"Talk Back" ad campaign

For several weeks, a group or organization named "Talk Back" has been putting up posters around town and placing ads in the Northfield News. (Click photos to enlarge.) They appear to have upper/lower case fixation syndrome:

LiKe SoUp? LiKe YoUr PaJamas? WaNt to SLeEp In? LiKe CaMp ChAirs AnD CoFfee?

Anyone know what it's about? Attach a comment here or Contact Us.

Twas the day after Christmas and ...

Anne Bretts posted this to the ISSUES list this morning.

Twas the day after Christmas and all through old North's fields
The keyboards were silent as we kept our eyes peeled.
Our e-mails were crafted and addressed with care.
In hopes on the Issues list they would be shared.

Thank You Griff!

The NCO Board and Committee volunteers would like to extend our deepest collective "thank you's" and our gratitude to Griff Wigley, for his incredible dedication, hard work, and civic service.

ISSUES list hot topics: Q-Comp defeat; swimming pool; library expansion

The expansion of the library, the municipal swimming pool, and the Northfield teachers' defeat of the Q-Comp (Quality Compensation for Teachers) proposal are the topics of the week on the ISSUES list.

Northfield.org's ISSUES discussion list is open for discussion of any community-related civic issue. To join the discussion, subscribe to the ISSUES list.

New photo album: Sesquicentennial Governors Ball

St. Olaf media relations staffer David Gonnerman also took photos at the Governors Ball last Saturday. I've put up six dozen of them in Part II: Sesquicentennial Governors Ball album.

David & Kasia Gonnerman, Marty and Jean Benson, Pete Roehl & Kelly Dillon, and Todd and Carrie Carroll. Click photos to enlarge.
govballalbumpt2.gifSee all the photos in the Part II: Sesquicentennial Governors Ball album. The experiment to allow anyone to edit the text/labels of the photos from the original album has worked well. Please do likewise for this new album and continue with the remaining unlabeled photos in the first album.

Jingle Bell Run raises $3,125 for the Jeff Amerman Pavilion

Bo Aylin, Carlson Capital Management, attached a comment to an earlier blog post about last Saturday's Jingle Bell Run. I thought I'd highlight it here (below) with some photos (click to enlarge).
Left photo: Bo with his bullhorn at the start of the race.
Left center: Jim "St. Nick" Blaha (right) and a colleague (who?)
Right center: It's a lousy photo (I must have been shivering) but Rick Estenson's face as his wife Kris looks on deserves some scrutiny. Rick has been one of the people leading the Pavilion project for the Northfield Rotary.
Right: Volunteer musicians Doug Rowe, Todd Harvey, Judy Reitz, Gary Meidt.

Colleges' annual donation to City

I got this email and photo (click to enlarge) from David Gonnerman, media relations/photographer guy at St. Olaf:

"On Monday St. Olaf College Vice President and Treasurer Alan Norton (right) presented a check to 3rd Ward Alderman Arnie Nelson (a St. Olaf alumnus whose ward includes St. Olaf), while Carleton College Vice President and Treasurer Fred Rogers (left) presented a check to Northfield Mayor Lee Lansing. The two checks, totaling $138,000, are an annual donation to the city's general fund. Beginning in the 1920s, St. Olaf and Carleton were among the first colleges in the nation to offer such contributions to their city."

FREE Subway certificates for community benefit/donation

subwaylogo.gif subwaypartysub.jpg
I got this email from Candy Taylor, a member of the Northfield Sesquicentennial committee, about free Subway Sub certificates available for the benefit of the community or a donation to a local charity.

Dennis Langhoff, the owner of our local Subway restaurant, generously donated over $2500 worth of Subway food to help our community celebrate it's 150th birthday. The largest portion of his gift was a 150-foot long sub that was served in honor of Northfield's Sesquicentennial Anniversary at this year's High School Homecoming Game in September. The balance of his gift was in certificates good for party subs.

NEA names David Bly "teacher of the year"

davidbly96w.jpgThe Northfield News is reporting this morning that David Bly has been selected as the 2005-06 Teacher of the Year by the Northfield Education Association (NEA).

Bly is an English teacher at the Area Learning Center (ALC) and has been part of the Northfield civic blogosphere since August of 2003.

NVO's first outcome

When I saw this exchange happen on the ISSUES list last week, I asked Candy Taylor, the new executive director of Northfield Volunteer Organization (NVO), to write up a blurb about it for posting here since she doesn't yet have a weblog. I've added links and a photo to it. (See the Dec. 14 blog post for more on NVO.)

annebretts.jpgIsn't it amazing? When you combine the power of the Internet with the caring of thoughtful people, the community gets results and everybody wins.

When Anne Bretts (left) heard about our new initiative to promote volunteerism and philanthropy using the web as a primary tool, she immediately started thinking of the possibilities.

She mentioned on the ISSUES list that, through a minister friend in Minneapolis, she knew of a Twin Cities couple in dire need of a bed, and that she had a mattress to donate but no way to get it there.

Solar 101 Workshop at the library tonight

RENew Northfield is hosting a Solar 101 Workshop tonight at the Northfield Public Library.

See RENew Executive Director's Bruce Anderson's blog post for more details. Maybe he'll be there wearing the same shirt. (Click to enlarge.)

"Saturday Morning Rides" stocking stuffer

My wife Robbie and I stopped for lunch at the Area 57 Coffee Cafe in Wanamingo on Saturday and I noticed that Northfield Bicycle Club member Bill Metz's book, "Saturday Morning Rides," was on the bookshelf (red arrow; in the photo with me, Amy Parlier, a worker at the shop). I then saw Bill this morning at the GBM and asked him to do a promo shot for a stocking stuffer idea. He said that it has sold well -- about 75 of the original 300 that were printed remain. (Click photos to enlarge.)

The book is available for $10 at the Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse, River City Books, Mike's Bikes in Northfield, and Erik's Bike Shops in the Twin Cities. Proceeds go the the Nicholas Sansome Named Memorial at SAVE, Suicide Awareness Voices for Education.

Q-Comp discussion on the ISSUES list

Northfield.org's ISSUES discussion list is open for discussion of any community-related civic issue.

davidbly96w.jpg dianecirksena129w.jpgA new topic of discussion (see the archives for a glimpse) has focused on Q-Comp, David Bly, a blogger and a Northfield teacher who helped draft the school district's plan, and Diane Cirksena, Northfield School Board member and blogger, are participating.

To join the discussion, subscribe to the ISSUES list.

Photo highlights - Governors Ball

What are these guys smiling about? (Click photos to enlarge.)

Left: ArtOrg Executive Director Dave Machacek. The original photo can be seen here.

Right: Northfield Mayor Lee Lansing. The original photo can be seen here.

See the Sesquicentennial Governors Ball Photo Album for 150 photos of the night's festivities.

City Council Meeting tonight

agendatemplatethumb.gifThe Northfield City Council meets Monday at 7 pm at Northfield City Hall, 801 Washington Street.

The agenda and complete council packet are available on the City's Dec. 19 agenda web page.

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