There is a Y in everyone

Scott Sannes, principal of Sibley Elementary School and president of the boys’ Northfield Basketball Association, speaks to how the new YMCA building will offer increased opportunities for our youth. To find out more about how you can contribute to the YMCA building project, go to

The YMCA works to raise building funds to offer increased opportunities to youth in our community.

In light of the Northfield Area YMCA’s latest groundbreaking news – I believe families are getting pretty excited!

The community building located near Target on the south end of town and slated to be open fall of 2014 is an investment worth making for our youth.

As the YMCA takes shape, it represents to me increased opportunities for children.

Right now there are not many opportunities for youth to get into gyms. I grew up close to a Y and I remember as a kid playing basketball with my friends for hours. It was a great outlet for us — not only to hone our craft, but also to spend time making good choices, meeting new people and sharing our passion for basketball.

We are fortunate in Northfield to have the interest to provide this space for our youth. Northfield is a community that is hungry for this kind of programing. It provides so many family value opportunities — for parents to teach kids about exercise, work ethic, and how to get along with others.

I believe the Y is going to fill a pretty significant void in this community.

We have a community obligation to make sure we are providing healthy choices for kids. The associations in town are geared toward competitive teams and they are doing a terrific job.

The Y welcomes all skill levels to participate in general recreational programs like they are known for across the country. This is going to open the door to so many more children with a variety of interests and backgrounds. And those children will be making friends and being active along the way.

It is as simple as the whole family going to the Y and taking a break to workout together. The Y facility is something that has been missing from this community, and it will promote a healthy lifestyle and feed the mental health benefits that coincide with exercise and families working together. That is significant.

I encourage you to invest in our youth’s future and contribute to the YMCA’s building campaign.

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