Currier Resigns as Executive Director of NDDC

Long-time Northfield Downtown Development Corp. Executive Director Ross Currier has resigned.  Currier has accepted the position of Community Development Program Officer at the Minnesota Housing Partnership.

Currier has served as the NDDC’s Executive Director since July of 2003.  During that period the organization strengthened its commitment to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Program and its comprehensive approach to community vibrancy and economic vitality.

Major accomplishments of the organization during Currier’s tenure include: the establishment of a long-term relationship with the University of Minnesota Extension Service for the purpose of utilizing their market research expertise and their annual Retail Trade Analysis; collaborating with Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges to increase the economic leverage that downtown businesses have with students, families, and alumni, and to take advantage of the wealth of creativity and intellectual energy that students exhibit when analyzing social, economic, and environmental issues affecting the Northfield community; the annual publication and distribution of a print directory of downtown businesses and points of interest; the Historic Municipal Signs on I-35 directing visitors to Northfield for almost a decade;  participating in many City of Northfield task forces for the purpose of improving and expanding  the many public amenities in downtown Northfield; using social media to market downtown Northfield to both residents and visitors; and fostering regular communication between a wide range of downtown stakeholders.

Past President of the NDDC Board of Directors Greg Kneser said of Ross, “His most lasting contribution may be his daily work in being the touchstone for “all things downtown.”  In word and deed, Ross reminded all that “Great downtowns don’t just happen” and his constant presence on the street, in businesses, at events, and in work sessions were the necessary actions that carried out the ideal.”

Currier particularly enjoyed working with a diverse mix of individuals and organizations on a wide range of issues important to the downtown district and the wider Northfield community.  He noted, “The broader your definition and inclusion of stakeholders, the greater the depth of unique ideas and potential solutions”.

The NDDC board will hire an Interim Executive Director to complete implementation of the organization’s 2014 Work Plan and coordinate planning for 2015.  The search will begin immediately.  Currier has offered his on-going support to the NDDC.

The Northfield Downtown Development Corporation is a non-partisan 501©3 non-profit dedicated to a vibrant and vital downtown.  For more information, contact: Greg Kneser, on behalf of the NDDC Board.



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Bridge Chamber Music Festival

Northfield Arts Town - Wed, 08/20/2014 - 4:09pm

The 2014 Bridge Chamber Music Festival begins tonight (Wednesday, August 20) with the first of six concerts being offered in the week-long series. The Artaria String Quartet will perform at St. Olaf College (Urness Recital Hall) in Northfield at 7:30 pm, presenting Mozart’s Quintet for Clarinet and Strings and a world premiere quartet piece by Minnesota composer Reinaldo Moya. The Bridge Chamber Players perform the Septet by Saint-Saens, joined by Christopher Atzinger, piano, and Martin Hodel, trumpet. Tickets are available at the door for just $5.

Festival Performances continue through Tuesday, August 26.

Thursday, August 21, 7:30 PM
Young Artist Recital (Studio A, Skifter Hall, St. Olaf College)
Featuring: Talented young musicians from southern Minnesota perform a variety of solo and chamber works. Free concert.

Friday, August 22, 7:30 PM
Jazz Concert I (Northfield Middle School Auditorium)
Featuring: Seven Steps to Havana perform a fast paced and engaging program of Latin-inspired jazz.

Sunday, August 24, 7:30 PM
Festival Concert II (Urness Recital Hall, St. Olaf College)
Featuring: WindWorks and pianist Andrew Hisey perform Ludwig Thuille’s Sextet for Piano and Winds, and SPCO violinist Kyu-Young Kim, MN Orchestra cellist Pitnarry Shin and pianist Esther Wang perform a new work by Minnesota composer Doug Opel and Schubert’s last chamber work, the majestic Trio in E-flat Op. 100.

Monday, August 25, 7:30 PM
Festival Concert III (Carleton Concert Hall)
Featuring:Pianists Nicola Melville and Jill Dawe perform Shostakovich’s Concerto for Two Pianos, and the Bridge Chamber Players and special guests perform Rossini’s String Sonata in C, and Tchaikovsky’s epic “Souvenir of Florence.”

Tuesday, August 26th, 7:30 PM
Jazz Concert II (The Grand Event Center)
Featuring: The Dave Hagedorn Trio performs an eclectic and upbeat program of jazz standards and contemporary compositions.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts & cultural heritage fund. For more information, visit

- written by Amy Acheson for the Bridge Chamber Music Festival

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Rotary Cogwheel | 08.21.2014

Northfield Rotary Club - Wed, 08/20/2014 - 4:04pm

Today:Kathy Jasnoch, Prairie’s Edge Humane Society (Kaczmarek)

Birthdays: Craig Ellingboe 8/22

Next Week: – Chuck Huntley, Angel Flight Central (Nemo)

Last Week:

Todd Thompson spends half his time these days in Guatemala, using music education as a bridge between cultures. Five years ago, he traveled there on a church mission trip. Now he has a regular presence in school classrooms and local churches.

Guatemala’s educational system is woefully short of resources, and there is not much music in the curriculum. Guatemala has many needs, Todd said, but his passion is music and he wants to share it with young people. He sees it as nourishment for the body, mind and spirit.

His latest project is the publication of a Spanish hymnal with accessible arrangements. He said most of the musicians he has met in Guatemala play by ear and find many of our standard hymns too complex for guitar, the instrument most commonly used. His hymns have a slower melodic progression and rhythms familiar to Guatemalans.

To raise money for his music education projects, Todd has made two CDs of music in Spanish He is now seeking funding to allow him to continue his music education exchange for periods of up to three months. Todd is also collecting songs in the Mayan dialects. There are 22 of them. Todd said Guatemala has one of the largest indigenous populations in the world. Of the 17 million folks there, 80 percent are considered indigenous, Todd said.



John Sinning is in transition. (Editor’s Note: Aren’t we all?)

John worked most recently as a controller for Field Solutions, a company that provides field technicians to the electronics industry. He is now taking a step back and looking for a way to work in his home community.

John and his wife, Susan, moved to Northfield in 2001. They raised their two kids on a 40 acre hobby farm. Their daughter is now on her own after graduating from Wittenberg and their son is a junior at Bradley University in Illinois. Susan runs a boutique in the Archer House in downtown Northfield. 

Welcome Lydia:

Lydia Solheim, the first of four inbound students, arrived last week and joined us for lunch. She is from the Faroe Islands. Wendy and Andrei Sivanich are her host parents. Brad Frago and Michelle Lasswell are her club counselors. Welcome Lydia. We are delighted to have you with us.

Still to come are: Philipy from Brazil, Marcelo from Peru and Giulia from Italy.

Last Week’s Guests:  Wendy, Katie, Maggie Sivanich (Lasswell), Sharon Flaten (Flaten), Tracy Fossum (Fossum), and Joe Wakely (Sinning).

Scholarship Enhancement: Jon Snodgrass. Invest it wisely, Jon.

First Job:

Adam Elling, our newest member, cut his employment teeth on Dairy Queen products. He worked at a Cottage Grove franchise for seven years. He characterized himself as a mistake-prone employee. The mistakes went home with him for later consumption.


Rotary has received five proposals for a flagship local service project. Presentations will be made to a committee on Tuesday, Sept. 9. The board will make a decision Thursday, Sept. 11.

Jean Wakely is recruiting club members for the Defeat of Jesse James Days Bike Tour. We need all hands on deck. It is our largest annual fundraising event. If she has not yet contacted you, please see her before you leave today.

If you have ideas for upcoming weekly programs please let Candy Taylor or Alan Anderson know.  We have many openings for future programs.

Rotary Minute:

President Rich said by the end of the year, polio should be eradicated across the globe, except for Pakistan. A complete eradication requires $5.5 billion. We still must raise $557 million. Each year our club contributes $3,000. Other funds are contributed through our Every Rotarian Every Year campaign. If you want to make a contribution, go to the Rotary International website.

Coming Up:

Sept. 4 – Bike Tour Planning
Sept. 11 – Dr. Annette Parker, President of South Central College (C. Richardson)
Sept. 18 – Jesse Streitz and His Cross Country Bike Tour (Williams)
Sept. 25 – Matt Hillmann Transformational Technology in Northfield Schools (Lawlor)

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2nd day at the Northfield Safety Camp- just add water!

Northfield Public Library - Kids Info - Tue, 08/19/2014 - 8:17pm
Pool Noodle Soccer
Folks from Minnesota Orthodontics informed everyone on the need
for mouth guards and other ways of taking care of your teeth.
The Orange Team
The Yellow/Green Team
The Goldenrod Team
The Red Team
Color wars with Silly String!

The team that found the biggest silly string ball wins!
ATV Safety

In the ambulance after first aid training/
Checking out books with David's help on Booker.
EMS Manager Tex was the celebrity reader today.
Tex got the group in line and ready for an obstacle course.

Acting out a DARE resistance skill.
Checking out the boat.So many choices- what should I check out!?

Swimming, jumping off the board, trying out life jackets and some
of the rescue tools Officer Matt showed them.
Sopping wet sponge relay- over- under run around, over-under, repeat!!
Showing the group water  and boating safety tips.
Catching-or tying to catch wet balls in towels.
DARE Officer Derrick asked them good questions!
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New Fiction Titles

Northfield Reader's Corner - Tue, 08/19/2014 - 3:53pm
New fiction titles are continually selected and arrive on our library shelves.  I will be reviewing several new books that you might want to read.

What is Visible by Kimberly Elkins, published in 2014.
The book is based on the real life story of Laura Bridgman, who lived in the 1800's.  She contracted scarlet fever at age 2, and was no longer able to see, hear, smell or taste.  When she was seven, she was taken to the Perkins Institute in Boston, to determine what a child with her disibilities could learn.  Dr. Howe taught her to write with her fingers, on the palm of a hand, and she learned to read, and write on a board.  She becomes very attached to Dr. Howe, and he favors her and lets her stay in his house, until he marries a woman named Julia.  He and Julia go to India for a year, and come back with a child.  Laura is no longer as special.
A woman, Sarah White,  is hired to be her companion, and teach her.  Laura becomes very attached to Sarah, and when Sarah is being courted by Mr. Boyd, Laura thinks he is courting her.  She is devasted when Sarah leaves, and marries Mr. Boyd.  The Boyds live on one of the Hawaiian Islands for several years, and she is very subdued when she returns.  It turns out that her husband had syphillis.  She becomes ill later in life, and ends up in an asylum.  It is never clear if she got syphillis, or this was from the depression she had dealt with all her life.  When Sarah leaves, a young Irish woman named Kate is hired to help Cook, and also to spend time with Laura. Kate becomes pregnant by an unnamed man, and has to leave. 
 Julia is portrayed as a very bright, intelligent woman who needed more intellectual stimulation than she was getting in her marriage.  She travels abroad for a while, and Dr. Howe is threatened when she has a friendship with a poet. Dr. Howe spends less and less time with Laura as she becomes an adult.  He is frustrated that she has her own ideas about philosophy, religion, slavery and abolitionists.  This parallels his relationship with his wife.  He is against her writing and publishing her own poetry, and establishing her own identity.  Laura lives a long life, but was restricted in so many ways, in addition to her physical disabilities.  A very interesting, true story about a handicapped woman who preceeded Helen Keller. 
The Arsonist by Sue Miller, published in 2014 Sue Miller writes another very good book.  Frankie Rowley returns home to New Hampshire after working for 15 years in Africa.  She feels she doesn’t belong anywhere.  She stays in the summer home of her parents, who have just moved permanently to their summer home in a small village in Pomeroy.  Frankie remembers summers growing up here, when, she was a summer resident.  Now she is living here during the year.  Her sister Liz and family are building a family home nearby.  When Frankie arrives she sees that her parents, both retired professors, are living a very different life.  Her father, Alfie, seems to have Alzheimer’s and her mother is his caretaker.  Her father has times of lucidity and times of strong confusion.   Frankie moves into her sister’s house, which is half built, while the family is away.  The book focuses on a number of arsons, that first occur  before the summer residents arrive in June.  Then the fires begin while residents are in the town or in their house.   Meanwhile, Frankie is falling in love with Bud, the owner of the newspaper who has left Washington D.C. to buy the local newspaper, and write the news, and live in a small town.  Frankie doesn’t know if she wants to go to N.Y. to work, or stay.   She is torn between her love for Bud and her need to travel and work abroad.  The book has several themes going on -- Alzheimer’s, and the devastation to a very intelligent man and his family;  Fear in the community when arson begins, and how relationships change as people  become suspicious of each other;  Frankie's difficulty determining what she wants in life,what feels meaningful to her, and where she feels she needs to be;  These feelings mixed in with the feeling of not belonging anywere, and leftover feelings from childhood about parents.    This is also a love story, focusing on the difficulty of making a commitment and understanding each other’s needs.  

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First day of the Northfield Safety Day Camp!

Northfield Public Library - Kids Info - Mon, 08/18/2014 - 6:34pm
WOW!   The support we have received has been amazing!  So much thanks goes to the Rice County Sheriff's Departments the ERU and the K9 unit!  The Northfield Fire Department!  Northfield Library's Booker the Book Bus! The CountrysideVeterinary! Chip & Trip Demann and their horse Champ!  Sheriff Dunn was the celebrity reader! Northfield police officer Angela Borchet talked about bullying and on-line safety. Northfield EMS staff! Melissa and Mitchell from Northfield School district's community services division worked to make it run smoothly and volunteers from the YMCA helped with check in/out.
  And this was just the first day!
Basic horse safety with Chip and Tripp DeMann
Sitting in back of the Sheriff's car!Checking out the front seat of the
Sheriff's car.

Checking out Rice County's Sheriff's
Department vehicles.
Scout the sheriff's department's
K9's badge.Animal safety with Cannon Valley Vets
Trevor and the dog Scout.

Sheriff Dunn was the celebrity reader!
Reading books checked out from Booker.
Mr Krause from the Northfield Fire Department.
Checking out movies and books from
Northfield Public Library's bookmobile
Rice county ERU showing the kids the heavy
bullet proof shield.Trying out their special vest- only about 40 lbs!
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Northfield community benefits from HCI’s latest “Investing in Youth” grants

Northfield Healthy Community Initiative - Sun, 08/17/2014 - 4:50pm

At their recent board meetings, the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) Board approved grants to support several projects and activities designed to benefit Northfield youth.

Funded projects included:

8th Grade Farewell Fest
All Northfield Middle School 8th graders were invited to the 1st annual 8th Grade Fun Night held in late May.  There was music, carnival games, mini-golf, karaoke, fun with inflatables, and refreshments.  Fun Night was a time of celebration for the 8th graders as they completed their middle school education.

Let’s Plant!
First through 5th grade students from St. Dominic’s School traveled to the Three Links community for a planting project with the Three Links residents.  Students and residents planted vegetables in an outdoor garden.  The students were invited to come back throughout the summer to help tend the garden and visit with residents.

Greenvale 5th Grade Girls’ Ultimate Frisbee Graduation Celebration!
Working towards a Girl Scouts Bronze Award, three students planned an event for all of the graduating fifth grade girls at Greenvale Park Elementary School. This event was held on a Saturday at the end of the school year. Each participant received a frisbee. Some members of the Carleton women’s Ultimate Frisbee team came to the event and mentored and coached the girls on frisbee techniques.

Community Youth Fairs
Northfield Public Schools, Community Services Division hosts the annual Community Youth Fairs each August, just before the start of school.  Each year, approximately 450 elementary and middle school-aged students and their families attend these fairs.  Local organizations are invited to set up booths free of charge.  Each participating organization will then have access to these students and their families to inform them about the extracurricular opportunities available, as well as to share information about scholarships that might be available to the families.

Life of an Athlete Summer Training
Life of an Athlete (LOA) student leaders from Northfield High School attended a summer retreat in Bemidji, MN.  Students planned activities and initiatives for the upcoming school year.  Students also participated in a challenge course where they focused on character development and commitment to personal and team goals through team-building challenges.

Farm Work Days
The Key, in partnership with other organizations, has established a youth empowerment and education program that focuses on civic engagement, community organizing skills, business planning and development around green industries, and local sustainable agriculture. Participants meet each Thursday at a farm site to learn about sustainable agriculture and to help work the field, with all proceeds from the youth farm site going back into the youth program for other educational events.

Northfield Skate Park Benefit Concert
The youth of the Northfield Skateboard Coalition organized a concert to raise funds for the construction of the Northfield Skate Park.


HCI offers Investing in Youth grants to projects and activities that:

  • provide the opportunity for young people to develop positive intergenerational relationships with caring adults and/or
  • connect Northfield youth with their communities (ex. neighborhood, school, wider Northfield)

Applications are reviewed monthly and are due by the 8th of the month. Visit for more information and to access the easy-to-complete application.

Funding for the HCI Investing in Youth grants program comes from the Northfield Hospital & Clinics and the Northfield Area United Way.


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Annual Bridge Chamber Music Festival in Northfield, MN

It’s the annual Bridge Chamber Music Festival.  For almost two decades, this low-profile concert series has been presenting distinct talent ranging from young artists to internationally known chamber musicians.  In recent years, the Festival has also been presenting regionally and nationally recognized jazz musicians.  This year’s concerts once again bring a number of great artists to Music City, Minnesota:

Festival  Concert  I Wednesday,  August  20 7:30  PM  Urness  Recital  Hall The  ARTARIA  STRING  QUARTET  with  Scott  Anderson,  clarinet THE  BRIDGE  CHAMBER  PLAYERS  with  Christopher  Atzinger,  piano  and  Martin  Hodel,  trumpet Young  Artist  Recital Thursday,  August  21 7:30  PM,  Studio  A,  Skifter  Hall Jazz  Concert  I Friday,  August  22 7:30  PM  Northfield  Middle  School  Auditorium SEVEN  STEPS  TO  HAVANA Festival  Concert  II Sunday,  August  24 7:30  PM  Urness  Recital  Hall WINDWORKS  with  pianist  Andrew  Hisey KYU-YOUNG  KIM,  violin,  PITNARRY  SHIN,  cello,  ESTHER  WANG,  piano Festival  Concert  III Monday  August  25 7:30  PM  Carleton  College  Concert  Hall THE  BRIDGE  CHAMBER  PLAYERS NICOLA  MELVILLE  and  JILL  DAWE,  piano STEPHANIE  ARADO,  violin,  JOHANNA  TORBENSON,  viola  and  TOM  ROSENBERG,  cello  with  THE  BRIDGE  CHAMBER  PLAYERS Jazz  Concert  II Tuesday  August  26 7:30  PM  The  Grand  Event  Center  (316  Washington  St,  Northfield) THE  DAVE  HAGEDORN  TRIO The Festival is supported by an Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council.  For more information, visit the Bridge Chamber Festival website.
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Outlaw Run Rumbles Out of Downtown Northfield, MN

Yup, Northfield is increasingly, nationally known for its quirky events, diverse recreation, historic downtown, and surrounding scenery.  It’s all part of the annual Outlaw Run.  Folks come from around the region on their iron horses to explore southern Minnesota, retracing the trail of the notorious James-Younger Gang, on a 120-mile scenic cruise.  Register at the Northfield Historical Society.

Friday, August 15th: Sweet Jazz, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., Contented Cow; Why Not, 7:00 to 11:00 p.m., Contented Cow; and Andra Suchy, 8:00 p.m., Tavern Lounge.

Saturday, August 16th: Outlaw Run, 8:30 a.m., Downtown Northfield; Riverwalk Market Fair, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Bridge Square; Maddie Hargis & Cassandra Crandell, 5:00 p.m., Contented Cow; Jeff Ray, 8:00 p.m., Tavern Lounge; Optimum Trajectory, 7:00 p.m., Contented Cow; and Todd Thompson Trio, 9:00 p.m., Contented Cow.

Sunday, August 17th: Quiz Night, 8:00 p.m., Contented Cow.


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Sermon 8/10/14

First United Church of Christ - Thu, 08/14/2014 - 9:28am

Find a manuscript of Pastor Abby’s sermon, Next-of-Kin (Ruth 4), here.

Listen to the audio here.

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Best Wishes Melissa

Laura Baker Services Association - Thu, 08/14/2014 - 9:05am

Laura Baker Services is proud to support Melissa Henning, a LBSA employee, as a DJJD Ambassador Candidate. Best wishes to Melissa and all of the candidates, one of whom will be coronated Saturday evening.


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Updated Fall Registration (as of 8/20)

Cannon Valley Elder Collegium - Thu, 08/14/2014 - 8:20am

Click the tab Enrollment Fall 2014 at the top of this webpage for current enrollment numbers and the class enrollment limits for all classes.  Six classes remain open.  Six classes are now closed, as of 8/20/14:

Gratitude and Belief: Noticing the Whole Picture taught by Bruce Roberts and Howard Thorsheim

Amish in America taught by David Sudermann

Israel and the Palestinians (Monday class) taught by Hartley Clark

Kierkegaard for Grownups taught by Almut Furchert

Seeing Electric Energy as a Kaleidoscope of Alternatives taught by Richard Schulte

The Current Challenge of Religious Diversity: Conflict or Cooperation taught by Walt Stromseth

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Wed, Aug 13 - Dundas 5, Miesville 3

Dundas Dukes Amateur Baseball Club - Thu, 08/14/2014 - 12:52am
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   R H E Dundas 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 1 0   5 11 2 Miesville 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0   3 8 0

W - Gausman  (6-0)   L - A. Yetzer   S - Ruud (2)  HR - LaShomb, C. Jones (2)
Full Box Score

Carson Jones' two-run homer in the seventh inning propelled Dundas to a 5-3 win on Wednesday and two-game sweep of Miesville to advance to the Minnesota Class B State Tournament, which begins August 23. Dylan Gausman tossed three innings of scoreless relief to get the win, while Charlie Ruud struck out five of the six hitters he faced in a perfect two innings to get the save. Jones was 2-for-5 and Pat Wadzinski 3-for-4 for Dundas in the win. Alex LaShomb homered as a part of a 2-for-5 game for Miesville.  

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Youth Alive — Water Wars

St. Dominic - Church News - Wed, 08/13/2014 - 1:00pm
Youth Alive: Sunday August 24th 5pm-7pm How much fun would it be to get together for a picnic supper and squirt gun fights? Bring your appetite and  best squirt gun to the St. Dominic Youth Building Sunday the 24th at 5pm and let’s find out!

This is open to youth entering 6-12th grades and any adults brave enough to help chaperone.  Contact Deb Ulve with question or to volunteer to help.  402-290-3381 or

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Rotary Cogwheel | 08.14.2014

Northfield Rotary Club - Tue, 08/12/2014 - 10:49pm

Today: Todd Thompson, “Teaching Music in Guatemala” (Sinning)

Birthdays: Leo Lawlor 8/15, Tim Madigan 8/16.

Next Week: Tom Bisel, FIT to be TRI’d Bike Shop Owner

Last Week:

Monte Nelson, Northfield Chief of Police, presented a very informative overview of the recently established Rice County Drug Court.

Monte earned a degree in law enforcement from Golden Valley Lutheran College and a degree in political science from St. Mary’s University. After five years as a police officer in Rapid City, SD, Monte came to Northfield in 1991 when he became the Assistant Director of Security at St. Olaf College.  Five years later Monte then joined the Northfield Police Department in 1996 and has worked there ever since. Starting as a patrol officer he has served as School Resource Officer and later as a Patrol Sergeant and Sergeant of Investigations before becoming Chief of Police in January 2014. We in the Northfield area are fortunate to have a Chief who knows our community so well.

The Rice County Drug Court’s mission is “to reduce the adverse impact of serious and repeat offenders on the citizens and criminal justice system of Rice County, and create a system that is more effective for participants.” Offenders who plead guilty to crimes motivated by substance abuse disorders can avoid expensive incarceration by participation in highly structured and supervised individualized substance abuse treatment programs while they under probation. The program allows offenders to stay out of prison and work with community based service agencies for mental health services, employment and education services, parent education and housing support.

The Drug Court participants usually complete their programs within 16 to 24 months.   The Drug Court is a collaborative effort involving many local partners from County and City public agencies, to not for profit organizations, to treatment providers.

Omada Behavioral Health Services, a Primary Outpatient Chemical Health program, is one of the Drug Court partners. Sarah Shippe from Omada spoke highly of the effectiveness of the Drug court programs that focuses especially on younger parents of minor children.

More information is available from the program coordinator Yvette Marthaler at Rice County Corrections. Donation to the program can be made through the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI). The Rice County Drug Court is clearly a positive approach toward true rehabilitation for offenders who are dealing with addiction.

Paul Harris Fellowship:

Our newest Paul Harris Fellow may be our youngest as well. Meredith Reese was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship by her father Brett Reese.  Meredith, daughter of Brett and Michelle, is a 2014 graduate of Northfield High School and will attend the University of Rochester this fall to begin studies in the field of medical research.

Last Week’s Guests:  Sarah Shippe, Kathy Findley, Steve Kallestad (Beth Kallestad), Michelle and Meredith Reese (Brett Reese)

Scholarship Enhancement: Virginia Kaczmarek

First Job:

Erica Zweifel at age 15 “enjoyed” her first paid job, that of picking strawberries and being paid by the flat.  Bet those Oregon berries were tasty!  Now we know the secret of how Erica began her career in science education.


Please welcome our newest member Adam Elling. Adam recently joined the Lampe Law Group having previously been a law clerk for the Third Judicial District in Faribault. Adam’s Rotary sponsor is Matthew Rich.

If you have ideas for upcoming weekly programs please let Candy Taylor or Alan Anderson know.  We have many openings for future programs.

This year’s inbound youth exchange students will be arriving in the next few weeks.  Every year we eagerly anticipate getting to know more fine young people through our excellent youth exchange program.  Thanks to all who make it possible.

Rotarian Bob Flaten and Sharon Sherman Akre were married on August 3rd, 2014. Congratulations to Bob and Sharon!

Coming Up:

Aug. 28 – Chuck Huntley, Angel Flight Central

Sept. 4 – Bike Tour Planning

Sept. 11 – Dr. Annette Parker, President of South Central College

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April-July VPTA board minutes now posted

Valley Pond Townhome Association - Tue, 08/12/2014 - 6:25pm

The  VPTA board minutes for the months of June & July are now up. April and May were already up but I neglected to blog about it. It won’t happen again!

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Polka Mass — Saturday, August 16

St. Dominic - Church News - Tue, 08/12/2014 - 2:21pm

Polka Mass: Saturday August 16th  Gary Pikal and his band from New Prague will provide the music for the 5pm Mass on Saturday the 16th.  I have known Gary since my years as associate pastor at St. Wenceslaus back in the mid-1980’s.  Over the years we have collaborated on a number of songs, Gary developing melodies from old Czech tunes for which I wrote lyrics for use at Mass.  Following the Mass, Gary and his group will continue playing their regular repertoire of polka tunes in the social hall for another hour or so.  I expect we will have food available for purchase for those who stay to enjoy the music.

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August Respite!

Laura Baker Services Association - Tue, 08/12/2014 - 9:53am

August’s Outer Space themed Respite was a blast! Thanks to all who participated and volunteered!

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