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Three new pizza places set to open, all serving same flat pizza

Disgusting Non-flat Pizza

Northfield has spoken and it wants more flat pizza!

Three new pizza restaurants are scheduled to open this weekend, Bill's II, Floody's, and Ye Olde Tyme Depot Pizzae/Visitor Informatione/Transite Hubbe, all of whom plan on serving the popular "Northfield-style" pizza.   When asked about their gastronomical decisions, the owner of Bill's II responded "Well, we did some local market research and discovered that Northfield is dominated by 'flat pizza' parlors, therefore we decided to enter our version of this pizza since that's obviously what Northfield wants."

Local resident Arlo Lipof was happy to sit down for an interview: "We were on vacation the other month out of state and when we ordered pizza it came in something called a 'pan'.  Well, we didn't know what to do with such a thing - so foreign, so unappetizing.  It was good to get home to some real food, something we can sink our teeth into." 

"But not too deeply", he added.

Floody's will be opening in the old Froggy Bottoms location.

New Malt-O-Meal cereal a knockoff of existing M-O-M cereal.

Frooty Hoopty Logo

Due to a communications slip-up, the new Malt-O-Meal cereal "Frooty Hooptys" has been revealed to be a knock-off of an existing M-O-M cereal "Tooty Fruitys", which is in itself a take on Kellogg's "Froot Loops".  The square-shaped marshmallow corn cereal is "our take on the classic family favorite 'Tooty Fruitys'", says M-O-M spokeswoman April Sloof.  "The addition of 'froot-flavored' marshmallows distinguishes Frooty Hooptys from it's Tooty Fruity predecessor.  It's a market-leader type of product", she added.

"We don't see this as a mistake, but rather breaking new ground in our product line, enabling us to really stretch our froot-flavored offerings."

She also announced the forthcoming launch of several new cereals: "Phroot LoopZ", a derivative of the popular new "Frooty Hooptys" cereal which is a knock-off of "Tooty Fruitys", which is a nod to the original "Froot Loops", and is aimed at the urban market.  Phroot LoopZ features a mixture of froot-flavored puffed rice star-shaped cereal with a 'rainbow' of marshmallow options. 

Also coming soon: The Toots Loops, a bold look at the newly popular "Phroot LoopZ", which is a take on the new "Frooty Hooptys", which is a nod to "Tooty Fruitys", based off the ideas put forth in "Froot Loops", and is aimed at the emerging 'Adult Cereal Market'.  "This is a cereal which breaks new ground in the 'aduilt-oriented' market, featuring froot-flavored chunks of pure iron and marshmallows of puffed folic acid."

Northfield: The Video


Watch local Northfielders, including pastor -- and noontime basketball star -- Will Healy (in photo), talk about why Northfield is so great in the new Get to Know Northfield! video series produced by Blue Moon Productions of St. Paul. The series includes nine “webisodes” featuring stories about Northfield's people, places, and qualities.

Funded by a number of local organizations and businesses, the videos are intended to introduce Northfield to people in their 30s and 40s. Northfielders are encouraged to promote the videos via social media.

"When I first moved here it was summer," Katie Helgen, a doctor at Northfield Medical Center, says in one segment. "So everybody was outside all the time in their yards, kids were in town on their bikes, and I really felt like I had moved to Mayberry."

Railroad Exhibit at Northfield Historical Society Opens on Thursday

DEPOT Allen Water Color.jpg

The Northfield Historical Society, in cooperation with Save the Northfield Depot, will unveil their joint exhibit “The History of Northfield’s Railways” on Thursday, March 24, at 6:30 p.m.   Jim Machacek, long time Northfield railroad buff, will talk about trains in Northfield at 7:00.  The public is urged to attend.

The exhibit includes historic photos and objects depicting important railroad developments from 1865 to the present. The one remaining 1888 depot on the west side of the river is a reminder of the history of the railroads which contributed to the thriving agricultural businesses in historic Northfield.  Members of Save the Depot Northfield are working to move the building and restore it to former condition and use as a hub for transportation and visitors.

New Business Training Series Being Offered Locally: "Building Up To A Business Plan"

Community Entrepreneurship Project

Every year over ten million people think about starting a business, and over six hundred thousand actually do. Ever thought of starting your own business, but not sure what it takes or how to go about it?

As a follow-up to its introductory series in February, the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, the Northfield Enterprise Center, WINGS, the Northfield Chamber of Commerce, and St. Olaf's Center For Experiential Learning  have teamed up to provide an in-depth series of classes for would be entrepreneurs and business owners called "Building Up To A Business Plan.

Research shows that people who go through the process of creating a business plan before they launch their new venture, have a three to four times GREATER probability of sustaining a succesful business.  A business plan is a low-cost tool that will help ensure you that your business concept is feasible, viable and desirable.

‘Next Level’ campaign passes $250K mark


The Northfield Historical Society’s ongoing “Take Northfield History to the Next Level” campaign has surpassed $250,000 in pledges, including $60,000 recently pledged by the City of Northfield. The campaign, currently in its eighth month, is raising money to upgrade the historic Scriver Building by adding an elevator and public restrooms.

Last Days at the Ole Cafe


The news that the Ole Café is closing at the end of the week prompted a group of loyal breakfasters to gather one more time to celebrate the years of pleasant times at that venerable institution and to thank the staff for their friendly service. Claire Erickson prepared a card for the Breakfast Club to sign and give to Bridget who had served us coffee and a smile every Thursday morning.

Other customers joined the group to serenade the staff with the Ole Store Ode, composed to the tune of “O Christmas Tree”:

O, Ole Store whom we adore, We are so sad you’re leaving!

And when they shut that big front door, Your loyal fans start grieving!

The white frame landmark bravely stands - Waiting for new and helpful hands

To bring back here the Ole Roll - Which all in Northfield doth extol.

Free Entrepreneur Classes In February


Every year over ten million people think about starting a business, and over six hundred thousand actually do. Ever thought of starting your own business, but not sure what it takes or how to go about it?

The Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, the Northfield Enterprise Center, WINGS, the Northfield Chamber of Commerce, and St. Olaf's Center For Experiential Learning  have teamed up to provide a series of classes for would be entrepreneurs and business owners.

Hear first hand from local business owners and business coaches about the rewards and challenges to being a small business owner. Discover what local resources are available to help and support you.

YMCA Volunteer of the Year Award Winner Announced: Doug Antoine

DSCN3527a web.jpg

The Northfield YMCA is very pleased to announce the YMCA 2010 Volunteer of the Year Award to Doug Antoine.  Doug and his family moved to Northfield the summer of 2007.  He has always been active in youth programs, volunteering his time and talent to programs ranging from youth sports to youth band.  When we first arrived in Northfield, he began volunteering as a coach for the Northfield Baseball Association and soon found himself in all sorts of programs coaching from basketball to volleyball and much more.  It is a pleasure to award the YMCA Volunteer Award to someone who demonstrates the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.  Doug is a true role model. 

Pictured:  L-to-R:  Virginia Kaczmarek, Y Executive Director, Doug Antoine, Pat Murtha, Y Board Member & Emily Monaghan, Y Board Member.

YMCA: New Board Members Announced

2011 Northfield YMCA new board members

The Northfield Area Family YMCA is proud to announce the addition of three new board members.  As the Y continues to move forward with quality programs and services and the building of a a full facility YMCA, we are proud to add the talents of Paul Beaumaster, Rice County Attorney, Linda Thornton, Carleton Controller and Amy Gohdes-Luhman, Moravian Church pastor.

Pictured:  L-to-R: Mari Aylin, Y Board Chair, Paul Beaumaster, Linda Thornton, Amy Gohdes-Luhman, Virginia Kaczmarek, Y Executive Director

For more information about the YMCA in Northfield, visit our website at or call 507-645-0088.  At the Y, we support youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Northfield Historical Society Project is Launched



If you’ve noticed the banner on the east wall of the Scriver Building, or construction activity on the west side, you’re seeing evidence of the Northfield Historical Society’s  project to make the building a more accessible facility. This national landmark, the city’s first stone building, has served NHS well since the Society purchased it 35 years ago. In 1975, access to the collection, archives and offices in the basement was through a trap door. This was replaced in the meantime by safer, but quite insubstantial stairway. However, the new elevator will make all three levels accessible to all, museum visitors and staff as well as Scriver Building tenants.


Northfield Retirement Community, Northfield Real Estate and 1000 Cannon Valley Drive Enter into Partnership


Northfield Retirement Community (NRC) and the Northfield Real Estate Fund LP – a fund created by locally owned Rebound Enterprises – announced that they are partnering to acquire and manage properties from several of the owners of 1000 Cannon Valley Drive. Owners who sell their units will have the opportunity to continue living at 1000 Cannon Valley Drive if they choose. The properties will be purchased by the Northfield Real Estate Fund and then rented to anyone who meets the rental requirements, with Northfield Retirement Community acting as the leasing agent and potential care provider.

Epic honors clients, employees, North Dakota business

North Dakota-based Earth-Kind received this year's Business Partnership Award from Epic Enterprise.

The Dundas-based nonprofit Epic Enterprise recently hosted its annual celebration banquet at the Northfield Ballroom. More than 200 people attended the event, including Epic clients and their families, staff, board members and area business leaders. The gathering celebrated the work of clients, and the efforts of area businesses that work with Epic to help people with disabilities participate actively in the community.

WordPress for Noobs begins January 10. Get it through Your Thick Skull


In late October, I hosted (with a little help from my friends, Tracy Davis and Sean Hayford O’Leary,) two WordPress Q&A webinars for Northfield area WordPress users. A few days later, I attended my first Minneapolis-St. Paul WordPress User Group meeting. And two weekends ago, I presented two sessions at WordCamp MSP in Richfield.

All of which served to convince me that A) the popularity of WordPress continues to grow; and B) the demand for help in using it continues to grow.

KYMN's Light Up Northfield, Christmas lights contest is back


KYMN is hosting an old tradition.  Read below and go to their site to submit your entry. ENTER HERE

"After years on hiatus, we are re-launching “Light up Northfield”, a residential, exterior Christmas light contest. We will be judging Christmas-light & decorations within the Northfield city limits or a maximum of  5 miles from the city borders.  We will be announcing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners on December 17th, 2010. Winners will receive a prize package full of great tickets and passes to regional events. Winning names will be announced and photos of their homes will be displayed on this website.

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