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“A Questing Mind Never Retires”
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Our Fall Term, 2014, is Underway!

Tue, 10/14/2014 - 3:20pm

That’s right,  our fall term began on Sept. 9 with 11 courses and another robust registration.    You might enjoy this snapshot of just one of these courses,  “Seeing Energy as a Kaleidoscope of Alternatives,  taught by Richard Schulte.   As with many of our courses,  it included time away from our traditional classrooms,  and we carpooled to Faribault on Oct. 14 and had an excellent tour of the Faribault Energy Park.

The Faribault Energy Park is located west of the city,  and is described as a dual cycle, gas-fired electricity generating station.   This means that  clean-burning natural gas is used to  drive a turbine similar to one in a jet airliner.    That turbine drives the first generator.   The excess heat from the first turbine is captured and converted to steam,  which drives a second turbine and a second generator.    The combined electrical power can peak at 265 megawatts,  enough to power 265,000 homes in our region.   This plant is considered a model of green engineering,  and emits 97% less noxious materials than a coal-fired plant.

Aerial view of the attractive Faribault Energy Park

We were hosted by the plant manager, Bob Birchfield, who got his start in the energy field on a nuclear submarine.

View of the control room

View of the steam turbine

You can have your own personal tour of the Faribault Energy Park by seeing a You Tube clip.    Copy and paste this  into your browser:

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