Mystery markings

Clark Webster alerted me to these paintings on Division St., a #9 (or 6?) between 8th and 9th and a #3 at 6th. I've no clue what they're about. Anyone, anyone, anyone?

October Blizzard

blizzgroup.jpgThe Northfield Dairy Queen on N. Hwy 3 is particiating in the fundraiser for the Children's Miracle Network today, which benefits Gillette Childrens Hospital. DQ will donate about 95% of the cost of each Blizzard sold.

dqbanner.gifAccording to Andrea Thompson a CMN Development Associate at Gillette, more than 60 Northfield residents have benefitted from the hospital.

This would include my daughter Gillian who had back surgery there a few years ago.

Northfield Entertainment Guide: October issue

negcoverthumb.gifThe new issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG) is now available free throughout the Northfield area and here via PDF. (Click image to view within your browser or right-click on the image to "Save link/target as..." and then download it and view/print from your PC.)

It's published by Rob Schanilec at By All Means Graphics.

The photos on the cover of the guide are used with permission.

New Board Member: Adam Gurno

It occurs to me now that practicing my introductions would probably be a good thing to do; Everyone I know I've had to meet first.

Hey, I'm Adam Gurno and I'm the newest member of the Board. You might know me...

MOM dresses up Ames

Malt O Meal appears to be finished with its exterior renovation of the Ames Mill and has installed lights along the building's entire roof line. Click photos to enlarge.

October is National Co-op month

Just Food Co-op has a poster campaign for National Co-op month. Left: Co-op members and downtown building owners Victor and Kiffy Summa are featured in one. Right: Goodbye Blue Monday owners Dan Riggins, Katherine Dominguez and children are featured in another. Center: The Oct/Nov issue of the Co-op's newsletter The Compost (PDF) is now available on their website.

Full disclosure: what Bruce said.

Downtown businesses for sale

In the Nutting Block building at 3rd and Division, both The Mock Turtle and d. Butterfield's have signs in their windows announcing that they're for sale. Click photos for larger views.

South Highway 3 business development

Left: the parcel of land north of Target on Honeylocust Drive that the City Council is considering for a zoning change. See Alex Beeby's blog post from last week's Council meeting for more. Right: Super America is undergoing an extensive renovation. Click photos to enlarge.

Veterans Memorial: one month to go

Progress continues (click photos to enlarge) on the Northfield Area Veterans Memorial, which will dedicated a month from today. Pavers and poles are going in this week. More info on their site's dedication page.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the non-Northfield media recently: Carleton, St. Olaf, Northfield's population, Rick Estenson, Cty. Rd 47

Chairman's Corner - October and Annual meeting

The NCO Board met with membership at the monthly meeting last week. There was some discussion (minutes are still not approved, so I won't elaborate too much yet).

There are some interesting developments and we look forward to everyone attending the Annual Meeting.

Gubernatorial candidate Bud Philbrook visits Northfield

Bud Philbrook, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate for Governor of Minnesota, visited Northfield's Bridge Square on Friday.

Citizen journalist John Severson was there and submitted 6 photos.

See them all in the Bud Philbrook photo album.

Demo Dude and Just Food Coop

I had occasion to run into Just Food Coop today and ran into their "Demo Dude", Luigi Sison (right). He was really interested in my problem, and took some time to set me up with a nice little dinner menu.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the coop and Alex Beeby (NCO Board) is an employee of Just Food Coop

CROP Walk photo album

CROP Walk 2005 was held on Sunday, Sept. 25th.

Left: Northfield United Methodist Church pastor Clay Oglesbee with Candy and Clifford Taylor, daughter Kate and her friend Casey.
Center: an unidentified rock star
Right: Dr. Doug Hiza (middle) and Bruce Anderson (right) were among the walkers. Click photos for larger views.

John Severson sent me this email with the above photos and over two dozen more that he took at the event, now posted in the CROP Walk 2005 photo album.

These photos are from the CROP Walk on Sunday, Sept. 25th. The group gathered at St. Peter's Church for check-in, some games and displays, and a few brief words from the organizers and our Mayor. The walkers then moved on to Bridge Square where there were games and some entertainment. From there they walked to St. Dominic's for refreshments, and then on to the Moravian Church for more informational displays and music. The walk ended back at St. Peter's after a most successful campaign. A special thanks to all who helped with the organization of tis year's walk from many of our churches - AND to our walkers who shared their day to help raise money for needy people throughout the world.

City Website Redesign: Wireframes

Livefront, the firm hired to redesign the city's website, has made the proposed 'wireframes' available online for people to inspect. There are two of them, located here (inside) and here (outside). We've got some quick screenshots and explanations inside...

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