College Prowler reviews reviewed

Carletonian - 2 hours 1 min ago

When choosing a college, what factors do seniors think are the most important? They’ve gotten through eleven semesters of high school, written countless essays “selling themselves” in less than five hundred words to multiple colleges, and received both rejections and acceptances.

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Bigfoot in the Arb

Carletonian - 2 hours 3 min ago

A diligent reader of the weekly Arb Notes, Cassandra was intrigued by the recent reports of opossum and fox tracks. Recently, however, there had been rumors of a creature far more sinister, and Cassandra was determined to get to the truth. Armed with a ruler, an expert tracker’s best tool, Cassandra plunged into the depths of the Arboretum.

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The snow paths less travelled

Carletonian - 2 hours 5 min ago
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College blues

Carletonian - 2 hours 8 min ago

For my whole life I’ve heard the phrase that “college will be the best four years of your life.” For my whole life I’ve heard the phrase that “college will be the best four years of your life.”

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Stephen Walt and Esslinger ’16 talk Kissinger, Putin, and kinetic energy

Carletonian - 2 hours 13 min ago

To kick off a new collaboration with KRLX News, The Carletonian Viewpoint is reprinting an interview conducted with Prof. Stephen Walt, a visiting speaker, in the fall of 2014 by KRLX News Director Max Esslinger ‘16.

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Women’s track: “Tremendous efforts and results”

Carletonian - 2 hours 15 min ago

Ellie Wilson (Sr./Roseville, Minn./Roseville) took command of the 400-meter dash from the start and posted the winning time with a season-best 58.82 at the University of Minnesota’s Parents Day Open.

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Women’s swimming glides to fourth at MIAC

Carletonian - 2 hours 19 min ago

The Carleton College women’s swimming and diving team concluded the MIAC Championships fourth in the team standings, moving up one spot in the rankings from the previous year.

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Lady swatters unvanquished

Carletonian - 2 hours 20 min ago

Claire Spencer (Jr./Newport News, Va./Menchville) did her part to help the Carleton College women’s tennis team remain undefeated this season as the Knights blanked the College of Saint Benedict, 9-0.

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Tsutsui matches point total in season’s last game

Carletonian - 2 hours 22 min ago

Senior Skylar (Northridge, Calif./Harvard- Westlake) poured in a career-high tying 29 points to cap her collegiate career as the Carleton College women’s basketball team (8-17, 6-12 MIAC) concluded its sea- son with an 84-77 defeat at Bethel University (20-5, 14-4 MIAC).

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Men’s swimming snags third at MIACs

Carletonian - 2 hours 27 min ago

Saturday saw the Carleton College men’s swimming and diving team move up one spot in the team competition, finishing fourth overall.

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Grow finishes season on a high note

Carletonian - 2 hours 30 min ago

Saturday’s season finale loss at Bethel University closed one chapter for the Carleton College men’s basketball team and gave a further glimpse into the program’s future.

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ESL resources often second choice for students

Carletonian - 2 hours 34 min ago

A group of volunteers under the leadership of Bailey Ulbricht ’15 tutors Syrian refugees to help them practice their English, and a number of Carleton students teach in weekly Adult ESL classes. But how are ESL students at Carleton receiving help?

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Lefkowitz ’85 recalls tunnels and camaraderie

Carletonian - 2 hours 41 min ago

Have you ever met a Carleton professor who graduated from Carleton? With 19 former Carls now teaching at Carleton, you likely have. Between visiting lecturers and tenured professors, Carleton attracts a fair number of its own back to campus.

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A Novel Education: Leisure reading in a ten week term

Carletonian - 2 hours 46 min ago

It’s no shock that Carls live an unmatchably busy life filled with hustle and bustle. Students are constantly moving from class to study spot and back again. With hundreds of pages of class reading per week, essays, lab reports, and presentations, Carls barely find time to eat and sleep.

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Script Sinks ETB’s Orange Flower Water

Carletonian - 2 hours 49 min ago

Orange Flower Water opened last night in Little Nourse Theatre to a nearly full house, unusual for a Thursday night Experimental Theatre Board show.

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Chapel Hill shooting: three “fellow Americans” killed

Manitou Messenger - 6 hours 3 min ago

In the U.S., it is no longer strange for people to hear news of Americans being gunned down, individually or in groups, on account of hundreds of different motives. The debates and disagreements ravage the value of the Constitution’s Second Amendment, a “Holy Bible” that allows individual Americans to keep and bear arms for the purpose of “security of a ‘free’ State.” It has been an ongoing spark in America that divides community and ultimately brings us to a standstill on the issue, while more and more people are dying at the shot of a bullet.

But on Feb. 10, that bullet crossed discussions and debates on an entirely different path. On that day, three Muslim students – Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha – were found dead from multiple gunshot wounds at their home in Chapel Hill, N.C. Deah, 23, was a University of North Carolina dental student; his wife Yusor Mohammad, 21, was preparing to start at the dentistry school in the fall. Her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, was a sophomore at nearby North Carolina State University, where the couple were both alumni.

Police quickly identified a single suspect: the victim’s neighbor, 46-year-old Craig Stephen Hicks. Hicks, who was training to become a paralegal at Durham Technical Community College at the time of the shooting, was known as an exemplary student. But outside of the college, he had a notorious reputation with fellow neighbors. Many reported that he would argue about the designated parking space in the condominium area, at times while holding a gun. According to the Chapel Hill Police Department, the preliminary investigation indicated that the crime was motivated by an ongoing dispute over parking spaces. Hicks’ wife, who mentioned Hicks’ atheism and his support of same-sex marriage, abortion rights and racial equality, also supports this statement.

And yet disagreements still emerge from the Barakat-Abu Salha family, the Muslim community and other civil rights groups. Over 150 of these groups have gone on to sign a letter sent to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking for a federal hate crime investigation, claiming there is enough circumstantial evidence to warrant one. Leaders of various Muslim communities have also warned against rising Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiments in the U.S., and criticize the U.S. media for biased views that claim the crime was not based in religious hatred.

The majority of critics have failed to take the religious criticism issues into account. However, based on preliminary evidence, it is a speculation worthy of debate. Why has American media failed to allocate more extensive and in-depth coverage to the shootings in comparison to the outrage and intensive reports of the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris last month? In our own St. Olaf community, there has also been very little, if any, mention of or discussion surrounding the Chapel Hill incidents and how the American majority perceives this incident.

Ever since the 9/11 attacks, the death of Osama bin Laden and the ISIS insurgency in Iraq, Syria and Turkey, the Muslim community in the United States has experienced discrimination and hatred by “fellow Americans” who exercise patriotic, religious and sometimes psychopathic actions against those of the Muslim faith. Even though attitudes toward the Muslim community have improved somewhat when compared to post-9/11 Islamophobia, there are still invisible prejudices in many communities that bar Americans from understanding the Muslim perspective.

It is time, however, for these walls to be torn down in America. As a place continually championed as the bastion of the free world and free speech, the incident at Chapel Hill provids no indication that America is that sort of place at all. Apart from preventing this kind of racialized violence, we must be able to discuss our country’s Islamophobia. Many Americans have worked to encourage more freedom in countries beyond their borders. Yet, if all the people who lived within the “land of the free” themselves cannot enjoy this freedom, what are those talks and acts of freedom if not mere hypocrisies?

Sam Pattinasarane ’18 ( is from Jakarta, Indonesia. He majors in political science and Asian studies.

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‘Speaking of Sex’ raises difficult questions: SGA uses theater to revisit sexual assault conversation

Manitou Messenger - 7 hours 18 min ago

Last Thursday evening found the Pause packed full with students – some there for class requirements, others seeking the double Wellness Center swipe, and everyone curious as to what they were about to witness at SGA’s discussion of sexual assault on campus, “Speaking of Sex.”

A man dressed in jeans took the microphone, introduced himself as “Michael,” and asked: “What is sex?”

Dead silence.

After coaxing out a few hesitant answers, Michael followed up, “Can it be difficult to talk about sex? And I don’t mean, like with your bros or whatever, I mean to have a real conversation about sex. Can that be difficult?”

Clearly, it was.

Two characters took the stage. Nick, the epitome of a drunk frat boy, and Jessica, a hammered and eager first year. The audience watched as the two talked with each other, Nick becoming more and more insistent on taking Jessica upstairs. 

Before the characters left, Michael stopped them and asked them to take a seat. He then turned to the audience, inviting any and all questions for the two.

The back and forth questioning between the audience and the characters quickly went from funny to heated. Nick was answering for Jessica, Jessica could barely stay conscious, and both characters dodged the idea that Nick’s intention was to sleep with Jessica. It was clear that the audience wasn’t finding anything funny anymore as they threw accusations and insults at Nick, forcing him to answer tough questions.

This type of back and forth discussion was precisely the purpose of this event. Speaking of Sex allowed the audience to watch, analyze and question a variety of different situations where sexual assault often occurs. The audience was forced to wrestle with what are often considered gray areas.

The event was sponsored by a number of campus organizations, including SGA, the Wellness Center, SARN and Residence Life.

The group invited to perform the show was GTC Dramatic Dialogues. Founded in 1995, the organization was looking for an innovative way to talk about serious issues. Their performances are referred to as “intervention theater.” The group travels around the country, performing different interactive shows centered around drug use, diversity and sexual assault. GTC’s performance was a continuation of the on-campus discussion about sexual assault, heavily driven by St. Olaf’s It’s On Us campaign.

“In conversations with the Wellness Center, it was brought to all of our attentions that interactive theater is one of the absolute best ways to talk about these difficult issues,” said Nick Stumo-Langer, student body Vice-President. “By immersing students in the situations of sexual assault, GTC Dramatic Dialogues was able to help students identify when and where sexual communication broke down between the two actors in a way less socially-charged than the real deal.”

The Sexual Assault Resource Network, SARN, was also very involved in planning the event. Maren Magill, one of the co-chairs of SARN, was very pleased with how it played out.

“Last night’s performance was a very thought-provoking event,” said Magill. “It’s encouraging that several hundred students from all different kinds of social and athletic groups attended the event; this wide variety of student participation highlights that many Oles care deeply about sexual assault prevention and supporting survivors.”

Jo Beld, a professor of Political Science and St. Olaf’s Title IX coordinator, was also in attendance last Thursday.

“It was just really a valuable opportunity for people to think hard about the complexities of the situations that are often the backstory behind sexual misconduct. I thought that they were realistic portrayals of complicated situations, and I was really impressed with how knowledgeable students were in their responses to the situation and their analysis,” said Beld.

Beld also discussed shifting the conversation away from victim-blaming and towards intolerance of assault. “I think it takes time to shift, or even have a balanced focus,” said Beld. “Since [the scenes] did involve only two people, I think it would have been really interesting and helpful if there had been other people around, so you could’ve also seen the third dimension of the social environment and the social expectations of your friendship circle, and how we can help each other to make good decisions.”

Speaking of Sex was a big hit, and just a part of SGA and St. Olaf’s mission to prevent sexual assault.

“SGA has been very involved this year with raising awareness and bringing attention to the problem of sexual assault on our campus,” said Stumo-Langer. “This event was one in a larger series of events throughout the year to let people know that sexual assault and rape are a problem on our campus, give them the tools to have a productive dialogue on how best to address these problems, as well as help provide an environment for survivors to feel comfortable sharing their experiences.”

On March 1 at 7 p.m. in BC 143, the first meeting of the It’s On Us Task Force will take place. During the fall semester, the campaign was run by the Wellness Senate Subcommittee, but this semester will be a little different.

“By creating a task force, we hope to have students across all areas of campus join our movement so we can keep the campaign alive in future years,” said SGA President Rachel Palermo.

For any victims looking to speak to a confidential resource, the SARN office, Boe House, the College Pastors, Health Services, the Hope Center and the Northfield Hospital are all open to students. To report a sexual assault, the Dean’s Office, the Wellness Center, Public Safety/Student EMTs, Residence Life staff and the Northfield Police are some of the non-confidential resources available to students.


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NFL puts the ‘profit’ in nonprofit

Manitou Messenger - 7 hours 22 min ago

Aren’t 501(c)(3)s wonderful? (Please keep reading; I promise this article is going to be more exciting than a discussion of taxes). Even if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are probably familiar with this kind of organization. They are either charities or private foundations considered nonprofit and therefore exempt from paying federal income taxes. A perfect example is the school associated with this newspaper, St. Olaf College. UNICEF is a good example as well. Then there’s everyone’s favorite charity and private foundation: the National Football League!

Wait, what?

That was not a mistake. The NFL, responsible for our Sunday night football fixes, does not have to pay any federal income taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. This is not due to a loophole in the law. Actually, it’s completely legal. 501(c)(3)s include any organization that “Fosters National or International Amateur Sports Competition.” But is that right?

As shocking as it is to hear that the NFL is the same as St. Olaf in the eyes of the IRS, it is even more surprising to find out how much money the NFL keeps because of its 501(c)(3) status.

A Feb. 13 article in the Huffington Post  by Maxwell Strachan says it all: “Roger Goodell Makes $35 Million Running The Nonprofit NFL.” That number refers to his profit intake in 2013, not his total sum made as NFL commissioner. It’s a ridiculously high sum, even when compared with other bosses and businesses. For example, Lloyd Blankfein made $23 million in the same year. Who is that, you ask? Oh, just the CEO of a small venture known as Goldman Sachs.

The commissioner of the NFL takes more money home than the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Does anybody else find this a little strange?

The designation of the NFL as an “Amateur Sports Competition” in 501(c)(3) status made sense before the league began raking in $10 billion a year. As Head of the House Oversight Committee Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) highlighted in Strachan’s article, “Was that a nonprofit event going on, or was that a for-profit venture? It’s a for-profit venture. You tell people that the NFL is a nonprofit entity and they just start laughing and giggling. But it’s not fair. If there’s another side to that, then let the commissioner come in and make that case,” Chaffetz said.

It’s true. A person would be hard-pressed to defend the NFL’s inclusion as a nonprofit and the millions of dollars it keeps based on a technicality. Does Roger Goodell really need the money he gets from this tax designation? Does the League? The money the NFL makes (rather, doesn’t have to give away) as a nonprofit could be used in many other arenas by the government, such as schools and infrastructure. The business that is the NFL (and yes, the NFL is a business) is cheating the system whether it means to do so or not.

However, this is not to demonize the NFL. While it would probably not give up its 501(c)(3) status without a fight, it would have to if the government took action. It may not be an easily rectified situation, but it is one worth looking into. For now, feel free to pay into the institution of the National Football League and worship at the church of the Super Bowl. Please, educate yourself on how much the league is fleecing from the United States, and hopefully recognize that this is not right.

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Ideas, Strategies, Techniques And Techniques About Steer Era

Ole Store Restaurant - 8 hours 44 min ago

Are you presently wanting to know how to create a subscriber base to your business? Or have you got having difficulties enterprise? Possibly scenario, you will want to understand how to draw in customers to your small business via guide generation. Keep reading for excellent suggestions how you can get greater at making organization prospects.
Constantly consider client acquiring cycles. Folks generally see a deal and after that study it prior to making a acquiring decision. In case the offers and content material you supply meet the needs of this routine, it really is feasible that you can influence those to buy from you!
When seeking internet advertising, use getting internet pages to your great advantage. A landing page targeted to suit the advertising driving a vehicle the website traffic, shows much better effects than getting pushed to the business website. Drive them on the position which includes the information and facts they may be looking for. Combine this having an effective make contact with method, as well as your prospects will commence going in.
Providing bonuses, including promotions and sales, tends to make men and women give consideration. For example, supplying something young people need anyway usually steers them toward your pitch. Supply them an additional benefit to be faithful to your company and watch your sales opportunities expand.
When searching for sales opportunities, make use of customer feedback and case research. Shoppers are more likely to give their information and may almost certainly purchase items once you provide accommodating data. Prove the way your item works through correct reports and ensure to indicate testimonials from clients who happen to be satisfied.
You have to make oneself known as honest so that genuine sales opportunities benefit you. Don't pump motor increase your buzz excessive. It is better to work with offer information with your proposes to present your buyers the particular value. Keep as truthful as you possibly can to build your credibility.
You need a sizeable customer base in order to manage a effective company. Getting to and engaging individuals buyers can be challenging. So you know some procedures for lead generation that will turn into paying out consumers. It is one thing everybody can do, and your knowledge of the above ideas really can help.
automaty do gry

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Behind Micaela LaRose, Knights Secure Season-Opening Split

Carleton Sports - Sat, 02/28/2015 - 11:58pm

To say that Micaela LaRose had a spectacular first day of the 2015 softball season would be an understatement. Despite the Carleton College squad settling for a split—7-6 loss to UW-River Falls and a 7-4 triumph over UW-Stevens Point—the senior went a combined 7-for-7 at the plate, collected nine of the team’s 12 RBI on the day, and pitched a complete game victory in the win over the Pointers.

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