City of Northfield and the Union of Youth this week, related to the City's building currently leased to the Union of Youth for the south half of their youth center, The Key that's adjacent to Froggy Bottoms.

The N.org audio interview: Making Northfield an Art Town

rosscurrierarttownblogpostscreenshot.gifI interviewed NDDC Executive Director Ross Currier last Friday about his Making Northfield an Art Town weblog post.

Here's the interview -- a six-minute MP3 audio file.

Street reclamation project approved

Last night, the Northfield City Council City Council passed a resolution "ordering the 2005 street reclamation project and preparation of plans and specifications." See the PDF that was presented to the Council.

If bids are accepted, construction will begin on September 1, 2005.

Car delivers post office drop-box a knockdown

I got this email and photo on the left (click to enlarge) from Bridge Square resident/building owner Bart de Malignon last night:

About 10:00p.m. Monday night, a car drove over the curb and sidewalk, travelled about fifty feet in the grass along the curb, hit the Bridge Square Post Office drop box and drove away. The streetlight opposite the drop box hasn't worked in months. A working streetlight may have prevented this destruction.

At 6 am, the box was upright but turned around and unusable by drive-up patrons. de Malignon's building is in the background of the photo on the right.

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