“Depot Diner...a museum” presents a Unique Collection of Blue and White Porcelain Scandinavian Christmas Plates during Winter Walk from 4pm-9m.

Dec 12 2013 4:00 pm
Dec 12 2013 9:00 pm

The Museum has acquired a collection of 60 plates by Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grundahl of Denmark, and Porsgrund from Norway with interesting documentation supporting its provenance.


The plates are meant to hang on a wall, provisions to install wire are on each plate. But the tradition started generations ago when wealthy families gave plates of Christmas treats to the servants. The servants set aside the plates, which were nicer than their everyday plates.


In 1895, Denmark's Grondahl perfected underglaze finishes, ranging from deep blue to bluish-white and the holiday plate was an ideal way to present the technology. Others acquired the technology and today the annual production is still sold worldwide to commemorate such significant events as a year of marriage or a child's birth.


Recently, many pieces are finding their way to the secondary market for the first time, making this an opportune time to collect. The Museum is exploring ways to transform this unique collection from 1958-1988 with its high quality and documented provenance into starter collections for sale in the Museum Store. There is also a fine collection of porcelain Scandinavian figurines.


Come by and see these beautiful traditional Scandinavian blue and white porcelain Christmas plates during Winter Walk from 4pm-9pm. “Depot Diner...a museum” is open Thursdays 4-7pm and Fridays and Saturdays 1-4 pm thru December. Uniquely Northfield, just across the downtown footbridge at 217 Water Street South or visit depotdinermuseum.wordpress.com

Antique Christmas Plate

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