Straw Poll - 89.3 The Current

St. Olaf's former radio station, WCAL 89.3 is now MPR's KCMP 89.2 "The Current" and has been on the air with its new format since Monday, Jan. 24.

We'd like to know what you think thus far... so take our KCMP poll.

I've created the poll with a new survey/polling application that we'll hopefully be able to use frequently here on for purposes both civic and whimsical.

We'll accept responses on this KCMP poll till mid-Feb or so and then post the results here.


So please, take the KCMP poll.

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Some comments that were submitted with the first few survey responses.


It sucks that the station is good; it is much easier to be pissed off at a company with crappy radio.

I'm glad that Northfield serves as a base for good music being broadcast worldwide. I'm a Northfield native living in Los Angeles, and I now listen to KCMP instead of KCRW when I need a music fix. It's great to hear music being made locally.

Not "eclectic" enough; too strongly weighted toward current alt-rock. I'd like to hear more twang (e.g. Lucinda Williams) and folk (Gillian Welch), with some jazz thrown in. KCAL should look at the KEXP (Seattle) playlists for an example of what "eclectic" truly means. Incidentally, the KEXP playlist is posted hourly on its website, which is a great idea that KCAL may consider. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

It's hard to gauge now how much of a transformative force 89.3 will be. I don't think I would be surprised to hear of a Twin Cities music renaissance tied in large part to 89.3

I'm still checking it out. While I do get tired of hearing the same songs over and over again on most commercial stations, The Current could go out on a limb every once in a while and throw in a song or two I have actually heard before. I did hear the first such song last night (1/26) - Heart of Glass by Blondie. Is it possible to be too hip / cool?

I haven't heard much variety yet. Lots of new age elevator music.

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