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What’s Blooming: Arb Edition

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 11:00am

Things are — not surprisingly — slow to come up and bloom this year. My neighbor’s crocus is in bloom and the crocus bulbs I planted last fall have foliage but no blooms yet. My Siberian squill is also blooming, but that’s about it.

I visited the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum yesterday to attend a super-informative program on pollinators, the threats they face and what gardeners can do to help. (More on that later this week at Notes from Northern Gardener.) Before the conference, I checked out some of the grounds to see what was blooming. A few daffodils where blooming near the entrance drive to the arboretum and the foliage was up for tulips, more daffodils, peonies and lots of other early summer bulbs and plants. Blooms? Not so much. I did find this beautiful grove of forsythia in full bloom, one small stand of Iris reticulata and lots of the pretty blue squill. There was also a wild turkey, strutting around the garden.

Is anything blooming in your northern garden yet?

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Signs of Spring

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 10:31pm

Siberian squill ready to bloom

Sunday’s gorgeous weather had me outside at last, flinging caution to the wind and raking a few spots in the lawn, cleaning out some of the beds I can reach from the sidewalk and looking for signs of life.

The Siberian squill, which have long been one of the plants I measure spring by, are just one day away from blooming and the miniature cabbage heads of sedum can be spotted under the leaf-mulch. I’ve been looking for them, but there’s no sign yet of the Iris reticulata that is usually the first plant blooming in my yard. Perhaps it is a victim of the long winter. It may still appear yet. Last year, it was April 22 when I first spotted them. They’ve bloomed as early as March 25 in the past.

With the forecast calling for decent temperatures and occasional rain this week, we could see a burst of bloom by next weekend. Here’s hoping!


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