Veteran's Memorial in Riverside Park - coming soon

I just noticed this sign that the City has put up for the Veteran's Memorial which is to be constructed in Riverside Park later this year. The view is facing north on Hwy 3 across from the rodeo arena.


I took several close-ups of the plans/design on the sign and posted them in Veteran's Memorial photo album.

If anyone from City Hall has the PDF's for these designs, let me know and I'll post them here.

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Interesting that public funds are once again being spent for this private-non profit business scheme. I did notice, however, that the VFW and American Legion flags have been moved from the main stage out to a less prominent place out on the (still public) sidewalk. Take a look at the website for the American Legion to see what they as an organization advocate. But, you can for a mere $300 buy honor for yourself (doesn't someone else typically bestow honor on another)under their banner on what will be city-maintained property for perpetuity. Dean Kjerland, Veteran

Dean, can you post an example of a Legion web page that you find offensive?

For a listing and PDF copies of American Legion Resolutions go to, select Site Map, then Documents, then Resolutions, then Americanism. Read text of Legion Resolutions for Constitutional Amendments such as: Res 414 Restore penalties for desecration of the flag; Res 416 Defeat legislation allowing concientious objectors certain rights; Res 407 make English the official language; Res 413 prayer in the schools...

I went to the site that you gave and looked at the different resolutions. I think it is fine to disagree with the resolutions they have. There's laws here in our Country that people do not agree with, that too is fine.

I think it is a great idea to have a Veteran's Memorial. I would ask why the city hasn't done this on their own and sooner to honor all Veterans?

I commend the VFW and American Legion for getting this done and yes with the help of the city.
There's a lot of good things that both of these organizations do for the community and for veterans, more than people may know ( please take some time and look into the good they do ).

I think all of us should support Veterans whether they belong to one of the above organizations or not. Veterans are too often forgotten and left to fall through society's and the government's cracks. We must do all we can that this does not happen.
I appreciate your service, all of the Veterans service and those who are serving now.

Thank you!

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