Class of 2019 members introduce themselves

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

Get to know the tonian's new staff!

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From Rome to London, A preview of this term’s ETB

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

An unfamiliar concept to most, experimental theatre ventures to create a unique perspective through unconventional methods of acting, staging, movement, etc. Experimental theatre is generally minimalist in nature, often with a simple set and costume design. Carleton's ETB will put on four shows this term.

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A Knight’s Tale: Part 1

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

For my first column, I’d like to answer a question some of my fellow freshmen and I asked during New Student Week: “Why are we called the Carleton Knights?”

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Sentimental cost of education

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

I think that we should move towards a day and age where the kind of education we have here isn’t as confined to traditional colleges and universities, nor as expensive.

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Profs worth price tag

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

There is one thing that I truly believe is worth Carleton’s ridiculous price tag. It’s not the people in general, as tour guides always exclaim to prospective students. It’s the professors.

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Attempting to measure the “value” of a liberal arts education

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

We all know that the price of college is rising; but it college really worth the cost? Here, I’m going to focus on recent data that attempts to look at the economic value of a college degree, with reference to what we know about what Carleton alumni earn.

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Athlete reps taught bystander intervention

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

The GSC is implementing a bystander intervention program called Green Dot, which is intended to reduce power-based personal violence (including stalking, domestic violence, sexual assault, etc.) through intervention and prevention. During New Student Week, Carleton Athletes participated in the first Green Dot training.

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Student leaders organize new NSW talk at last moment

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

An outside theater group, GTC Dramatic Dialogue, put on a performance called “Strange Like Me,” meant to spark discussion about diversity. Attending peer leaders, however, found it inappropriately aggressive given its heavy use of slurs and lack of trigger warnings. This prompted the peer leaders to brainstorm a new diversity program.

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GSC makes His/Her/Their impact on NSW

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

During NSW this year, the Gender and Sexuality Center unveiled for the first time the use of gender pronoun buttons to more easily convey a person’s preferred gender pronouns.

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Writer Zach Brokaw Remembered

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

Maya Angelou said that “people will never forget how you made them feel.” Zach, we will miss you.

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There’s a new dean in town

Carletonian - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 12:00pm

Feel free to connect with Dean Livingston. Welcome her to the Carleton community; she is ready to care for and listen to you, and, if you’re lucky, she might take a selfie with you.

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Professor critiques new genre

Manitou Messenger - Fri, 09/25/2015 - 9:53am
Associate Professor of Sociology Ibtesam Al-Atiyat is currently working on a research paper analyzing "native informant" writings. A native informant is a person of a particular race, culture, ethnici
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A Car-Less Day in a Big City

Imagine a car-free day in a big city. That is what Paris is planning for September 27, 2015. Read the article to learn a little bit more about the event.

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Knights Battle, But Come Up Short Against Royals

Carleton Sports - Wed, 09/23/2015 - 9:18pm

Faith Skinner and Lucy Stevens drove the Knights with 11 and 10 kills respectively, but the Carleton College volleyball team let several late leads slip away as Bethel claimed a home conference victory (25-21, 25-23, 25-18) Wednesday evening in Arden Hills.

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Wartburg Holds On to Hand Knights a 3-1 Setback

Carleton Sports - Wed, 09/23/2015 - 8:43pm

It was too little, too late for the Carleton College men’s soccer team on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. Despite a barrage of shots and several near misses, the Knights were unable to overcome surrendering a trio of first-half goals and absorbed a 3-1 setback against visiting Wartburg College.

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Panel discussion will examine the role of government in Minnesota

St. Olaf College - Wed, 09/23/2015 - 4:07pm

State Sen. John Marty ’78 is one of three St. Olaf alumni who will participate in a panel discussion on the role of government in Minnesota.

St. Olaf College will host a panel discussion this Friday, September 25, titled The Role of Government in a Free, Fair, and Prosperous Minnesota.

The panel will feature three St. Olaf alumni who have played a key role in shaping policy at the state capitol: Sen. John Marty ’78 (D-Roseville), former House Speaker Steve Sviggum ’73 (R-Kenyon), and former Assistant Majority Leader Ember Reichgott Junge ’74 (D-New Hope).

Star Tribune political columnist Lori Sturdevant, who has covered state politics and government for more than 30 years, will serve as moderator.

The discussion, which will be streamed and archived online, is free and open to the public. It will begin at 3:30 p.m. in Viking Theater.

The panel is co-sponsored by St. Olaf College’s Institute for Freedom and Community, which aims to foster intellectual inquiry and meaningful discussion of important political and social issues, and the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.

Marty — who will be honored this weekend with an Alumni Achievement Award from St. Olaf — and Sviggum and Reichgott Junge, who are past alumni award recipients, will discuss the role of government, markets, and society in the creation of a free, fair, and prosperous Minnesota.

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A farm in Japan helps students understand global relationships

St. Olaf College - Wed, 09/23/2015 - 12:22pm

St. Olaf students Juliann Skarda ’17 (left) and Alexander Lao ’16 with some of the livestock they worked with as part of the Asian Rural Institute program.

For three St. Olaf College students, spending a summer working on a farm in Japan wasn’t simply about learning integrated organic farming techniques — it was also about developing leadership and community-building skills alongside a group of people from around the world.

As participants in the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) internship program, students Emily Bristol ’17, Alexander Lao ’16, and Juliann Skarda ’17 worked with people from 15 countries on a farm in Nasushiobara, Japan.

Founded in 1973, ARI invites and trains local grassroots leaders to more effectively serve in their communities as they work for the poor, the hungry, and the marginalized. Each year, the institute accepts some 30 leaders from around the world to take part in their Rural Leaders Training Program, which focuses on developing their leadership skills through integrative organic farming.

The internship gave the students hands-on experience in the day-to-day work of sustainable farming — from crop growing to livestock production — and an up-close look at the reality of living in a globalized community.

“Prior to my experience at ARI, I knew interesting tidbits of information about a lot of countries, but at ARI I learned meaningful things from the people who call that country home,” Lao says. “Now when I look at the map of the world, I do not just see shapes and words in the form of random countries. I see places in the world where I have friends.”

St. Olaf student Juliann Skarda ’17 (second from right) works with other participants in the Asian Rural Institute program.

Living within the globalized community at ARI also opened the students’ eyes to the many struggles that each participant faces in the place they call home.

“Because I met these individuals, I have a larger awareness of political, religious, and environmental problems around the world,” says Bristol, who is majoring in biology at St. Olaf. “Living in the United States, it has been easy for me to ignore global issues. However, ARI brought these issues to the forefront of my mind, and it taught me about how rural leaders are alleviating poverty and bringing social justice to their communities.”

The internship also helped the students better understand the importance of establishing relationships with everyone, regardless of differences in cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

“People are complex, and sometimes we cannot fully understand the perspectives of others,” says Skarda, who is majoring in biology with a concentration in environmental science. “But we all live together on this planet, so we have to do our best to love and understand one another. It will never be perfect, but we must put forth our best effort so that we may live together.”

All three students earned academic credit for the internship, which was supported by the St. Olaf Piper Center for Vocation and Career and the Kloeck-Jenson Endowment for Peace and Justice and supervised by St. Olaf Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Political Science Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak.

As part of the college’s commitment to supporting students as they navigate potential career paths, the Piper Center offers numerous resources to help students secure internships that will enrich their studies and help them hone their professional skills. In the past year, 165 students earned academic credit for their internships. In addition to providing students with the ability to register their internships for academic credit, the Piper Center offers students funding for unpaid or underpaid internships.

The Asian Rural Institute internship gave St. Olaf students hands-on experience in the day-to-day work of sustainable farming — from crop growing to livestock production — and an up-close look at the reality of living in a globalized community.

St. Olaf has worked with ARI for more than 25 years, and in 1991 the college awarded ARI founder Toshihiro Takami an honorary degree. St. Olaf students also participate in ARI as part of the Environmental Sustainability in Japan Interim class, which is supported by funding from the Henry L. Luce Foundation.

Lao, a biology major at St. Olaf, is planning to use the interpersonal skills and experience he gained at ARI as he pursues a career in the field of genetic counseling. Skarda, who is passionate about organic agriculture, is planning to pursue work with a nonprofit organization or NGO, particularly at the grassroots level. Bristol, based on her experience at ARI, is also interested in doing community development work with an NGO.

And each notes that their experience this summer gave them a new appreciation for the agricultural world.

“Our soil at ARI allows us to grow crops. These crops feed us. Leftover food and damaged crops are fed to livestock. Livestock feed us and also provide us with the materials to enrich the soil and grow more crops. If we take care of the soil and our livestock, they nurture us and this cycle can continue,” says Skarda.

Lao says he has a new appreciation for the role farming plays in putting food on the table.

“I always knew in theory that farming was difficult work, but the truth is that I did not respect it as much as other professions like medicine or law since I’ve never experienced the work it takes to prepare food for over 50 people before,” says Lao. “The next time my order at the restaurant is taking a long time, though, I will be a bit more patient because I know how much work can go into putting a piece of chicken on a plate.”

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Hart Hornor Selected as MIAC Athlete-of-the-Week

Carleton Sports - Tue, 09/22/2015 - 3:25pm

On Saturday, Hart Hornor finished third overall and led the Carleton College men's cross country team to a fifth-place result in the team competition at the St. Olaf Invitational. On Tuesday, Hornor picked up his second MIAC Cross Country Athlete-of-the-Week award for the 2015 season.

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Rookies Push Knights To Record Win at D3 Classic

Carleton Sports - Sun, 09/20/2015 - 10:42pm

Ayumi Sakamoto, Ziyi Wang lead Knights to repeat at D3 Classic as Knights get first win of season.

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Knights Wrap Up Play at SJU Fall Invitational

Carleton Sports - Sun, 09/20/2015 - 7:35pm

The Carleton College men's golf team finished in 19th place at the Saint John’s Fall Invitational.

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