Historic Northfield Buildings Depicted on Limited Edition Cards


Hayes Scriven, Northfield Historical Society Executive Director, announces the availability of archival quality cards which are printed by Keeny Swearer using etched zinc blocks, the oldest of which dates from 1876. Three landmark buildings are depicted:  the Scriver Building, First National Bank and the Armory. Cards come with information about the buildings and the Letterpress process.

The blocks were diiscovered in a local family's estate. The Scriver Building block appeared in the Rice County Journal the day after the 1876 bank raid. The First National Bank image is found in early 1900 bank released articles, while the Armory image first appears in the Northfield News in 1916.

Before the blocks could be used, they needed to be cleaned by hand, using a razor blade,  of dirt and oxidation. The cards were printed in the Artorg print shop.

Swearer, who recently graduated from Kalmazoo College in Michigan, learned the Letterpress process at the Artorg printshop in 2006. He is also a glassglower and has shown his work locally, in Kalamazoo and in New York City. Formerly located in Northfield, Artorg recently purchased a facility in Cannon Falls.

The cards are available at the Historical Society Museum Store. They cost $5.95 each, a pack of all three is $16.95 and there is a limited supply.

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