Minnesota Strain Redbud


Have you noticed over the last week or so the brilliant purple/magenta flowering trees with a wavy and layered branch structure that cause the stunning masses of blossoms to seem as if they are floating on air?  If so, you are probably enjoying the visual feast provided by the Minnesota Strain Redbud.

This northern hardy strain of Redbud is a seeding selection made by the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and has been quite successful in the southern half of Minnesota over the last several decades when planted in properly drained soils that still have good moisture availability.  It’s probably best to avoid planting Minnesota Strain Redbuds in soggy wet ground as well as very sandy/gravely soils.

One of the reasons the blossoms of Minnesota Strain Redbud seem to float on air is that they open before any leaves appear on the twigs and branches and are often so numerous that the blossoms obscure the branches.  I love intense color, and few flowering plants can match the electric neon purple of the Minnesota Strain Redbuds for color intensity.

Minnesota Strain Redbuds are available as single stem trees and as multi-stem clumps, each form having its own special characteristics and both forms mature to about 20′-25′ tall and wide.  Some people think that Redbuds should be planted in protected areas, but I have seen them doing well even in open areas including our tree fields which are exposed to all the extremes of our climate.

Try to position your Redbud where it will get a half day of direct sun or more.  While Minnesota Strain Redbuds will tolerate a place where they only get a few hours of sun each day, I have noticed that they have better branch structure and more blossoms when they receive 6 or more hours of direct sun during the 14-15 hour long days from late April to late August.

One of the biggest reasons I absolutely love Minnesota Strain Redbud is their long bloom time of about three to four weeks.  Most other species of flowering trees bloom for 7 to 10 days.  Redbuds commonly put on a show of passion purple for 18-30 days!

The sad and untimely death of Prince last week ironically came just as the Minnesota Strain Redbuds began to show their finest purple.  Wouldn’t a memorial planting of Minnesota Strain Redbuds be a nice way to honor one of Minnesota’s home grown creative music legends?   Each spring the dazzling purple blossoms would be a reminder of a Minnesota iconic genius who dearly loved his home state!

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Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

With each passing year, the lovely Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry becomes more and more  one of my all time favorite small flowering trees.   Early every spring, the Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry that have been planted around Northfield explode with dainty white blossoms that make a real statement in the landscape.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is available in single stem trees or multi-stem clumps so you can choose the form that fits best for you.  For the last ten days, the Serviceberry shrubs and small trees have been bloooming in southern Minnesota, and soon the wild Saskatoon Serviceberry that are common in Northern Minnesota and all across Canada will provide a welcome dose of spring flowers for winter weary Northerners.

The hybrid Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is a time tested and very winter hardy variety that performs well in home landscapes as well as harsher commercial sites, and even boulevards and highway rights of way where salt spray is an added challenge.  That’s outstanding versatility.

I recommend planting Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry where soils are properly drained, and would avoid placing it in soils that frequently become waterlogged.  While Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry grows to a height of about 20 feet, it’s close cousin, Regent Serviceberry is an excellent choice when you want a flowering shrub that has a smaller size rating of about 6 feet tall, and takes pruning well if you want to maintain it at an even smaller size.

Both Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry and Regent Serviceberry produce large quantities of tasty 1/2″ to 3/4″ fruits in late June or July  – hence the common name that is often applied to serviceberries – or “Juneberry”.  I love to eat the fruits as I wander through the nursery sales areas and I compete for the fruit with the birds that are equally fond of the serviceberries as they mature from a reddish color to purple/red.  In the canoe country of Northern Minnesota and Southern Ontario, the wild Saskatoon Serviceberries mature in mid to late July or even early August and have provided a treat on my wilderness wanderings.

Whether you choose Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry or it’s smaller relative Regent Serviceberry,  I’m sure it will become one of your favorite landscape plants.

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What’s doing the blooming? Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox

So many of our spring bloomers are providing an above average floral display this year, and the creeping phlox is no exception! Next to the spring blooming bulbs, the creeping phlox is currently our showiest perennial in the landscape. Carpet-like mats of evergreen, needle foliage are densely packed with blossoms. They are flowing along garden borders, spilling over wall edges and out of rocky nooks. Creeping phlox really love the cool spring temps and it will extend their bloom for us significantly. At about 6” high with an 18-24” spread, creeping phlox creates a thick ground cover perfect in sunny beds and borders, especially where summer blooming perennials and shrubs won’t interfere with their debut each spring. This year we are carrying six varieties of Phlox subulata (creeping phlox). Along with our usual suspects, ‘Candy Stripes’, ‘Emerald Blue’, ‘Emerald Pink’, and ‘Snowflake’, we have added two new selections. Phlox subulata ‘Coral Eye’ and Phlox subulata ‘Drummond’s Pink’. ‘Coral Eye’ produces near-white with a slight blush and bright pink eye zone. ‘Drummond’s Pink’ boasts large deep pink flowers and the blossoms are considered some of the largest produced by creeping phlox.

Creeping phlox prefer full sun and average to fertile soils. They require proper drainage to prevent rot and can withstand drought conditions once they are properly established.

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My Woodland Garden – 4-27-2016

Golden Yew and Golden Shadows Dogwood

I am tempted to start humming ‘Rain, Rain go Away’, but I know if I do, I may have to do a rain dance at some point, so for now I just dress a little warmer.

From our bedroom window we look out over the patio below and this week – all of the leaves were raked away – the flower stalks left for the birds for the winter were cut down and I pulled just a couple of weeds.  The mulch really works well for suppressing the weeds.  The new growth on our Golden Yews is such a pretty gold right now.  It fades a little as the season goes along – but the color in the spring is almost electric.

Purple leaf Sandcherry and Redbud

As we come down the driveway right now, the blossoming of the Redbuds and the Purple Leaf Sandcherry welcome us home.  In a couple of weeks I will plant annuals around the edges of the bed and that color will replace the spring blossoms of the trees.  The shrubs need to be pruned, so as it dries out this week and we can walk across the dirt of the annual bed, Leif will get the pruning done.

The end isn’t in site yet – but a few of the beds did get cleaned up and are awaiting a fresh dusting of mulch.  We have many plants that we do trials on out here in the woods.  I have tried many “Full Sun” plants and know which ones really are “Full Sun” and which ones actually tolerate part shade or even a little more than part shade.  I also am observing my part shade / shade perennials on locations that work the best and have drawn a few conclusions and will be re-positioning some plants and when I plant new ones – they will go in different locations.

The forecast for the next 7 days is wonderful!  Can’t wait now to get more done with the longer days!


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Social Media Spring Cleaning Checklist

Brand Yourself Consulting - Tami Enfield - Fri, 04/22/2016 - 11:56am

Does Spring have you itching for some change? Us, too.

We want to make it easy to give your social media presence a facelift. With three tips, you can transform how your brand leverages a social media platform.

Spring cleaning tips for your #socialmedia profiles.
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Refresh your cover photo. Chances are, it’s been months (or even years–cringe) since you have changed this graphic. You can advertise a current promotion, or reflect a brand update.

Connect your social media accounts to your profile. If someone is visiting your Facebook page, make it easy for them to find you on other social platforms as well.

Use your Call To Action button! You’ll find it placed over your cover photo. This is an easy place for you to collect emails, promote a product, or raise money.

Three tips to give your Facebook profile a facelift. #socialmedia
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Make lists of your team members and strategic partners.

Lead a social media for business refresher for your team (company hashtags, using Twitter to generate leads).

Use tools such as Twitonomy and Hashtagify to discover new hashtags within your industry.

Three ways to improve your brand’s presence on Twitter. #socialmedia
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Does your Instagram handle match your Twitter handle? This makes it far easier to folks to find you on new platforms.

Learn about the algorithm change. To ensure you stay at the top of your followers’ feeds, be sure to interact with them by liking and commenting on their photos.

Schedule a professional photo shoot. You’ll be surprised how useful these photos will be across the board, and they’ll make for great Instagram content.

Three ways to boost your Instagram game. #socialmedia
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Do all the Pins you’ve uploaded link to your website? Find out by clicking “Edit” on the Pin, and making sure the Website field leads to the proper URL.

Create beautiful graphics for your blogs. They can either be titles for the featured image, or an infographic breaking down the content. Use these images to share your blog to Pinterest.

Add a “Pin It” button to the images in your blog. This makes it easier for your fans to show you some love.

Three tips to boost your #Pinterest profile. #socialmedia
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Want to learn more?

We spend all day on social media. Give us a call today to schedule an introduction (we love craft beer and coffee equally, so take your pick on the location).

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What’s Doing the Blooming? Ajuga

Ajuga ‘ Chocolate Chip’

This beautiful ajuga is so full of flowers you can hardly see the foliage!  Ajuga’s bright blue flower spikes in spring make it easy to fall in love with. Equally easy to fall for are the shiny green-burgundy or pink variegated leaves that remain all through the summer and into winter. Pictured here, a favorite, Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’, in full bloom!  This is an stunning selection planted near or around larger perennials and shrubs that have lighter green or chartreuse foliage like Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood.

Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’

‘Chocolate Chip’ is unique in that it has a narrower leaf than some other ajuga cultivars giving it a softer texture. This perennial groundcover tops out at about 4”, and is gorgeous planted en masse, especially amongst rocks and along shaded rocky borders or walls. Ajuga thrives in partial to full shade and with fertile soil, will spread rapidly.

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My Woodland Garden – 4-21-2016

Things are changing fast now.  The Scilla bulbs which were blossoming so beautifully last week, are now gone and the grass is will soon be ready for its first haircut.

Green Haze

Probably one of the most magical experiences here in the woods happens right now when the silhouettes of the trees start their change from winter to summer.  The “Haze of Green” is happening.  It lasts for just a few days when the understory trees have teeny tiny leaves and the larger trees have their pollinating structures formed.  We are still able to see the  far hillside on the other side of our ravine, but only for a few more days before all the leaves are out and the darkness of the woods takes over for the next five months.  The mounds of wildflowers can be seen at every turn.  The magic of spring.

Trout Lily

The trout lilies are everywhere on the lawn, the edge of the woods and creeping all over my flower gardens.  The pips of my hosta are hidden by the trout lilies.  Again, lasting only a week or two – I welcome them back each spring!

Gold Heart Bleeding Heart

My Gold Heart Bleeding Heart is doing nicely – anxious for the blossoms to come.  It beckons you out to the garden.



Golden Shadows Dogwood

The leaves on our Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood are just making their appearance.  The rain last night left it’s calling card.   This plant is such a focal point in our boulder garden.  There aren’t that many choices for unique plants for the shade – but this one is a winner!

Tonight, the first of the many gardens get cleaned up!

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Spring is Here at Knecht’s

Spring has to be the best time of the year when the plants begin to blossom and leaves emerge.

PJM Rhododendron

The PJM Rhododendrons are in full blossom right now.  Brilliant lavendar pink flowers adorn this popular evergreen shrub.  Mature heights are 4′-6′ and width up to 5′.  Can be planted in full sun to part shade.  Prefers an acidic soil.

Fern Leaf Peony

Fern-leaf peony.  Zone 3 hardy.  The fine foliage of this plants sets it apart from the other peony’s.  Reaching a height of only 18″ – it sports double red flowers.  Deer resistant.


Serviceberry.   This versatile plant can be in shrub form or tree form.  Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry can grow to a height of 18′ and a Regent Serviceberry shrub reaches only a height of 5′.  Ornamental tree / shrubs with white flowers that bloom in abundance in the spring.  Edible sweet purple/black fruit follows.  The fall color is a brilliant red.  Prefers acidic soil.

Woodland Ferns / Ostrich Fern

Ostrich / Woodland Ferns.  Dark green arching fronds provide a backdrop to a shade garden, companion plants for hosta, or even with a mass of ferns – can be a focal point.  They can be aggressive growers.

Annual flats

We have had many calls this week asking about annual plants, hanging baskets, vegetables and herbs.  Our first shipments came in this week!  Our fern hanging baskets are going fast.  You still need to be a little cautious about the weather.


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Living Our Cooperative Principles

Just Food Co-op - Tue, 04/19/2016 - 11:23am

As your local community owned grocery store, we have a responsibility to our community, to the earth, to our farmers and to our cooperative business model.  As a cooperative, we are guided by a set of principles – the seven cooperative principles.

Just Food gives back to the community in many ways that we often do not talk about.  We are glad to do it, it is part of the reason we exist so it just feels like it’s the right thing to do without ‘tooting our own horn’!  We also think that this community and our member have a right to know what we’re up to.  Let’s take a little trip down a few of those paths and look at how your locally owned grocery store is supporting the community that supports us.

About two years ago, Just Food developed and implemented our Just Round Up program that has given over $14,000 back to our community partners just last year.  That’s you, our customers and community donating to these non-profits.  We simply serve as the conduit by collecting the application, choosing the partners, asking you to Round Up your purchases and then giving those funds to the non-profit for the month.  We have a diverse pool of applications from non-profits and the funds raised vary, but the goal is to provide our customers with options that fit for them.  Some of our community partners have included Ruth’s House of Hope, River Bend Nature Center, Greenvale Park PTO, Prairie’s Edge Humane Society, Friends of the Library, the Skateboard Coalition and the Northfield Fireworks display.  Our community partners serve very different sectors of our community.  All non-profits are welcomed to apply and we choose community partners on a quarterly basis.

Education.  We provide educational opportunities to our community, whether it be onsite classes, co-sponsoring classes with the YMCA, Northfield Hospital or the Library; there’s always something going on that you can be a part of – member or not!  Did you know that we have an education coordinator that participates weekly in afterschool programming at all three elementary schools in town?  We provide a fun activity on behalf of the Co-op and also a healthy snack for the children.  Young Chefs, a Carleton College middle school food program, receives substantial food donations from the Co-op to help defray costs of teaching our middle school youth about food and science.  Additionally, Just Food has been providing snacks to the Greenvale Park Community School snack cart for evening programming.  In February, Just Food donated 1000 apples to Bridgewater’s Apple and a Book Event that encourages reading, and getting to do so while eating a healthy apple and sharing the reading with a trusted adult.  Feeding our community – mentally and physically – it’s good stuff!

Just Food participates in community events like Winter Walk, Taste of Northfield and Jesse James Days.  We also have held stand-alone events like our annual Dairy Days in June and Harvest Festival in September, which are great opportunities to meet your farmers and thank them for the work they do to provide our community with good food!  As part of the larger cooperative community, Just Food, along with all the Twin Cities Co-ops, provide everyone an opportunity to get out and meet your farmers at the Eat Local Farm Tour held every July.

Just Food is currently in a member drive and we would love for you to consider joining us.  It’s not a special club to join, you are actually purchasing stock in a business that you can believe in.  Your $125 one-time investment will garner many member benefits including member only pricing on products and classes, use of the community room for personal or privately held events, case discounts on products and the ability to say – “Hey, I am part of that!”

So those cooperative principles that we talked about earlier:
1.  Voluntary, Open Membership
2.  Democratic Member Control
3.  Member Economic Participation
4. Autonomy and Independence
5. Education, Training And Information
6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives
7. Concern For The Community

They guide us, they make us better and they help us to serve you to the best of our ability.  We strive daily to put good affordable food on our shelves so that everyone in our community has access to the food they want to eat.  If you haven’t been to Just Food within the last six months, I’d personally like to invite you down.  There has been a great deal of focus put on food access and affordability for our community, and I know you’ll like what you see.

Everyone can shop.  Anyone can join.  Member or not, you’re always welcome at Just Food.  We hope to see you soon!

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Northfield Home And Garden Show

Northfield Construction Company - Tue, 04/19/2016 - 9:41am

It was a great turnout at the Northfield Home and Garden Show on Saturday April 12th. There was a steady stream of homeowners through the event from the time the doors opened at 9:00am. Kristen, Tyler, and I staffed the NCC booth. We met a lot of homeowners with upcoming projects and were able to […]

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Sure Feels Like Spring

After unusually warm temperatures in March and colder than normal weather the first half of April, we are enjoying warmer than normal temps right now!   Sure feels like spring!

A bit of caution is advisable.  Even though the 30 day forecast looks favorable, without any deeply below normal temps expected, it would still be a good idea to stick to a conservative strategy when it comes to placing plants into your landscape.  Go ahead with planting trees and shrubs and cool season annuals, but I do recommend holding off until May on planting most perennials and certainly the warm season annuals.

The last two weeks of April should be an excellent time to rake the lawn, clean up gardens, fertilize, do weed control and prune trees and shrubs.  This is also a great time to cut, split and stack firewood so it can dry well from April to October.  Be sure to stack firewood in a sunny windy area so it dries well.

Conditions are also very good to do landscaping projects that involve dirt work and construction of walls, patios, walkways and boulder gardens.

Don’t forget to take some time to get out for a walk to enjoy spring wildflowers and take in the natural world as it comes back to life after being dormant for several months.  It’s a breath of fresh air, and sure feels like Spring!

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Improving Soil Quality

Newly tilled soil

There’s not much I can think of that improves the growth of trees, shrubs, perennials, annual flowers and vegetables, more than improving soil quality.  One of the easiest ways to improve soil quality

is to till large amounts of organic matter into your soil.

Working organic matter into your soil accomplishes two important things.  The digging / tilling of your soil loosens compacted soil so the roots of your landscape plants can quickly and easily grow out into the surrounding soil, creating a far larger and better structured root system.  A bigger better root system translates directly into bigger, healthier plants.

Secondly, the addition of the organic matter provides food for your landscape plants that has plenty of basic nutrients, and also lots of beneficial micro-nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms.  When you add organic materials to your soil such as composted leaves, composted garden waste and composted manure, you provide a nutrient source that is slowly released and available over a long period of time.  This helps assure that periods of nutrient deficiencies are unlikely.

Cowsmo Composted Organic Manure

Composting your yard waste and food waste can be a great way to produce excellent organic matter to add to your gardens.  If you prefer to purchase products to add organic matter to your gardens, we have Cowsmo Compost, Sustane composted turnkey manure,  a locally produced composted cow manure and spaghum peat moss.

We also sell a wonderful landscape garden soil mix comprised of 40% black dirt, 40% peat, 10% composted manure and 10% sand for improved workability.  This is available in bulk for you to pickup at our garden center, or we can deliver a pile to your property.

However you manage to add organic matter to your soil, you are likely to have healthier and happier plants in your landscape.

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Knecht’s 8th Annual Kid’s Planting Day!

     Join us at the nursery on Saturday, April 23rd from 10:30-11:30 for our annual Kid’s Planting Day! Work with your child(ren) to fill their planter(s) with the help and instruction of Knecht’s staff. We provide the pot, selected annuals, potting mix, and all the care the plants need until Mother’s Day Weekend, when kids can pick up their planters decorated with a bow and Mother’s Day Pick! This year we are offering three price points…$6.00 for an 8” plastic pot, $10.00 for a hanging basket, or $20.00 for a 6” pink ceramic pot – proceeds from the pink ceramic pots were donated to breast cancer research. You may reserve and purchase multiple planters for children who would like to give a planter to a grandma, aunt, or other important woman in their lives for Mother’s Day! Call or email to reserve your preferred planter(s) today.

This event is hosted in one of our heated greenhouses, so it’ll be nice and warm even if the weather is cool or rainy.

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Northfield Non-Profit Work

Northfield Construction Company - Wed, 04/13/2016 - 11:12am

In the early months of 2016, Northfield Construction Company has been moving forward on construction projects with multiple area non-profits. These non-profit construction project clients include Laura Baker Services, West Hills, and Three Links. Our team is always proud to work with non-profits such as these organizations, who give so much back to the Northfield […]

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What’s Doing the Blooming? Bergenia

Bergenia, Pig Squeak

This week, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite perennials for Minnesota! Bergenia is a long lived, low maintenance, vigorous plant that provides beauty all year long. Bergenia, also known as pig squeak, is a semi evergreen. So, after its foliage takes on a beautiful red color in the fall, it darkens to a maroon green, adding interest through winter. In early spring, seemingly overnight, chunky stalks rise above
the foliage. Climbing these stalks are lovely purple-pink bell flowers that are long lasting and fun to cut for spring bouquets. With

Heartleaf Bergenia ‘Sakura’ – Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

summer’s arrival pig squeak proves it’s worth. It’s large, thick, shiny foliage is disease resistant and looks terrific all summer long. Bergenia prefer part sun and well drained fertile soil. The foliage gets to be 8-12” high and the flower stalks about 14-18”. They make a very attractive groundcover when planted en
masse, or a unique low profile specimen for part shade.

Oh, and one more thing…If you’re wondering how this plant got a name like pig squeak, then here you go! Just fold over one of those thick glossy leaves and rub it against itself – You’ll have your answer!

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The Northfield Home and Garden Show

Enjoy a local event this weekend! The Northfield Home and Garden Show is this Saturday, April 9th at the Northfield Ice Arena from 9 am to 3 pm. Visit the Knecht’s booth where we will be answering all your garden and landscape questions, sharing information about the design and landscape services offered by Knecht’s, meeting our friends and neighbors old and new, and of course, handing out spring savings! The Northfield Home and Garden Show features exhibitors for all of your home, garden, landscape, lifestyle, health and leisure needs. You’ll find something for everyone! We hope to see you there!

Thank you to the Northfield Chamber of Commerce for organizing this event each year!

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My Woodland Garden- April 8, 2016

March 2016.  March teased us.  March promised us an early spring.  March…. March… March…

This past week we spent much of it looking out the windows – admiring whatever green Mother Nature was offering – under our breath muttering that April was colder than March had been.  Feeling as if we were spinning our wheels….

A walk around the gardens felt like I was at a standstill.  Somethings have changed – however I am optimistic for next week.

Yes, the books tell you daylilies are full sun perennials – however – we

Early spring – Happy Returns Daylily

have had these Happy Returns here for years – in front of our Yews and in mid-summer, they begin to blossom and continue to do so for many weeks.  A buttery yellow in  color – they are a re-bloomer – and offer up a bright spot everyday upon returning home.

My gardens – consisting mostly of hosta – well – they are beginning to make their appearance.  It is always exciting to see the pips peeking out from the earth in the early spring.

Hosta pips

Other perennials that hold their own in my perennial garden include the heuchera.

Heuchera – an evergreen perennial – meaning that you do not prune it back in the fall – just clip out any dead leaves in the spring.  Also known as coralbells – it is a striking perennial with leaves in shades of deep, deep purple (almost black) to a maroon color, to a lime green and a orange / coral / purple color as the one pictured here in my blog.

A perennial that loves moist – well drained soil – partial sun/shade it flourishes.  I have several and combined with  our hosta and hydrangea – makes an excellent combination!


As I end the week here in my garden, I am anxious for next week.  Temps in the 50’s and 60’s are predicted – let’s hope.



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Saturday Morning Express Design

We’re excited to offer an expansion to our design service offerings.  We will be holding “Saturday Morning Express Designs” which will be available on certain Saturdays from 9 am to Noon.   This is a great way to have a little extra help on your weekend warrior projects!

Bring in a digital picture on a flashdrive or e-mail it to our office (jpeg, bmp, tga or pmg files – No PDF’s) and we’ll load it on the computer and Chris Lambert will offer you some ideas for this area and print it off for you!  Our e-mail address is

We would like to have 3 different shots of the same area from different angles so Chris can choose the one that will work the best.  You’ll be able to be with Chris while he works his magic on the computer!  If you take the photos from a distance of about 20 feet – this will present well on the computer.

Check out this Before and After!

Before After

The charge for an “Express Design” is $25 per area.  The area designed will be what he can see in the picture.  If more than one area is needed – it will be an additional $25 per area.  Designs will not be to scale and there is no estimate included.

The dates that we have scheduled for this service are the following Saturdays: April 23 and April 30; May 7 and May 21; June 4 and June 18 and July 16.

Please keep in mind that this service is only available on these Saturday mornings.  If you would like to e-mail in the pictures ahead of time, we’ll save them for Chris for the next Saturday scheduled for the “Express Designs”.

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Hastings Estate Sale -April 15 & 16

Kuhlman Auctions - Wed, 04/06/2016 - 7:49am

We will be conducting an estate sale for the Carol Glade estate on April 15 & 16 in Hastings.  The sale will run from 9:00AM to 4:00PM both days.  Numbers will be given out starting at 8:00AM.  The address for the sale is 1141 Zweber Lane in Hastings.  There is an exceptional collection of fine furniture, glassware, primitives, rugs, clocks, artwork, and antique lighting.  Please come and see us at the sale.

Marble topped mirrored buffet, Walnut bed & dresser w/round (Knapp) dovetails, double oak china cabinet,Victorian loveseat & upholstered chairs, oak fireplace mantle, spinning wheel, Amish quilt, bracket lamp, double kerosene angle lamp, hanging kerosene lamp, GWTW style lamps,  spinning wheel, loveseat, carved shelves, vintage metal purses, Terry Redlin artwork, inlaid table, Windsor type chair, fancy lamp table, wicker buggies, Dionne Quints picture, Miss America butter dish, vintage pictures, handpainted plates, pressed & cut glass, wall clocks, mustache cup and shaving mug collection, primitives, antique wedding dress, rugs, lots of décor, collection of Seraphim Classics angels, tools, household, yard & garden, 17′ redwood canoe,  beer can collection, and lots more.
View full details and see more pictures at EstateSales.NET: https://www.EstateSales.NET/MN/Hastings/55033/1146588

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Tips For A Custom Dog Bath

Northfield Construction Company - Sun, 04/03/2016 - 2:31pm

As Otto the construction dog knows, sometimes a pup can have a little too much fun outside. They come back in with muddy paws, and a whole lot of stink. Rather than wrangle them outside with the garden hose, or let them trek through the house to the bathroom, you can opt for a built-in […]

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