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Facebook Live For Your Business

Mon, 06/27/2016 - 4:42pm

You’ve probably heard about it, or at least  you have seen a notification pop up–Facebook Live is kicking butt.

What is Facebook Live?

Here’s the story from Facebook themselves, circa January 2016: In December, we started testing the ability for people to share live video on Facebook, and it has been inspiring to see all the ways that people have used Live to connect with their friends and family. Today, we’re excited to expand the ability to share live video to everyone in the U.S. via iPhone, and we plan to start rolling this out to the rest of the world over the coming weeks.

Facebook Live is now available for iPhone and most Androids.

Why should I go live on Facebook? Metrics

Simply put, the metrics can be through the roof. As Amy Porterfield and Kim Garst describe in this podcast, your business needs to get on Facebook Live, even if you are camera shy.

Why use #Facebook Live? One word: Metrics. Via @brandyourself_mn
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Create a brand that is personable, and connect with your ideal customer. Facebook Live is raw, authentic, and sometimes a bit goofy. When have your followers ever seen this side of your brand?

Use Facebook Live to better tell your brand’s story. Via @brandyourself_mn
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Easy content

We all know video performs well on social media, but it’s intimidating to post when you have no professional equipment. Facebook Live is here to save you. Users expect a smart phone-quality video when you go live on Facebook, which means you don’t need any equipment or editing tools.

Where do I start? Tips from Kim Garst

In this post, Kim Garst outlines in great detail how to get your first Facebook Live broadcast started. Once you get yourself set up, you may want to check out her follow-up post on creating a successful broadcast. Our favorite tip is engaging with your viewers, rather than pretending you are lecturing from a podium.

Tips from Mari Smith

Mari Smith also divulges her Facebook Live best practices in this post. Our favorite tip from her post is to edit the broadcast once it’s ended. She also sets a minimum of five minutes for each broadcast, a nice benchmark for beginners.

Tips from Social Media Examiner

In this post, a trusted social media marketer offers a comprehensive start-up guide and list of best practices. We love the tip to repurpose your live video on other platforms.

Tips from Facebook

You can’t go live on Facebook without learning what they have to say about a successful broadcast! While this post is full of great tips, our favorite part is the long list of sample videos. Our favorite is Tony Hawk showing off his moves on the half pipe.

Facebook Live tips straight from #Facebook. Via @brandyourself_mn
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My creative juices aren’t flowing.

No worries, we’ve all been there. Hopefully this list will offer inspiration.


Ask your head brewer to give a live tour of the taproom and brewhouse, explaining technical aspects along the way.

Go live at a sampling event or tasting class to show off the goods. It’s good for people to hear someone else talking about how great your beer is, and it shows authenticity that you let people critique the product on live video.

Festivals are fun! So, please, go live at them. Whether it’s a tour of the grounds, or tasting notes from the festival goers, folks will want to see what they’re missing out on.

Host a live Q&A with a well-known face at your brewery. This might be a long-time beertender or your head brewer. Come up with a few off-the-wall questions ahead of time to prevent the video from getting too formal or stuffy.

Facebook Live inspiration for your brewery. Via @brandyourself_mn
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Beer Distributor

Show off your warehouse, as well as the team hard at work. Walls of beer are built to impress.

Head out to a summer event on the patio. Ample sunshine, live music, and people enjoying a cold beer make for great subjects.

Give the sales team some attention by sharing their impressive displays. Extend the length of the video by showing people where they can find products in the store, and making suggestions for purchases. Just be careful to not showcase your competitors!

Facebook Live inspiration for your beer distributor. Via @brandyourself_mn
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Anybody & Everybody

Sharing your business’ unique brand on Facebook is a simple, affordable marketing strategy. Whether you are an accountant celebrating the end of tax season, or a retailer hanging holiday decorations, your business has a story to tell. Start sharing it.

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Brand Yourself Featured In New Business Minnesota

Fri, 06/24/2016 - 2:17pm

In case you hadn’t heard, Brand Yourself’s Founder & CEO, Tami Enfield, was recently featured in a local publication, New Business Minnesota.

New Business Minnesota is a unique publication designed to help providers of essential business services reach small business owners who are starting new ventures in the Twin Cities. Each year they reach approximately 21,000 new and small business owners – more than 190,000 since 2007!

In the magazine, Brand Yourself offered tips and tricks to building your brand using social media. If you want to learn more, read the full story here or contact us today.



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Inspiration To Help Your Beer Distributor Market Your Brewery

Mon, 06/13/2016 - 1:00pm

Here at Brand Yourself, we talk a lot about making it easy for your beer distributor to market on behalf of your brewery. A large part of this process is creating and sharing quality content for their blogs and social media. But, what does that look like? We’re sharing a few specific strategies examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Create a campaign.

You don’t want to inundate your distributors with every piece of content you create. Instead, opt for a short-term campaign built to promote a specific product or message. A specific message can keep your brewery top-of-mind for the social media team. Collect plenty of content and information about the message to share with their social media team. Let them know when the campaign should be pushed, and be sure give them plenty of time to schedule these posts ahead of time.

Tag them.

While every beer distributor has the ability to follow along with your brewery on social media, chances are they’ll miss a post or two. If you or your local sales representative posts on social media, tag the distributor so it’s easy for them to re-share the content. For example, when a brewery rep is enjoying their beer by the lake, encourage them to snap a photo and tag their distributors on Twitter. This makes a retweet a simple click away.

What kind of content?

You could create content until it comes out your ears. The real trick is to decide what kind of content resonates with your consumers, and to determine how to use your resources to create that content. Here are a few ideas for marketing a new beer:

Images of the beer being brewed

Glamour shots of the beer

Video of the brewer describing the beer

Blog posts introducing the brew – Inspiration, details about the brewing process, where it will be available, tasting notes, information about the label art

Infographics detailing the ingredients

Food pairing recommendations

Food/drink recipes with the brew

Graphic with an image of the beer and a brief description introducing it (like a sell sheet that can be made public)

Snapchat geo-filter over the taproom with custom beer art

Hashtag for the beer

Fan photos. Take this to the next level by creating a contest and encouraging a theme related to the beer or the brand (eg. if the beer is called Skyscraper, require fan photos to feature a skyscraper)

What does this look like? Here’s a look at work we’ve done.

Submissions from our #ForageFor Instagram contest for Forager Brewery. We asked followers to tell us what they forage for, which is the root of Forager’s brand.

Glamour shots of the hops they grow, and the beer they brew.

An image created for College City Beverage, using recipes sent to us by a brand representative for RESQWATER, one of the beverages they distribute.

Want to see work like this in your campaign? Contact us!

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Katelyn’s First Anniversary!

Thu, 06/02/2016 - 3:27pm

For someone whose adult career is one year old, a work anniversary is kind of a big deal.

My journey with Brand Yourself started a while back, when I worked as an intern at a coworking site. When Tami worked out of the space, I completed projects for her and tried to avoid eye contact because she intimidated me. Eventually, Tami took me out to lunch, and it’s been clear skies ever since. Turns out she’s a pretty nice lady!

Though I’ve worked for Brand Yourself in a project-based and part-time capacity for longer, a year of full time employment is quite different. Employee status has provided me unique opportunities to know Brand Yourself far more intimately than writing content for our clients.

In the past year, I’ve worked on business and product development, pricing, training, creative strategy, product development, and so much more. Each opportunity to learn more about the company and help shape its future is a privilege rarely afforded to employees of my experience level. It’s not very often that a 22-year-old has helped define a company’s mission, written job descriptions, and discussed business strategy with the CEO. While understanding the complexity of a business is challenging, it also gives perspective to my work and motivates me. I know this year of myriad experiences has developed me professionally, and I like to think I have impacted Brand Yourself and our clients in return.

The unique nature of my position in a small company constantly also requires me to tackle all sorts of projects and gain new skills. Graphic design? Sure. Launch a website? Why not. In digital marketing, new strategies and methods constantly crop up, which means I’ve learned to be flexible, curious, and eager to try new things. It also means I’ve spent a lot of time on the Google machine.

In addition to diverse types of projects, I have also been fortunate to work with a range clients this year. Spanning from beverage distribution to eco-friendly retail products, Brand Yourself boasts a truly unique portfolio. While my work is oftentimes similar across clients, I consistently learn about new industries and meet the kind, intelligent people who work there. I would never have predicted it, but I can tell you more about comfort height toilets and avian influenza than I care to admit.

The first year of my career has seen it all: mistakes and accomplishments, inspiration and exasperation, creative exploration and weeks of putting my nose to the grindstone. I’ve gone to (too) happy hours, babysat my boss’ cute kids, and tried to convince people that I’m more capable than the 14-year-old I look like. We might not have an office space, but I’m pretty good at finding the best place to sit in a coffee shop for 5 hours without being questioned.

The best part so far has been getting out of my job what I put into it. Working for a company that values flexibility and doing what you love means I get to make sales that I want to work on, spend more time where I find inspiration, and ask for input where I’m struggling. My goal for year two is to put more work into the parts of the business that will allow both Tami and me to do what we love.

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