Northfield now in High Definition on Google Maps

Google Maps Northfield Downtown Despite moving away to college in a strange and faraway land, I noticed that recent updates to Google Maps have yielded higher resolution aerial imagery of the area. Bird's eye views of sights such as Sechler, Malt-O-Meal, downtown, and your roof await! Don't venture too far north, as it appears that Randolph hasn't yet thawed.

NAG's 'Cinderella' opens Friday

By Melinda Emanuel

Hi, I'm Melinda Emanuel, and I'm playing Cinderella's father in the Northfield Arts Guild's production of Cinderella. Yes, I did say "father."

That's just one of the things about this version of Cinderella that's "different."

It's pantomime: "A traditional British Christmas entertainment for children, usually based on nursery tales and featuring stock characters in costume who sing, dance, and perform skits." Of course, it's not Christmas, and this isn't just for kids, but we do sing and dance and there are some skit elements to it.

There are some other traditions from pantomime we've incorporated in the show, most noticably cross-gender casting. Men playing women, women playing men. As Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters "Dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria." Well maybe not cats, but there is a "dog", and a "duck" and a "cow" who dances. With disco music. It's really something you have to see to believe.

Stanton Airfield celebrates Father's Day with Fly-In

Click to enlargeStanton Airfield, formerly Carleton Airport, celebrated its heritage on Father’s Day by hosting a Fly-in and pancake breakfast that was enjoyed by several thousand visitors and area residents.

This annual event is one of the most popular Fly-ins in the State of Minnesota because pilots consider Stanton Airfield to be a special and enjoyable airport to visit. “It is one of the few remaining grass strip airports and one that treasures it’s heritage as a place to train new pilots and to enjoy recreational flying” says Ray Rought, MNDOT’s Director of the Aeronautics division who attended the event.

Energetic volunteer, St. Olaf emeritus professor, Donald Tarr dies at 73

Don TarrEditor's note: This post has been updated to include visitation arrangements.

Donald Tarr, professor emeritus of chemistry at St. Olaf and an active member of the Northfield community, died June 18 in Northfield of a heart attack. He was 73.

Tarr retired from St. Olaf in 1996, 31 years after teaching his first class at the college. He was born in Norfolk, Neb., and earned his A.B. degree from Doane College in 1954. He later earned a master's and a doctorate from Yale University, and performed postdoctoral study at the University of Colorado and the University of Kent in England. He taught at Wooster College for six years before coming to St. Olaf.

HRC seeks new member

 By Judy Dirks, HRC Chair
The Northfield Human Rights Commission is accepting applications for one vacancy on its commission.

Interested persons are invited to pick up an application at the Northfield City Hall, 801 Washington Street. Applicants will be invited to attend a regular Human Rights Commission meeting to meet current members and ask questions.

Members are appointed by the mayor of Northfield with the recommendation of the Human Rights Commission. Efforts are made to draw from a broad cross-section of the community, and appointments represent both sexes, various economic levels, including welfare recipients, members of the business and professional community, renters and homeowners, racial and ethnic minorities, various religious groups, and a wide age span, including senior citizens and students. 

Gardeners share a magic touch

Garden Club makes downtown projects blossom, hosts annual Garden Tour Saturday and Sunday.

I admit it, when it comes to plants I'm a serial killer. Sometimes quickly, sometimes with the agonized withering of leaf after leaf, I manage to turn even the most lush plants and brilliant blooms into compost.

Perhaps that's why I am so dazzled by, and grateful for, the dedication and talent of Northfield Garden Club members. Bright Spencer, a member, photographer and all-around nice person, shared some photos of the projects, just so you can spot them when you're out and about. Click here to see them.

Look around the downtown and you'll see their handiwork everywhere, from the pansies in Bridge Square to the brilliant hanging baskets along the sidewalks. And take the time to visit the Betsy Maitland pergola, a restful stop along the water in Riverside Park.

This week at City Hall

A new Economic Development Plan, changes in the downtown historic district's building restrictions, a nearly $2 million plan to buy wireless automated meter-reading technology, and plans for an innovative artists' studio/housing center downtown are all up for discussion this week.

The council is slated to set a July 10 public hearing on the approval of $33 million in bonds for Northfield Hospital's plans to build a clinic on its Northfield campus and another in Farmington. The bonds will be paid through hospital revenues and not the city's general budget, so there will be no tax increase. In other hospital business, representatives will discuss progress on sales of two homes and three lots near the former hospital site.

In addition, the council is slated to approve $3.21 million in bonds for the new outdoor swimming pool, with payments that will come out of the annual city budget at a rate of between $110,000 and about $245,000 a year through 2025. In a technical move, the city will lease the pool to the Economic Development Authority, which will issue the bonds.

Don Tarr is Victim of Heart Attack

Recent podcast guest Don Tarr (click photo for larger version) died this morning of a heart attack.

Don contributed to Northfield in so many ways. I feel lucky to have known and participated in activities with him. He will be missed.

Since this is very recent news, plans for a memorial service have not yet been made. Once I find out, I will post, assuming someone else does not get the word out first.

Editor's note:
Don Tarr's funeral will be on Friday, June 23, 11:00 a.m. at the United Church of Christ in Northfield.
Thanks go out to Bob Entenmann for the update.

Nordic Jam at Nisswa-Stamman

Northfield's Nordic Jam contingent at Nisswa-StammanMy wife and I were two of a dozen members of Northfield's Nordic Jam who traveled to northern Minnesota last weekend to perform at the Nisswa-Stämman Scandinavian folk music festival.

This was Nordic Jam's third appearance at the event, and we stayed true to our inclusive nature by welcoming into our fold a fiddler from Chicago whose group didn't make the trip.

Pictured above are, from left: Glenn Lee, Mary Klockeman, Virginia Windschitl, Jon Bjork, Amy Boxrud, Ruth Sylte, Mark Heiman, Ruth Anne Rasmussen, Teresa Tillson, Doug Bratland, Paul Niemisto (that guy is EVERYWHERE!) and John Hanson. Click the image to view a gallery of photos from the festival.

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Fun with the Flyers! First Books & Stars of the summer

A great evening to kick off the Books & Stars season!

Books & StarsThe summer's first Books & Stars was held Wednesday on the south lawn of the Northfield Hospital. About 200 people showed up to enjoy musical fun with "The Flyers" and check out library materials from Booker, the book bus. 

The next Books & Stars will be held on Bridge Square Wednesday, June 21, at 7 p.m. and feature singer Justin Roberts. (You can find the full summer schedule in this story from May 4th.)

In case of inclement weather, the show moves to the Northfield High School Auditorium.

Editor's note: We've started a Books & Stars photo gallery and we'll be adding to it throughout the summer, so please send us your own photos!

Outdoor dining, outdoor musicians

IMG_2174w800.jpg IMG_2260w800.jpg IMG_2295w800.jpg IMG_2296w800.jpg
One of downtown Northfield's summer pleasures is the preponderance of local musicians performing for outdoor diners. Recent performers at The Cow (click photos to enlarge):

Left: Jellystone Yogi (Joel Cooper on bass, George Marich on drums, Peter Diggins on guitar)
Left Center: Medusa Cabaret (JoAnne Makela, Glenn Bourdot, David Means)
Right Center: The Hamlin/Pernecky Jazz Duo plus one (Peter Hamlin, Mark Pernecky, Steve Kelly)
Right: Mr. Vintage Band Music Festival Paul Niemisto with former Northfielder Peter Hamlin

Weekend Entertainment and Events

Click to view PDFAren't you glad time flies? The weekend is almost upon us again!

It will be another great weekend for music. Downtown is hopping on Third Thursday with the Community Band Concert at Bridge Square. Why not stay downtown for dinner at one of the fine establishments listed in the Northfield Entertainment Guide and hear Chris Herriges at the Tavern or the Hamlin/Pernecky Jazz Duo at the Contented Cow?

The rest of the weekend's details are inside...

Buy or browse at big sales this week

Junk junkies can feed their addictions and casual browsers can cruise the aisles at two mega sales this week -- and the proceeds go to good causes. Carleton College will clear out its campus trash and treasure in its annual year-end sale. St. Olaf will team up with the Boy Scouts in another sale. Take your pick, or pick them both.

Carleton: June 15-16, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; June 17, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.; West Gymnasium.

Cub Scouts: June 16, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; June 17, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.; Corner of West Third and Linden Streets. 

Photo from the first Crazy Daze, 1959

crazydaze1959.jpgJohn and Vicky Tripp asked me to scan this recently restored photo and post it here. Click to enlarge.

It's from Northfield's very first Crazy Daze in 1959, taken at Campbell's Service, where Malt-O-Meal's Water St. offices are located.

Left to right: Harold Koester (deceased), Roger Williams, Harold Starks (deceased), Jack Tripp.

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