Kuyper Group to move; Cocoa Bean to stay; ducks likely to adapt

Bob Kuyper told me yesterday that they will be moving the Kuyper Group real estate office a few doors south on Division to the site of the former Northfield Emporium, next to Las Delicias. The Kuypers have been rehabbing the building (they own it) the past few months. The Cocoa Bean had been rumored to move to that location but according to Norman Butler, they're planning now to stay at their current location in his building for another 18 months. Why the duck family photo?

Traffic light at Hwy 3 and 3rd St.

Northfield City Councilor Galen Malecha, NDDC Exec. Director Ross Currier, and Northfield's Director of Public Works Heidi Hamilton met this morning at the GBM to discuss issues surrounding a traffic light at Hwy 3 and 3rd St. Galen told me last week that he and fellow councilors support the installation of a light there and are discussing strategies to make it happen.

See Ross' blog post, New Hope for the Traffic Light at 3rd and 3, for his view of the issue and their meeting.

Citizen radio: broadcast and podcast opportunities

A couple of weeks ago, I met with Carleton's KRLX-FM 88.1 radio station manager Cameron Nordholm and news director Morgan Weiland (above left) to discuss collaboration ideas. One result: instead of me stringing a microphone from a ceiling tile (right photo, courtesy of Ross Currier), we're going to record in the Ross/Tracy issues confabs in the KRLX studio and broadcast the show. They are looking for other local programming ideas, too... by Jan. 6. See their upcoming.org entry and the flyer (center) requesting submissions frrom local musicians. And if you have an idea for a audio or video podcast that you'd like to distribute via Northfield.org, contact us.

Just Food Co-op's birthday

Just Food Co-op president Ron Griffith sent me some photos (click to enlarge) from their one-year anniversary celebration last week. Left: Iris Lee lands a cow cookie while Alex Beeby looks on; Center: Stuart Reid, general manager, models his holiday hat; Right: Caricaturist Taylor Franklin. I wonder who those people are in the caricature?

Locally Grown: Dec. 27 audio interview/podcast

I hosted another audio interview -- second in a series -- yesterday afternoon with Ross Currier, Northfield Planning Commission member and Executive Director of the NDDC and Tracy Davis, Northfield EDA member and downtown business owner (Donegal Carpets). The purpose: a light and lively discussion of current issues and events of interest and relevance to Northfield citizens.

Today's topics: The outdoor swimming pool (0-08:00 min); the Q Block development (08:00-14:30); traffic light at 3rd & Hwy 3 (14:30-17:15); Q-Comp (17:15-24:45); a dog park (24:45-30:00). Length of show: 30 minutes.

Click the play button to listen. Subscribe to the feed. Subscribe with iTunes.

CRWP erects sign on Hwy 19

I got this email and photo (click to enlarge) from Hilary Ziols, Outreach and Development Coordinator at Cannon River Watershed Partnership:

"Cannon River Watershed Partnership finally fulfilled its wish to help more people find their way to its offices at 8997 Eaves Avenue in Northfield. New Executive Director David Legvold, CRWP staff, and ardent supporters of the organization dug the holes, placed a time capsule, and set up the long-awaited sign on Thursday, Dec. 22nd. Brushwork Signs of Faribault, owned by Ann Meillier and Dave Correll, designed and created the sign."

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the non-Northfield media recently: Gary Dahl (2), Tammy Metcalf-Filzen, Scott Parker, Jarrett Iovinella, Matthew Wehling, Tom Neuville, ArtOrg

Minnesota-China trade mission presentation

After belting out a rendition of "Everybody Loves Somebody," Dean Martin impersonator Tom Durkin gave an overview of his recent trip to China to the Northfield Rotary last Thursday. (Click photos to enlarge.) Tom, who also moonlights as Vice President of International Operations and Global Sourcing for Midwest of Cannon Falls, was part of Governor Pawlenty's trade mission to China in November.

"Talk Back" ad campaign

For several weeks, a group or organization named "Talk Back" has been putting up posters around town and placing ads in the Northfield News. (Click photos to enlarge.) They appear to have upper/lower case fixation syndrome:

LiKe SoUp? LiKe YoUr PaJamas? WaNt to SLeEp In? LiKe CaMp ChAirs AnD CoFfee?

Anyone know what it's about? Attach a comment here or Contact Us.

Twas the day after Christmas and ...

Anne Bretts posted this to the ISSUES list this morning.

Twas the day after Christmas and all through old North's fields
The keyboards were silent as we kept our eyes peeled.
Our e-mails were crafted and addressed with care.
In hopes on the Issues list they would be shared.

Thank You Griff!

The NCO Board and Committee volunteers would like to extend our deepest collective "thank you's" and our gratitude to Griff Wigley, for his incredible dedication, hard work, and civic service.

ISSUES list hot topics: Q-Comp defeat; swimming pool; library expansion

The expansion of the library, the municipal swimming pool, and the Northfield teachers' defeat of the Q-Comp (Quality Compensation for Teachers) proposal are the topics of the week on the ISSUES list.

Northfield.org's ISSUES discussion list is open for discussion of any community-related civic issue. To join the discussion, subscribe to the ISSUES list.

New photo album: Sesquicentennial Governors Ball

St. Olaf media relations staffer David Gonnerman also took photos at the Governors Ball last Saturday. I've put up six dozen of them in Part II: Sesquicentennial Governors Ball album.

David & Kasia Gonnerman, Marty and Jean Benson, Pete Roehl & Kelly Dillon, and Todd and Carrie Carroll. Click photos to enlarge.
govballalbumpt2.gifSee all the photos in the Part II: Sesquicentennial Governors Ball album. The experiment to allow anyone to edit the text/labels of the photos from the original album has worked well. Please do likewise for this new album and continue with the remaining unlabeled photos in the first album.

Jingle Bell Run raises $3,125 for the Jeff Amerman Pavilion

Bo Aylin, Carlson Capital Management, attached a comment to an earlier blog post about last Saturday's Jingle Bell Run. I thought I'd highlight it here (below) with some photos (click to enlarge).
Left photo: Bo with his bullhorn at the start of the race.
Left center: Jim "St. Nick" Blaha (right) and a colleague (who?)
Right center: It's a lousy photo (I must have been shivering) but Rick Estenson's face as his wife Kris looks on deserves some scrutiny. Rick has been one of the people leading the Pavilion project for the Northfield Rotary.
Right: Volunteer musicians Doug Rowe, Todd Harvey, Judy Reitz, Gary Meidt.

Colleges' annual donation to City

I got this email and photo (click to enlarge) from David Gonnerman, media relations/photographer guy at St. Olaf:

"On Monday St. Olaf College Vice President and Treasurer Alan Norton (right) presented a check to 3rd Ward Alderman Arnie Nelson (a St. Olaf alumnus whose ward includes St. Olaf), while Carleton College Vice President and Treasurer Fred Rogers (left) presented a check to Northfield Mayor Lee Lansing. The two checks, totaling $138,000, are an annual donation to the city's general fund. Beginning in the 1920s, St. Olaf and Carleton were among the first colleges in the nation to offer such contributions to their city."

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