Hwy 3 construction begins

MNDOT and Heselton Construction began work on Hwy 3 through the middle of Northfield yesterday. (Thanks to Mark Lange, Careful Painting, for permission to use the photo on the right from his weblog post about the construction.)

City Engineer Heidi Hamilton emailed me this Hwy 3 MNDOT document this morning (large PDF).hwy3constructiontn.gif

On the bottom of this PDF: To discuss how we can work together to make highway 3 work better contact: Steve Cuddy, Northfield Public Liaison, 952-484-9805.

[Discussion continues in yesterday's post about the trees in front of the Quarterback.]

Full disclosure:

Barrientos Family Fundraiser Potluck scheduled for May 4th

My wife Robbie and I had dinner last night at Las Delicias, the Guatemalan restaurant owned by the Barrientos family on Division St. in downtown Northfield in the Ideal Cafe building. (Click photos for larger views. And see the review Not much for the eyes, but a fiesta for the buds in last week's Star Tribune.)

The Barrientos Family Fundraiser Potluck will be held Wednesday, May 4th. 6:30 PM in Great Hall (Connected to Sayles) at Carleton College to help the family pay their mortgage, medical and legal bills. There will be music. Student minimum donation is $10, adult minimum donation is $20. If you can bring food or supplies, please contact Simon Harts. For any other questions please contact Chris Petit.

For more background info on the situation, continue reading.

Quarterback Club's trees - removed today?

I just got an email from Quarterback Club co-owner Krin Finger (with hubby Dale) that the five trees in front of their restaurant (left photo) will be taken down today, part of the Hwy 3 construction.

I noticed that the trees all have pink ribbons on them, as do the smaller trees across the highway (right photo).

Click the photos for a larger view. See the text of Krin's email (continue reading).

Downtown improvements "hit the streets"

Recent changes via the downtown improvement process: New shrubery and refurbrished benches on Bridge Square.

New signs detailing the "Hit the Streets" campaign. On the right: a Rubbermaid box on Bridge Square. If you know what it's for, please attach a comment. (Click any photo for a larger view.)

Book fair starts today

The Northfield Hospital Auxiliary's annual book sale, "The Great Northfield, Minnesota Book Raid," begins today at the ice arena.

Sale hours will be 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. today; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 27-April 29; and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 30.

State High School Chess Tourney photos

The Northfield High School Chess Team tied for 3rd place at the State High School Chess Tourney in mid-March.

Senior Mark Anderson (click photo on left for larger view) was co-champion.

A tip-of-the-blogger hat to coach/advisor Rebecca Messer and assistant coach David Ludescher for getting the photos to me.

See large versions of these and six more photos in the state chess tourney photo album.

Frosty cheeks - Northfield Bike Club

I took this photo of members of the Northfield Bike Club defrosting their cheeks on Saturday morning, after their morning ride. It was 23 degrees when they started.

The group rides every Saturday at 8 am. and meets at Mike's Bikes.

Tricadecathlonomania 2005 photo album

Over 25 Northfield teams competed today in the 2005 Tricadecathlonomania. (Click photo for a larger view.)

See two dozen photos from the second checkpoint (Ames Park) in the Tricadecathlonomania album. (All photos by Gillian Wigley.)


Travelling bus museum on Bridge Square

A travelling bus museum is parked on Bridge Square this weekend. Titled
Behind Barbed Wire: Midwest POWs in Nazi Germany
, it's sponsored by the Northfield Historical Society and the Northfield Public Library. The bus is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a presentation at library at 3 p.m. both days. And the NHS will set up a tent on Bridge Square to videotape veterans' stories, part of this year's Sesquicentennial celebration.

3:00 PM Update: six more photos in the bus museum album.

Graffiti update

Last week I posted a photo here of some new graffiti on the West Side.

This week, Police Chief Gary Smith posted to his weblog about graffiti, including this: "I STRONGLY discourage the display of graffiti in newspapers, posters, photographs or weblogs as it encourages additional graffiti for attention by the taggers who damage property of others."

I asked him if I should remove the larger photo from that blog post so it's not readable and he replied, "That would probably help. I don't think blogging the issue was so bad but with mainstream media monitoring us so closely, I guess we have to be more careful."


ISSUES list topics of the week

The ISSUES discussion list is open for discussion of any community-related civic issue.

New topics in the past week:

* Barrientos family/MNDOT
* Downtown taxes
* Inclusiveness/cultural diversity
* Empowering the arts

Local citizens and community leaders who've been participating (civic bloggers are linked):

Jean Boardman, Betsey Buckheit, Holly Cairns, Ray Cox, Ross Currier, Ron Griffith, Julie Hays, Bruce Morlan, Carol Overland, Anthony Pierre, Mary Rossing, Pete Sandberg, Mary Savina, Scott Schumacher, Victor Summa, Ken Wedding, Griff Wigley, Steve Wilmot.

There are 107 area citizens currently on the list.

To join the discussion, subscribe to the ISSUES list.

Registration requires a working email address along with a first and last name.

The discussion is moderated, i.e., all comments are reviewed before allowing them to be posted to the list. See the guidelines for participation.

Garbage enclosure completed

The garbage structure on the West Side's River Walk access path appears completed.

As of yesterday morning when I took this picture, the containers were not yet inside it.

Are there other locations in the downtown area where you think garbage enclosures similar to this should be considered? Attach a comment here or use my Contact me form and I'll try to take a photo.

Carol Overland joins the civic blogosphere

Carol Overland has a new weblog hosted by us.

blogosphereiwantu114w.jpg The RSS feed of the most recent headlines from her weblog posts are now listed on the right side of the N.org home page along with the others civic bloggers/blogging non-profit organizations in the area who are part of the Northfield Civic Blogosphere. (Those blogs are grouped by Gov't officials, organizations, citizens - each group in alphabetical order.)

If you're an area citizen and want a blog hosted by N.org, contact us. If you're involved with an area non-profit which has a weblog on its website, let us know. You can also create your own blog with a service like Blogger, Typepad, Live Journal or many other services, and then let us know about it. If you regularly post to your blog about civic issues, we'll consider including it in our Northfield Civic Blogosphere list and aggregating your recent weblog headlines to our homepage list.

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