Exhaust Pros spared?

Anyone know why the old Exhaust Pros building is still standing, even though all the neighboring buildings were leveled for the Riverfront Development project?

If so, attach a comment, please.

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According to Brian O'Connell (Community Dev Director), the only buildings that have been demolished are those that MNDOT needs removed for the Highway 3 project. Others will be handled as part of the Riverfront Redevelopment

Hi Ron, thanks for the note.

But according to this article in the Nfld News last June, Exhaust Pros was one of them that MNDOT had targeted:

Highway 3 businesses preparing for project

"Eight business owners along Highway 3 were notified in April that they must vacate their buildings by July 19.... Dave Parrott, an auto repairman who has owned and operated Exhaust Pros on the north end of Highway 3 for the past 11 years, has found a new location"

Hey Griff et al:

It's my understanding from discussions on the EDA that the magic line for demolition stops a few feet short of the threshold of the old Exhaust Pro building. That building did not go through the acquisition process and it still owned by the Kump property owners.

Tracy, so MNDOT told Exhaust Pros that they had to vacate but then changed its mind and never acquired the building from the landlord?

Very strange!

Does this mean Dan Bergeson's MNDOT source got it wrong... or Dan?

So now it's up to who to level the building? The City or Mendota Homes... the developer who's evidently closed on the property?

Who is responsible for potential environmental clean-up on the various properties - MNDOT? (said they will clean up anything they find as they dig!), Kump? (selling property as is?), City of Northfield (is site pollution part of public disclosure in the 'development packet' for the City properties? or is it to be a 'discovery' by the developer?). Is there an underground tank at the Exhaust Pros site? Are any of the properties contaminating the groundwater on the way to the Cannon River (thus threatening adjacent properties? It is known that the Camelot Cleaners at one time had VOCs which were a migrating 'plume'. Joel West said it was moving 'northeast'. Was there a drycleaners on the Riverfront Development site in the past - anyone remember? How many other underground tanks were there and has the soil been tested?

Concerning the Exhaust Pro's site - as it has been identified above, the building was not within the right-of-way purchased by the MnDOT,and little land was left in front to run the business. Exhaust Pro's was given a little more leeway on vacating the property by the state. With little space to operate and the streets leading to the business under constuction for the next two years lead to their decidion to relocate.

Tom Thumb is also a building that was not in the right-of-way purchased by MnDOT and is owned by the Northfield EDA. When the Riverfront project specifics becomes finalized, the remaining buidlings will be removed.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Scott and Dean. I've copied most of the above posts to the NFld ISSUES list for more discussion.

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