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2nd day at the Northfield Safety Camp- just add water!

Tue, 08/19/2014 - 8:17pm
Pool Noodle Soccer
Folks from Northfield Orthodontics informed everyone on the need
for mouth guards and taking care of your teeth.
The Orange Team
The Yellow Team
The Goldenrod Team
The Red Team
Color wars with Silly String!

The team that found the biggest silly string ball wins!
ATV Safety

In the ambulance after first aid training/
Checking out books with David's help on Booker.
EMS Manager Tex was the celebrity reader today.
Tex got the group in line and ready for an obstacle course.

Acting our a DARE resistance skill.

So many choices- what should I check out!?
Swimming, jumping off the board, trying out life jackets and some
of the rescue tools Officer Matt
showed them.
Sopping wet sponge relay- over- under!
Showing the group water  and boating safety tips.
Catching-or tying to catch wet balls in towels.
DARE Officer Derrick asked them good questions!
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First day of the Northfield Safety Day Camp!

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 6:34pm
WOW!   The support we have received has been amazing!  So much thanks goes to the Rice County Sheriff's Departments the ERU and the K9 unit!  The Northfield Fire Department!  Northfield Library's Booker the Book Bus! The CountrysideVeterinary! Chip & Trip Demann and their horse Champ!  Sheriff Dunn was the celebrity reader! Northfield police officer Angela Borchet talked about bullying and on-line safety. Northfield EMS staff! Melissa and Mitchell from Northfield School district's community services division worked to make it run smoothly and volunteers from the YMCA helped with check in/out.
  And this was just the first day!
Basic horse safety with Chip and Tripp DeMann
Sitting in back of the Sheriff's car!Checking out the front seat of the
Sheriff's car.

Checking out Rice County's Sheriff's
Department vehicles.
Scout the sheriff's department's
K9's badge.Animal safety with Cannon Valley Vets
Trevor and the dog Scout.

Sheriff Dunn was the celebrity reader!
Reading books checked out from Booker.
Mr Krause from the Northfield Fire Department.
Checking out movies and books from
Northfield Public Library's bookmobile
Rice county ERU showing the kids the heavy
bullet proof shield.Trying out their special vest- only about 40 lbs!
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The September calendar!

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 4:32pm
Click to enlarge.

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Scenes from the last day of the summer reading program!

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 3:22pm

We moved the whole thing outside to enjoy the weather and make
cotton candy with out setting off the fire alarms!Kids getting their reading rewards.They are now professional cotton candy makers!

Taking down the reader of the week chain- Charlotte is in there somewhere!
Helping with the "bride's train" on the way to the recycling bin!
Taken just before we took it down to see where the treasure stickers were!
Happy Merri is one of the treasure bag winners!
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Some of the fun from the last days of the summer reading program.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 4:18pm
Making rainbow paper at the Fizz Boom Read Exploratorium!Checking out Books from Booker at Books & Stars
Books & Stars at Way Park with Xibaba!
Listeners all over the park!
Making pockets for Corduroy at Pre-school story time.
Last pizza reward day of the summer.BIG thanks to Dominos for all the PIZZAS they donated to the
summer reading program readers!Pizza and cake eaters!
The Friends and Foundation of the Library surprised us with a
yummy cake!  

Such a nice sign from the FFOL- it went with the cake!

Just a couple of guys who REALLY like Star Wars books.
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