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“A Questing Mind Never Retires”
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Slide show F14

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 8:22pm
Here is a slideshow on our recent Fall Term, 2014

  • Steve Kelly gave another wonderful class -- this one on The Great American Songbook.
  • Andrea Een and Dick Crouter led us in a final group singalong.
  • Craig Forsgren gave us his parting display of Karaoke.
  • Ed Lufkin gave a class on the History of Medicine, Recent Major Advances
  • Rich Noer described Quantum Reality---
  • ---to an attentive audience.
  • Daniel Van Tassel, a teacher new to us, taught a class on Humor.
  • Here are some of his students.
  • Jane Becker Nelson and Laurel Bradley offered a course from their two art museums, the Weitz and the Flaten.
  • This photo was from the Flaten Museum, St. Olaf.
  • David Quarberg, second from L, offered a course on The Psalms.
  • Eric Nelson gave another popular cinema course on Documentaries.
  • Bob Bonner shared his knowledge of the Battle of Little Big Horn
  • Men are always interested in battles.
  • John Rondestvedt gave a short course on Louis H. Sullivan, the architect.
  • It was at the Senior Center.
  • Barbara Evans discussed two Erin Hart Irish Murder Mysteries.
  • Erin Hart discusses one of her books at a class.
  • This was a breakout session of that class.
  • Bill Carlson taught The United States Economic Story.
  • Here are some of his students.
  • Richard Bodman taught on Fantasy Literature.
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You can pause the slideshow by mousing over an image,  and can download images by right clicking on them.    Ed

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In Memoriam: Shirlee Madow

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 7:29pm
In Memoriam: Shirlee Madow

We note with sorrow the passing on December 1 of a special CVEC member, Shirlee Madow, of Faribault. Shirlee was recognized at the annual membership meeting last May as the student who took the most courses (52) over the past 10 years—and now digging farther back to our 1997 beginning, we find a grand total of 73, far surpassing anyone else’s. Clearly the Elder Collegium was an important part of the last fifteen years of her life. She also served on the Board as our “Faribault representative” between 2008 and 2011. We will miss her presence.


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