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Life in and around Northfield, Minnesota.
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Tired From Just Knowing Her

Sat, 09/13/2014 - 7:36pm

I just don’t know how Vivi does it. She was up past midnight at a sleepover, then awake at seven. After a mammoth post-lunch meltdown, we went for a three-hour hike slash creek stomp at a cool little park south of town. I have been basically catatonic since dinner, but she somehow had the energy to do this in her pajamas:

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Fabulous Poetry by Genevieve

Wed, 09/10/2014 - 7:26pm

Tree branches swaying slightly
Leaves whispering to one another
Cornfield already asleep
Clouds have painted the sky a deep blue
Grass admiring the masterpiece
Nature made
Everything ignoring the headlights
From cars slicing through the
Kind evening
Everything ushering everything else
To fall asleep

It passes quickly
But you experience every minute of it
Opposite of space
In space you feel slow
There is no movement
That you can feel
But true
The longest thing possible
Absorb it

But it is there
You see it
Wispy but clear
It is there
It guides you
It will lead you
To those bright dots
It already led you this far
Keep going
It says

Flames high
Light flashes in your eyes
Owls laughing
Bats circling above
Clear your mind
It is nothing
But it still leaps in front of
Your eyes to wake you
But you smile
Because it is still nothing

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