Beyond the Open Mic 3/3/15

KYMN Radio - 3 hours 51 min ago

Don McGee and Victor Summa

Beyond the open mic is intended to open dialogue about the process and the processors in City Hall; Elected Officials, City Staff, citizen and others.  Your hosts are Donovan McGee and Victor Summa. Opinions expressed are solely those of the hosts and not necessarily those of KYMN.  To contact Victor or Don you can email them at

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 BTOM 3-3-15

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Program gives students hands-on experience in international consulting

St. Olaf College - 6 hours 32 min ago

This year’s Norway Innovation Scholars are (from left) Camille Morley ’15, Janna Jansen ’15, Sarah Elder ’15, and Joe Briesemeister ’16.

As part of a program that gives St. Olaf College students hands-on experience in international consulting, four Oles spent Interim working with a Norwegian cardiac device company in Oslo.

Modeled after the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program, the Norway Innovation Scholars Program enables students to spend four weeks performing a market analysis, evaluating intellectual property issues, and creating strategic development plans in an international business setting.

This year’s scholars — Sarah Elder ‘15, Janna Jansen ‘15, Joe Briesemeister ‘16, and Camille Morley ‘15 — come from a wide range of academic interests and majors, including chemistry, economics, nursing, mathematics, and business, but were brought together by their collective interest in health care innovation and business.

“I am very interested in small businesses and the unique organizational challenges they face. I also have a strong interest in the health care industry,” says Morley, who has previously interned for the U.S. Commercial Service and the Northfield Enterprise Center. “This program allowed me to explore research- and consulting-based work and also gave me a good perspective on living and working internationally.”

Throughout the month, students conducted biotechnology market research and completed a case study for Cardiaccs, a small medical device company in Oslo.

“I feel as though our recommendations and conclusions may ultimately be valued more by a small company with limited resources as opposed to a large entity,” says Briesemeister, who also participated in the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program. “I’m glad that our work has the potential to directly influence the company’s decisions.”

While in Oslo, the students collaborated at NLA University College, a private Christian college in the city.

“We read a lot of articles from scientific databases and spent a lot of time getting a sense for the medical device market — size, products, prices, etc. Since most corporate information is kept private, we had to get creative to find this kind of information,” says Elder, a chemistry major with an interest in intellectual property.

Each afternoon the students met with their on-campus advisors, Associate Professor of Biology Kevin Crisp and Associate Director of Entrepreneurship Roberto Zayas, over Skype to discuss the day’s work.

They were also guided by a Norwegian advisor, Professor Magne Supphellen of both the Norwegian School of Economics and the Hauge School of Management. As one of the leading brand management and marketing experts in Norway, Supphellen helped the students through the marketing and management aspects of their project.

When they weren’t researching their product’s place in the market or reading up on regulations, the students were out exploring Oslo, immersing themselves in Norwegian culture and forming relationships with Norwegian students.

“I loved exploring different neighborhoods and spending time with the Norwegians we met,” says Jansen, a senior nursing major interested in health care innovation. “One of my favorite nights was one of our last. We invited all the Norwegian students we had met to our apartment for food, including delicious Norwegian chocolate. It was a great night celebrating the new friendships we made over the past month.”


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Игры Спанч Боб

Ole Store Restaurant - 6 hours 36 min ago

Порою тянет просто развлечься, отдалиться от проблем или хлопот, в таком вам направят онлайн флеш игрушки Спанч Боб. И в пользу очень небольших друзей у нас сыщется компьютерная игра, она выйдет супер интересной и от коей нельзя получится уйти. Что уж говорить об прочих геймерах, посетивших все эти странички.
Например в одной из них вам можно всего лишь погулять в Бикини Боттоме, набирая разные нужные сокровища, а в другой соревноваться со своими друзьями на скорость также сосредоточенность.
Наши казуальные игры будут увлекательны как мальчишкам так и девушкам, тут имеется возможность играть точно без платы денег, без левых регистраций, которые отбирают ваше промежуток времени.
Здесь наша команда позаботились отыскать именно только лучшие, отборные бесплатные игры вместе с Спанч Бобом онлайн
В определенных играх неизменчивый противник Губки Боба - Plankton пытается помешать выполнить еще одну задачку и тебе непременно необходимо его одолеть. В отдельной игрушке исход может зависеть только через каждого вашего желания выиграть. Тихий товарищ Спанча – улитка Герри ожидает вашей собственной помощи в битве против медуз ради вкусного сладкого угощения. Лучший товарищ Патрик желает работать в нашем Красти Крабс и еще Патрику в свою очередь не помешала бы твоя собственная подмога. А что чего стоит сама игрушка, в которой Губка борется с zombie и еще охраняет ввереный ему лично настоящий пиратсий корабль и еще Patrik абсолютно не отступает и также борется до окончания, сколь хватит у вас сил.
Все детки да и старшие интересно смогут провести свое время, Губка Боб ждет вас в гости.

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Schools for Equity in Education looking to close cost burden between districts

Northfield News - 6 hours 48 min ago
Editor’s note: This is the final part of a four-part series on the 2015 Schools for Equity in Education 2015 Legislative Platform, in which the Northfield School District backs.
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Northfield Senior Center sees progress in renovation efforts

Northfield News - 8 hours 43 min ago
With the times and philosophies on the best and most efficient methods in staying fit constantly evolving, the Northfield Senior Center finds itself perpetually trying to be ahead of the curve on thos
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Documentary to show 'State' of substance abuse and recovery among youth

Northfield News - 9 hours 22 min ago
"From my perspective, running one ambulance call for an overdose makes it a problem. For the family — for the person that it affects — it's everything."
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Staged reading of new play, "Duck," aims for audience to ask larger questions

Northfield News - 10 hours 22 min ago
With a staged reading of her new play “Duck,” local playwright Christine Kallman says that her end goal is not to tell the audience what to think, but to raise questions and create an opportunity for
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GALLERY: Northfield's Beyond the Yellow Ribbon kicks off with community event

Northfield News - 10 hours 26 min ago
Word is spreading about Northfield's Beyond the Yellow Ribbon initiative.
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Today’s news update -Poisonings from Detergent Packets on the Rise, Kloubuchar Cosponsors Legislation for Children’s Safety; Red Cross Month in March; Renewable Energy Standard

KYMN Radio - 11 hours 2 min ago

Poisonings from Detergent Packets on the Rise, Kloubuchar Cosponsors Legislation for Children’s Safety

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar cosponsored legislation to address safety concerns and protect children exposed to detergent packets. According to a recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, detergent packets – which often come in flashy, candy-like colors and designs – can pose a serious poisoning risk to young children; between 2012 and 2013, over 17,000 children were exposed to these pods nationwide. The Minnesota Poison Control System has reported that there were 49 detergent packet related cases in 2012, 349 cases in 2013, 352 cases in 2014, and 42 cases so far this year. A 2014 incident landed one Minnesota toddler in intensive care for over a week.

Red Cross Month in March

The American Red Cross encourages eligible blood donors to become everyday heroes by giving blood in celebration of Red Cross Month this March. Red Cross Blood Donation opportunities will be available March 16 through the 31st. It doesn’t take a cape or superpowers to be a hero. By donating blood, eligible donors can help save the lives of patients in need. Those who are unable to give blood can support blood donations by organizing a blood drive, and volunteering to assist with Red Cross activities. For more information visit

Renewable Energy Standard

Since 2007 Minnesota has become a leader in renewable energy. The state is currently on track to reach 25% renewable energy by 2025. A new bill introduced by Senator Dahle would raise that to 40% by 2030. Dahle states, “With the price of wind and solar going down, it is the right time to pass the bill.” Dahle carried a similar bill in years past, however never reached the Senate Committee. With more news and data available around renewable energy Dahle says, “We are hopeful we can keep the discussion going”. Listen to the full interview with Senator Dahle at

Click below to listen to FULL newscast:

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Senate Energy Committee Webcast 12 noon!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - 11 hours 19 min ago

Here’s Dr. Arjun Makhijani’s Powerpoint from this afternoon:

Arjun Makhijani draft slides for Minnesota Senate E and E Committee 03-03-2015

12 noon!  Nuclear Senate bills!  Tune in to the Senate Webcast – Environment and Energy Committee

Flash Media
Windows Media – Closed captioned 

12 p.m. – Live Senate Environment and Energy Committee

S.F. 306 (Kiffmeyer) Nuclear power plant certificate of need issuance prohibition elimination (for discussion only and consideration for possible inclusion in omnibus energy bill).
S.F. 536 (Anderson, B.) Monticello new nuclear-powered electric generating unit construction authorization (for discussion only and consideration for possible inclusion in omnibus energy bill).

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3-2 Rice County court log

Northfield News - 11 hours 42 min ago
Here are the Rice County court dispositions for March 2.
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Ole Store Restaurant - 11 hours 58 min ago

Nabycie nowej torebki to dla każdej kobiety
przyjemna chwila. Chyba, że szukamy czegoś
szczególnego, a w takim wypadku,
będziemy mieć kłopot z
odnalezieniem stricte tego czego
potrzebujemy. Rozpocznijmy
poszukiwania odpowiedniej torebki w sklepach
markowych, w których wybór jest
dość spory. W tego rodzaju sieciówkach,
znajdują się najmodniejsze torebki w danym sezonie.
Najczęściej są one zrobione z
tkaniny, ale także ze skaju.
Bywa od czasu do czasu, że torebki w markowych
sklepach zrobione są ze skóry
naturalnej. JeśliKiedy} szukamy czegoś
wyprodukowanego z naturalnej skóry,
powinniśmy zajrzeć do sklepów
sprzedających galanterię skórzaną. Sporo z
nich proponuje w sprzedaży również
portfele. Jeśli jednak
również w tego typu sklepach nic nie
znalazłyśmy, to czas zajrzeć do .
Wstukajmy w wyszukiwarkęprzeglądarkę} sklep z torebkami, a
z pewnością Niszczenie dokumentów w wynikach wyszukiwania
pokaże nam się dużo sklepów,
oferujących torebki. Przez sieć zdecydowanie
szybciej odnaleźć można
dokładnie taki produkt jaki chcemy.
Wszystko dzięki tak zwanym tagom wyrobów.

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Three-parent IVF: scientific progress or “designer babies?”

Manitou Messenger - 12 hours 3 min ago

My twin and I were born via in-vitro fertilization (IVF), a process of fertilization that manually combines an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish and then transfers the embryo to the uterus. That was the only way for my parents to have children, and it was a process that ultimately allowed me to sit down and write this article. That being said, when I found out about the new legislation in the United Kingdom, I could not pass up the opportunity to express my viewpoint.

In short, the U.K. recently passed legislation that allowed scientists to use the DNA of three donors in order to create babies: sperm from one donor, an egg from another and mitochondria (structures in a cell’s nucleus that produce valuable energy) from a third, which  involves altering a human egg or embryo before transferring it into the mother. This process prevents children from inheriting fatal mitochondrial diseases from their mothers. The U.K. is now the first country in the world to allow for the creation of genetically modified embryos, which critics claim will eventually lead to creating “designer babies” in the future.

For individuals with severe mitochondrial diseases, this development gives hope that their children can live a life free of the pain and suffering they experience. This is truly a life-saving process, yet it differs from the traditional in-vitro process that the world has been coming to terms with the past two decades. In my case, the point of in-vitro was simply for the sake of life, for the hope that my parents could create a family of their own. For my parents there was about a 30 percent chance that the in-vitro process would actually work, and for some reason or another they ended up with twins. As grateful as I am for in-vitro fertilization, I find it hard to come to a decision on whether or not this new step in the process is beneficial.

Many critics have expressed the fear that this new three-donor process could possibly lead to further genetic modification, a concern I also share. I find it hard to go against a process that gave me life, yet at some point I believe a line has to be drawn. I do believe that a step such as three-donor IVF could be the beginning of a landslide of potential pushes to allow for further genetic alteration. As I stated before, “traditional” IVF is simply for the sake of creating life, and even with the technology we have, the process does not always succeed in creating babies. At this point, IVF seems like the furthest we should go, and to throw genetic modification on top of it crosses that line. On the one hand, I feel for the parents who don’t wish to see their children experience pain, yet on the other I see consequences that loom down the road. Perhaps this is just a step in an evolution that is uniquely human, a process that will help our species move into an age of technology. Is it important to protect the health of suffering children, or are we passing a scientific boundary?

To go against these developments makes me feel like a snake that is biting its own tail. I am grateful for the advances that allowed for me to live in this world, yet I still believe that there is a line that can be crossed and that nature has its limits. But then again, maybe if humans can perform processes such as three-donor IVF, it is simply part of nature. We are nature’s creatures, and all of our actions are simply actions that nature has allowed us to perform. Either way, I cannot see a clear answer to any of these questions despite my personal relationship to IVF developments. During these times, I turn to a famous quote by one of my favorite fictional characters, Mewtwo: “I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”

Maybe this isn’t a question about what is too far or what negative outcomes might arise, but rather a question about what life is and how our species should value a life free from pain and suffering.

Cole Hatzky ’18 ( is from Iowa City, Iowa. He majors in English.


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Sustained Dialogue promotes positive discussion

Manitou Messenger - 12 hours 12 min ago

Sustained Dialogue (SD) is an action plan that consists of a five-stage process founded by Dr. Hal Saunders, and was newly launched at St. Olaf as a site for students, staff and faculty to meet and exchange ideas for a better environment on campus.

This program sprouted from the conflict resolution methodology of senior Middle East diplomat Saunders, a key drafter of the Camp David Peace Accords. His observation of the evolution of relationships and personal growth through negotiation inspired him to launch the Sustained Dialogue in the hope of improving the way people converse with one another other.

On a campus level, SD aims to promote communications between students and faculty in order alleviate sensitive campus issues. Dialogue groups will consist of eight to15 people who are deeply concerned with the welfare of St. Olaf, and hope to improve the environment for the community as a whole. These groups will meet throughout the spring semester to share stories and together acquire an action plan that will create positive change on campus.

Through the exchange of stories and ideas, people will enhance their communication skills and their relationships with one another, and together effectively solve the problems that their peers find most alarming. SD aims to achieve more than just raise awareness; it gives the participants wider perspectives of issues on campus and instills stronger incentives to work toward the solutions.

Five stages are set to ensure that the program acquires its goal. The first stage is the “Who,” in which the moderators and organizers gather people from different backgrounds with different interests to form dialogue groups. The second stage is the “What,” in which dialogues are individually based; participants will share and exchange their stories in order to address issues that need be alleviated. Stage three is when participants come to the roots of the problems, analyze the causes and get ready for stage four. Stage four focuses on answering the question “how.” This is the transition from a “dialogue mode” into a “planning mode.” Stage five is when action takes place and the production of the dialogue becomes visible.

The moderators of the dialogue are students and faculty members who are passionate about improving the campus community by facilitating areas for participants to exchange ideas, and direct the dialogue in a way that is most relevant to the goal of the dialogues. Moderators must have gone through 18 hours of training in order to qualify for the positions.

Nathan Detweiler ’16, one of the moderators, expressed his expectation for the dialogue.

“Sustained Dialogue is a different kind of interaction. One not defined so much by selling a position or making a point but rather about coming to a common understanding rooted in respect and cognizance of common humanity. It’s not a silver bullet, but rather like a spider trailing threads across two trees. It builds a structure that can bear the weight of many trials. No single thread defines the structure, but in their entirety, they create relationships that are hard to destroy.”

So far, SD has been warmly welcomed in the St. Olaf community, students and faculty members alike, who appreciate the chance to come together to be heard and to hear others. Change does not happen overnight, but hopefully with time, students will begin taking action to improve the St. Olaf community.

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Music on Trial: How to discover great new music

Manitou Messenger - 12 hours 21 min ago

I live in fear of waking up one morning and realizing that I’ve fallen deep into a rut. You know, having the epiphany that I’ve worn variations of the same outfit and pondered variations of the same thoughts while the world around me thrashed, and then oops! years have passed, and I’m closer to death with nothing to show for it.

One of the ways I try to ensure that this will never happen to me is by constantly seeking out new music. However, perfectly-curated playlists don’t arrive in my PO with the same regularity as solicitations from credit card companies and letters from my dear friend, Sallie Mae. Thus, I’ve learned to exploit the resources at my disposal, and I hope you will too, with this handy guide to discovering new music…

Method 1 – Songza: I list this first because it is my personal favorite. I have yet to find another site as comprehensively organized around moods – anything from “aggressive” to “raw” to “nocturnal.” If you’re like me and need your playlist to be 100 percent aligned with what you are feeling in a given moment, check this out. Unlike Pandora, which leans heavily on popular singles, Songza will probably expose you to a song or artist you haven’t heard before.

Method 2 – Word of mouth: Find that kid with the slouchy beanie and black-framed glasses and ask him what he’s listening to these days. Surely you will be enlightened. Just kidding! It’s always a fun conversation starter to ask friends and acquaintances if they’ve heard anything good lately. You can also learn everything you need to know about people by asking them what their favorite song is.

Method 3 – The Current playlist: The only thing Oles love as much as fair-trade coffee and nose piercings is the Current. No shade; it’s totally justified. The radio station consistently delivers a spirited mix of cutting-edge new stuff, forgotten treasures, campy “No Apologies” tracks and indisputable classics. When you hear a song you like, take note of the time, then get the artist info on the station’s daily playlist, which is always up-to-date online.

Method 4 – The Hype Machine: This is for the person who’s already heard everything on the Current – hell, they DJ the Current. This person needs something fresh, something ahead of the curve. The Hype Machine features tracks that are being released and blogged about in real-time.

Method 5 – Spotify (“related artists” feature): This is kind of cheating, because it won’t really take you to any truly breathtaking new territory. It will, however, deepen your understanding of some of your favorite genres and eras. It’s cool to see which artists are in conversation with each other.

Method 6 – Movie/TV soundtracks: If you know how to secure a job being the person who selects movie soundtracks, please hit me up immediately, because that would be a dream. Sometimes even the lamest, soapiest productions (xoxo, Gossip Girl) feature awesome music from bands outside the mainstream. Try to remember one key lyric so you can Google it later.

Method 7 – Live music: Very few “broke” college kids would shell out the money to see an artist with whom they weren’t at all familiar. The opportunity to see a random act perform live at little/no cost does present itself, though. Check out the group rocking one of the dinky, lesser stages at a festival. Show up for the openers for the band you paid to see, instead of just assuming that they’ll suck.

When all this is finished, you’ll experience the adrenaline rush of a successful hunt. Gaze upon the bloodied carcass – I mean, new playlist – with pride. By soundtracking your life in a new way, you might start to see things in a new way.

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Greetings and Gratitude Week thanks, honors donors

Manitou Messenger - 12 hours 22 min ago

From Monday, Feb. 16 to Thursday, Feb. 19, the Office of Stewardship held an event in Buntrock Commons for students who have received endowed scholarships and Interim funding to craft thank-you notes for their respective scholarship donors.

“It’s a way of saying thank you, but also giving the donors the chance to see the impact of their gift,” said Lisa Carey, Stewardship Coordinator and organizer of the card collection and creation. “They are people who believe in the experience and believe in the students, and that people care about supporting their efforts… It’s important to show gratitude to those who have given something to you.”

While this year the program received increased press coverage by St. Olaf College media, the program was first started in 2006. Since its beginning, the program has enjoyed a 95 to 97 percent turnout rate of students coming to create the cards for their donors, a higher statistic than similar programs at other colleges and universities. Generally, the event generates 700 notes per year.

“We are thankful to the students who show up and make it important. It speaks a lot to their integrity,” Carey said.

The cards themselves are part of a three-step annual interaction between the Office of Stewardship, the students and the donors. The first part is a survey that goes out to the scholarship recipients, asking questions relating to why they chose to attend St. Olaf, what their favorite memories at the college have been and content that probes into their interests. This information is generated into a personal profile for the student, completed by a photograph of the student, which is sent to the donor, so that the donor can learn more about the student they are sponsoring.

The second piece to this “jigsaw puzzle” is Greetings and Gratitude Week, where the students are thoroughly encouraged to create their personalized thank-you note. Design wise, there are four possible images to choose from, two freshly plucked from the St. Olaf natural lands and two from the student winners of the international photography contest. Once they select a card, the students update their donors on how first semester and Interim have gone, and they are encouraged to enclose pictures from any study abroad programs they may have experienced in those terms. Students who are abroad during this time can send in pictures from their studying locations and descriptions of their research or reflections on the experience.

“They (the donors) love to see that impact, that the students literally get to go to France, let’s say. This student got to do this research, and this student was able to do these things here. It’s about connecting the dots and making the connections for both sides.”

The impact, however, is not one-sided: through the process of making the notes, the students are provided with individual sheets that detail the history, lineage and significance of the scholarships they receive, so that they can see where they will also fit into its legacy, whether it is to honor the education of a music major or it is a recognition for being from Iowa.

The third interaction is that the donors are invited to Honors Day in May. If the donors decide to attend, then the student they sponsor is also invited, and they will have the opportunity to meet. As the scholarships are created for a variety of reasons and sometimes in memory of those who have already passed away, the donor will be whoever the living contact is for the scholarship. For those who have received the same scholarship several years in a row, it is a reunion for a bond already begun through cards and Honors Days past.

“Students do pretty cool stuff… it’s fun to get to tell the story,” Carey said.

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Crossing the highway one intersection at a time

Betsey Buckheit - 13 hours 17 min ago
Crossing Highway 3 in Northfield (on foot) should get somewhat easier soon.  Tonight, March 3, the Northfield City Council will vote whether to order plans and specifications for a redesign of the intersection at 3rd Street and Highway 3. Good … Continue reading →
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Unpredictable and interactive 'Theatre Engine' project arrives at St. Olaf College

Northfield News - 13 hours 22 min ago
One of the more unique aspects of the upcoming theatrical endeavor at St. Olaf College is that, rather than instructing the audience members to be silence and put away their mobile devices, “Theatre E
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Обзор игр на андроид

Ole Store Restaurant - 14 hours 4 min ago

Свежие новости геймерского всего света непосредственно перед тобой!
Все о литералах
При переводе с Англ. Literal — переводится как буквальный перевод текста. Если углубится в историю начала Литерала, то это было не очень давно, в 2008 г., первый Literal был опубликован и доступен для людей в YouTube! Данный жанр творчества сразу распространился в USA, а для других стран этот направление авторской песни показался где-то в промежутках 2011-2013 годах! Ты сможешь найти большое количество разных literalov, с не очень известных и завершая супер видео! На данный день самым любимым Литералом является AC!
Android это — технология будущего, но сейчас, это всего операционная система для наручных часов, нетбуков, планшетов, игровых приставок, плееров, телевизоров, смартфонов и другого. Ещё возможно, что в нашем недалеком будущем, запланирована поддержка автомобилей с помощью операционной системы Андроид!
В 2009 году произошло большое обновление операционной системы, целых 4 апдейта! Была добавлена виртуальная клавиатура, воспроизведение видеозаписей музыки, поддержка ШТМЛ 5, создание беспроводной точки доступа, появление функции воспроизведения живых обоев на главном экране, а также блокирование экрана!
Каким способом выбрать отличные игры в нескончаемой веренице издаваемого в сфере игрового продукта? В подобном вам несомненно помогут наши квалифицированные заранее приготовленные обзоры на игры. В нашем разделе мы всегда со знанием дела и еще, что весомо, с душой, анализируем наиболее интересные, самые спорные и также довольно ожидаемые геймерские релизы. Обзоры на игры вовсе не довольствуются компьютерным миром. Площадками выступают и игровые приставки, и мобильные устройства, и также ваши собственные браузеры с флэш-играми. В всех представленных обзорах мы вам детально говорим об самых последних новинках игровой индустрии. Мы всегда проводим наши обзоры игр в товарищеской раскованной стиле речи, как будто ведем беседу вместе с вами в обычной дружественной беседе.

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